Saturday, March 26, 2011

AZ State Outdoor Prone Championships -- 2011

 When you are hot, you're hot and when you are not you are not.
  After last weeks good scores in the WildCat matches,  I thought I was ready to back them up in the final week of "March Madness" here in Phoenix.  This weekend it was the AZ Sm Bore Outdoor Prone Championships -- another 3200.
   The Iron sight match started unraveling right away.  On the 50yd Dewar My first sighter was about 3 inches left and I had to come over 6 moa from regular zero, but finished with 200-12x.  Then just before the 100 yd target I figured out that my extension tube must be loose and rotated to shoot so far left.  So as they were calling Prep Period for the 100yd target, I was taking off and re-installing the sight ext. tube properly.  I shot first sighter and could not see it on the target --anywhere.  Shot another sighter and couldn't find that one, but saw I hadn't raised the sights up the 8 moa for the 100 yd target.  It was gusty wind and I dropped at least 5 pts, but that wasn't the worst. When we went to change targets, I saw my first two sighters below the sighter line and one was just scratching the 5 line. Now I had extra shots on my target and I lost a bunch of pts for that error and went down eleven pts to Jim Cobb in the EX class battle in the first match of the weekend. Jim went on gaining a point or so per match and ended up winning the Ex class trophy.
  The Master clsss ended up as a battle between Richard Latyon, and Virginia McLemore. Richard won the overall 3200 championship by going 4pts up on Virgina in the irons sight 1600 match and losing only one pt to her in the Any sight 1600. A great performance by Peter Church left him in third place only one more point down from Virginia. Erick Sundstrom, Virginia, and Peter Church all shot 1597s in the Anysight match-- a pretty high score considering the gusty winds.
   Sharpshooter, Milk Walker will probably just skip the Expert class, as his scores the past couple weeks have been solid master scores.  Mick wins the SS class with a great 3187-198x.
   Luke Harper backed up his MK class WildCat Matches win with 3164-183 for his 2nd MK class win in two weeks. Trying his best, and shooting his first 200 clean score, Jack Greenleaf just could not could not keep up with Luke and was happy to get a personal record in the Any sight Match.
   Camille Bryant took the honors as High Junior.
   John Andres finished the weekend with a 200-20x on the last target and wins the F-class 

3200 aggregate
Match Director, and Chief Scorer,  Jack Arnold ran a great match.  The wind was gusty and fish tailing all day, but the temp was 72, and the Sun was shining.  It was a great day for the last of the March Sb marathon.  We have shot 14 SB 1600s in the last month, and it will be nice to shoot a Mid Range 600yd match Thursday as part of the Berger Bullets SW OTC Nationals coming up this next weekend.

Virginia McLemore's Junior Shooters practicing after todays AZ State Champs.

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RCURTIS said...

Great write-up Jim, sorry the irons didn't go well. See you Thursday!