Monday, March 21, 2011

Top Shot in the West -- WildCats winner -- Rea Kemply!

Day Four Results:  WildCats 6400 --  Click  Pict to enlarge

Five Wildcats shot perfect 1600s today, with Six more just one point back scoring 1599s. Nancy Tompkins doubled up on her clean score in Fridays Any sight match to notch an amazing 3200/3200 in the Any Sight Agg. That's the kind of tough competition you find at the Wildcat matches.  Many shooters rose to the occasion of such great conditions to fire personal records over the 4 days of competition. The Battles in every class were closely fought. The coveted Wildcat sweat shirts were on the line. 
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From Rick Curtis: 
   read "Photo Finish at the WildCats"   

Wild Cat Champion-- Rea Kempley   6393-524x

Final Results -  6400 Aggregate Scores 
2011 WildCats 6400 results
The folks you meet, and make friends with, at the WildCat Matches in Phoenix, AZ

Fellow WildCats -- Shannon and Dad

Match report from the Expert class to follow shortly.


RCURTIS said...

Wow great headline! You have me licking my lips in anticipation for more!! Beatiful photos and I think you should do a report on your drop testing on the Nikon ;)

Morgen said...

Good shooting Jim, looks like a Master card will be in your future, 6368 is right on the number!!!


RCURTIS said...

Great Point Morgen, a Master card is no small feat to obtain and he did it while shooting photo's and posting great match commentary

Hawkeye said...

Thanks guys, I do know that it is harder to live up to a Master card (if I get one) than it is to earn one.