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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Oct 28th, 2014

Next Weekend
I don't see any Rifle Matches scheduled for the coming weekend.  However there will be a 300 m International match at the Minneapolis Rifle Club on Nov 9th-- usual time and format.


If you haven't shot in one of these matches before - give it a try. They are easy to participate in.  There is no pit pulling, as all the shots fired are recorded electronically in the pits and displayed on computer monitors at each firing position along with the statistical analysis of your group. it's petty high tech!  These matches are on-going all winter, and are normally held toward the beginning of each month. Ck the MRRA calendar for actual dates.

Last Weekend
200 yds with a .22 small bore match rifle - That sure takes a lot of confidence in your skill to make a good shot.  We haven't shot many of these matches here in the Minn area, but they are very popular on the east coast and were even more popular back in the 50's.

'On the Firing Line Report'
From: George Minerich
200 Yard Smallbore Match – October 25, 2014 at the Minneapolis Rifle Club
Eight shooters gathered on Saturday, October 25, 2014 and brought back a forgotten MN tradition, the 200 yard Smallbore 800 point prone match.
The day was pleasantly warm and sunny, the winds very gusty and shifting (a great MN October day). Shooters warmed up at the Minneapolis Rifle Club Smallbore range to get 100 yard Zeros. Moving to the High Power Range 200 line, most shooters found an additional 18 minutes or so of elevation was required to get into the black on the NRA A-21 Smallbore target. The A-21 target has a 2 inch X ring, 4 inch 10 ring and ends with a 20 inch 6 ring. In comparison, the SR High Power Target has a 3 inch X ring, 7 inch 10 ring and a 19 inch 8 ring. The A-21 is a hard target to master.
The match started at 1:00 PM. It is important to note that this match is short like a high power match with shooters pulling targets in the pits after every round fired. We had two relays with two squads. Scoring was done in the pits. Each squad shot 40 rounds for record in two 20 shot stages (with sighters).
From the first stage, it was apparent that our resident Junior Champion was the shooter to beat. Eric Hazelton won the match with a 756 -19X’s. Erik Rhode came in second shooting a 748-13X and Jon Speck won third shooting a 739-6X.
A several lessons became apparent after the match, good quality ammo, test fired in the rifle made a big difference. Second wind guests could easily more the impact 2 or more minutes between shots. Third, smallbore is unforgiving, any small hold error is immediately apparent on the 200 yard target. The other item that came into focus is smallbore rifles like to have some warm-up shots and a 30 second fouling shot period should be added after the prep period ends (I guess nothing is new, same thing my father found out in the 50’s!).
The match generated a lot of excitement. All shooters present want more 200 yard smallbore matches to shoot next season including a possible 2 day 1600 point match. I guess we will have to see if there is an open weekend in the 2015 high power schedule.
 Submitted by:
 George Minerich

Thanks George for sending in that report.  I'm going to try to get to one of these matches next summer. I've got a great new(er) rifle for it and I'll be testing ammo to feed it in the Lapua test tunnel next Tuesday here in Mesa, AZ.  Darrel Stettmieier and the guys at Lapua Rimfire service Center got in a whole bunch of new lots of Lapua Center-X, OSP, and other more expensive ammo.  They have a new fixture for their machine rest and I need to get a couple cases of what works in my gun before the AMU and the Olympic team buy it all up. 
Meanwhile, I'm getting a lot of exercise pulling targets at the Long Range Regional (100 shooters) here at Ben Avery range for the last 3 days, and tomorrow starts the F-class Nationals. Guys are flocking in from all over to shoot this big match. Some of these guys/gals can really shoot. One of my shooters yesterday may have set a new National record for FTR at 1000 yds -- 200-15x (in tough conditions). 

That's all Folks!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - October 23rd, 2014

  Next Weekend  
Last Chance ! 
Just a reminder, but your last chance to shoot an outdoor prone match is this weekend !
200 yd Sm Bore match

   From: George Minerich:
Hi Shooters:
Never one to give up on the shooting season I am going to run a Smallbore  (yes 22 rim-fire) Prone 200 yard match at the Minneapolis Rifle Club (on Oct 25th).  This will probably be the last time to shoot prone outdoors until spring.  It should be a lot of fun!  

   Click Here for match bulletin and entry info
Thank you!
George Minerich  MRC X.O.  

I wish I could shoot this match, but I'll be at the AZ Long Range Regional -- then next week the F-class Nationals. The season is just getting started here in the shooting paradise we call Phoenix, AZ.  Here are a few more matches you might consider attending for a winter shooting vacation that will be held at Ben Avery Range a few miles north of the city (PX).

Click Here for Video of Berger SW Long Range Nationals Feb 2015)

  Last Weekend   
'On the Firing Line Report'
From: Steve Knutson

MRC Sniper Team Match  October 2014 :
Well, the weather for our first Sniper Team matches at the MRC range turned out nice for a late October match and no Snow or frost was seen! We had 4 teams compete for top bragging honors and every one came with their game faces on!

Stage one was “The walking man” named after the fact that you have to fire at a moving IPSC pistol target at 200yards. Most found it to be a bit of a challenge but Bruce “The Hammer” nailed it every time!

Stage two was “Bullseye” where you have to shoot at a 100y three bull target at 200y. The targets pop up for only 4 seconds and you have to fire at the target with a 1” square orange spotter in the center,,,, Oh and did I say the previous shot is marked with an orange golf tee? Hit the wrong target and loose the 10 points and get a 5 point penalty!

Stage three was “Call the Shot”. Nine six inch paper plates with numbers 1-9 spray painted on them with light gray primmer pant are placed randomly on the target in 3 rows of 3. Targets again only pop up for 4 seconds and your spotter has to call out the plate to shoot at,,,, Ooops, did I also forget to tell you that the RSO calls out what plate is hot as the targets are coming out of the pits?? Bruce “The Hammer” and Phill “The Philly Dog” both cleaned this stage also!

Stage four was “The Balloon Race”. On this stage 9 balloons were put in the same 3 rows of 3 just like in the plate match. This sounds easy but shooting at blowing around balloons at 200 yards is no walk in the park! Each team is allowed 20 rounds total and a 5 second penalty for each miss shot. As cream comes to the top,,, Bruce “The Hammer” and Phill “The Philly Dog” both did a fantastic job at this stage with only 1 miss and a target time of only 15 seconds for a score of 20 with the one shot penalty!
At the end of the match it was Bruce and Phill at the top of the ranks and grinning ear to ear! But when it came down to it,,,, all the teams were winners and every one had a blast! I hope to have some match dates set for 2015 set soon and up on the MRRA and MRC web page.
Hope to see you all there next year!
Team Scores :
Bruce & Phill   431  Match Winner!
Ev & Mike        381
Ev & Adam       318
Dan & Kathy    294

Thanks Steve for sending in that match report.  Looks like you all had some fun!  I'll bet next year there will be a bunch more folks out there pulling triggers in this match.  

That's All Folks !

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - October 16th, 2014

  Next Weekend  
Sniper Team Match
Do you want to have some fun this weekend?  If you do, then head on over to the Mpls. Rifle Club on Saturday, Oct 18th and shoot the "Sniper Team Match".  Steve Knutson is running this match so you know it will be a good one. Shooters will form up into teams of two to alternate shooting and spotting for each other.  Teams will engage targets at 200 yds in matches that include 'bobbers', 'movers', and bullseye shooting.  This will be an "Any sight" match and scopes may be used up to the 16x setting. Shooters may shoot from a sling or use a bipod, but no bags are allowed. 
           Click Here for more info, match bulletin and entry info.
           Contact Steve Knutson at

 Two weeks out   

 200 yd Sm Bore match  
   From: George Minerich:
Hi Shooters:
Never one to give up on the shooting season I am going to run a Smallbore  (yes 22 rim-fire) Prone 200 yard match at the Minneapolis Rifle Club (on Oct 25th).  This will probably be the last time to shoot prone outdoors until spring.  It should be a lot of fun!  The program is attached.  Click Here
Thank you!
George Minerich  MRC X.O. 

  Last Weekend   
State Offhand Championship at MRC Oct. 11th -- No news

Full Bore Match at GRRC Oct 4-5
On the Firing Line Report

from: Erik Rhode
This past weekend, Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club up in Harris, MN played host to their 2nd Fullbore Prone match of 2014.   This time it was a full weekend of Fullbore, with shooters firing from 4 different yard lines on both Saturday and Sunday.   The weather was pretty typical for early October in Minnesota, and smart competitors showed up with hats, gloves, hoods etc to keep from shivering.  I had on 4 layers for the better part of the weekend. 
On Saturday Morning, 8 sling shooters armed with mostly Palma rifles (including Kurt Borlaug and his Palma rifle built entirely from scratch) and 2 F-Classers were treated to 12-15 mph winds and a balmy temps of around 37 degrees when the 300-yard match started.  The wind I put on my sights ended up being quite a bit different than what I was seeing in the scope, but I managed to keep them mostly in the middle to win the first match with a score of 149-5x.   Craig “The Menace” Bennis was right on my heels with his 148-6x to finish in the 2nd place spot.  Over on the F-class target, Mike Lehmeier taught John Rykus that a .308 can still do pretty darned good in the wind with the right guy driving, and his 150-6x topped John’s 148-7x to get things started. 
Back at the 600-yard line, the winds picked up even more, and new Wisconsinite Stupendous Steve Clark showed the locals how it’s done in his first visit to GRRC.   Steve calls the Winnequah Gun Club in Lodi, WI home, so he’s no stranger to strange winds.  His 149-7x led the pack to win that match, with me 2 points back to finish a distant 2nd.  As we got to the longer yard lines, John Rykus’s F-Open rig started to show it’s ballistic superiority over Mike’s F-TR gun in the howling winds, as he went on to post the top F-class scores the rest of the day. 
At 800, I felt like I was finally hitting my stride, and managed the top score in that match with my 150-12x edging out Bob “the Maestro” Mead and his 149-10x.   Bob is among the best wind readers on the planet, and anytime I can sneak a win past him I will consider myself pretty fortunate!
Things had gotten downright squirrely by the time we set up on the 1000-yard line, with some major pickups and letups catching everyone at least once or twice.  I was lucky to be loading when the other 2 shooters on my relay were shooting and managed to miss a giant let off that would’ve cost me an 8.  A couple of good breaks like that put my 147-4x at the top of the board with Craig Bennis’s 142-2x in 2nd
At the end of Day 1, John Rykus was 8 points up on Mike Lehmeier in the F-class matches, and I had a 7point lead over visiting Steve Clark in the sling contest. 
On Sunday morning, we were treated to a sight for sore eyes as the Surly Serbian Elliot Zunich rolled up to the 300-yard hut.  Speaking of sore eyes, Elliot had one of the most dramatic shiners I have ever seen from a recent adventure down a flight of stairs and was not expected to be shooting this weekend.  Determined not to let the motherland down, Elliot vowed to shoot the match whether he could see out of his shooting eye or not. 
 Conditions looked like they were going to be a little more pleasant than Saturday, with the sun peeking out and what seemed like a little less wind.  3 150’s were fired in the 300-yard match, with Mike Lehmeir putting up the best score of 150-12x with his F-TR rifle.  I managed the top sling score of 150-9x, with crafty vet Bill Lair putting up a 150-3x on the firing point right next to me for 2nd place.  
Things were still looking good at 600 and some good scores were posted.  Mike Lehmeier topped the F-ers again with a solid 147-7x.  Bob Mead shot the only 600-yard clean target and his 150-10x sailed past Craig Bennis’s very respectable 149-3x. 
On the 900-yard line, Steve Clark reminded us he was still present, and took home the gold with a 147-8x.  My close, but no cigar 146-6x was only good enough for 2nd  place. 
Bill Lair and I were both somewhat disappointed in our performances for the day, so at the 1000 yard line, we made a solemn vow to redeem ourselves by both shooting clean 150’s.  We hit our mats with visions of glory dancing in our heads, only needing 15 good wind calls and a solid hold to make it happen.   Well, my visions of glory lasted until around shot #3, when I got caught for my first (but not my last) 9 of the string.  Bill must have had similar luck, as his 145-3x was only a point closer to the top score than my 144-7x. 
Neither one of us ever had a chance though, as the one-eyed Elliot Zunich shot the whole string using only his sense of smell, and finished with an astounding 149-4x!  This was the best score shot on the 1000 yard line all weekend, and for it to be done by a blind man was truly inspirational.  I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in all of Serbia as Elliot sang the victory song of his people after finishing his tremendous performance.  After starting the season with neck surgery, and finishing with this gruesome eye injury, I’d say that winning the 1k match on Sunday was a good way to wrap up 2014 for young Mr. Zunich
For the Sunday aggs, John Rykus topped Mike Lehmeier again and also locked up the top F-Class weekend agg of 1152-32.  Good shooting John, hopefully more F-shooters will come out next time after you tell them how much fun it was!    I just squeaked by the Maestro and Stupendous Steve by 2 points for the Sunday Agg, which also put me on top for the weekend with a score of 1181-58x. 
Thanks to Mark Schoess, Dean Gillette, and all of the GRRC volunteers for running another great match.  I can’t wait to shoot more long-range matches there in 2015.   
Sadly, this match marked the end of the 2014 shooting season for me.  Today is the official start of what in my house we call the “deep depression” season that generally lasts until around mid-December when the winter shooting leagues start up.   My dear, sweet wife was on the ball this year though, and planned a trip for us starting next Saturday that will hopefully help to ease my transition into non-shooting mode............
See you all in 2015! Best regards         Click Here for complete results
Erik Rhode

   Thanks for that match report Erik.  Just remember the winter shooting season is only just starting in Arizona.  F-class shooters from all over will be flocking to Ben Avery range in Phoenix in just two weeks for the F-class Nationals.  Some 400 shooters are expected to attend this big match and I see on the Desert Sharpshooters web site that 150 advanced entries are already in.  Click Here for entry info on the F-class Nationals and a partial list of the shooters already entered (rt hand column).  I do see a few names of MN area F shooters who will be there to do battle with the best of the best in that shooting discipline.  I'll be there working the pits. Stop and say hello.

 300 m International   (Oct match)
From Brian Shiffman
An interesting day at the range.  A number of shooters shot better than their prior average while a couple slipped a bit from average.  Top honors went to Terry Stern with a 591 shooting F-TR class, besting even the F-Open shooters.  Greg Meller was second in F-TR with a 587 which was still better than any F-Open shooter.
F-Open was won by Laurie Meller with a 585.   Ed Facundo won 3-Position with a 523 which was well over his average in that class. 
Full results can be seen at
The November match comes a bit early, Sunday, November 9.  An announcement will be sent when registration is open.

it's with great sadness that I report that our friend and shooting companion, Mark Havlik has lost his wife of 28 wonderfull years after a long fight with cancer. I can't even imagine the hurt and pain that Mark is going through at this time.  Please remember Mark in your prayers and thoughts during these difficult days.  

That's All Folks

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 16th - 2014

Next Weekend
Beautiful fall days continue to present great shooting opportunities, and this weekend is no exception. Prone shooters have two great matches to choose from -- one on the North end of town and one just a few miles south of town.  That's right both matches are nearby the Twin Cities and easy to get to,  come on out and pull some triggers.

Capt. Bob and the crew are getting ready for two days of Mid Range match competition at the NorthStar Rifle Club just down the road (Hwy 61) on the way to Red Wing, MN. Both days offer matches for Sling and F-class shooters to try their skill hitting the middle the target in 300yd to 600 yd matches. Saturday Sept 20, the competitors will start off at the 300 yd line for the first 20 shot match and then move back to the 500yd line and the 600 yd line for the next three 20 shot matches. Traditional Sling shooters will use "Iron sights" in the first 3 matches and then switch to "any sights" for the last 600yd match if they choose.  On Sunday Sept 21, all four 20 shot matches will be fired from the 600 yd line, with two matches being Iron sight matches for the Sling shooters and two matches allowing the use of 'any' sights.  NorthStar is such a nice place to shoot a match, I am definitely planning to get down there on Sat to exercise my 6mBR and launch a few Berger 105gn Hybrids down range. Maybe a few will hit the 10 ring?
       Click Here for match Bulletin   

Small Bore
On Sunday, Sept 21 Elk River Sportsmen's Club , a few miles up Hwy 10, NW of the cities, will host the final Outdoor Conventional Prone Sm Bore match of the season.  This will be a standard '1600' course of fire, with shooters firing four 40 shot prone matches (8 targets of 20) at distances from 50 yds to 100 yds.
ERSC Ed Hassig SB Range
This sounds like a long match, but remember there is no Pit pulling, or changing of yard lines, so these matches take about the same amount of time as a Highpower match, or maybe even a little less. 

I'll be heading to this match on Sunday. I really like shooting at the Ed Hassig Sm Bore range (ERSC).  You shoot off a nice grass firing line under the shade of a row of mature Oak trees.  It's a nice place to spend the day prone shooting.  Chris Hazleton is runing this match so it's sure to be a good one.
   Click Here for match Bulletin 

Last Weekend 
OTC Match at GRRC last Saturday -- no news  
300 Meter  International Match  at MRC last Sunday  -- no news 

Full bore Match at GRRC last Sunday 

From Erik Rhode 
Hi Jim,
 The 2014 Fullbore 1-day is in the history books. Attendance was light, with 5 sling shooters and 2 F-Classers making the drive to Harris to shoot the match. I was one of those 5 sling shooters, with the other 4 being comprised of brave gunslingers from the Northwestern Gun Club in Duluth.
      It was a beautiful day to shoot - cool, breezy and sunny. It was one of those days when you could keep your shooting sweater on all day, and one of the F-class guys even told me that for once he didn’t feel sorry for us in laying in the sun all day in our leather coats! The wind was manageable, coming pretty steadily from the west and maxed out at about 5 minutes on the ol’ windage knob at the 1000 yard line if you were shooting 155’s. There were some light pick-ups and let-offs that kept things interesting for everyone.
     It was a good day to get solid zero’s and everybody had a good time. A few valuable lessons were learned: we were reminded of the importance of knowing your zero’s before starting to shoot, and we learned that 80 SMK’s pushed by 23.5 grains of Re-15 are pretty quiet by the time they get to 1000 yards. At the end of the day, I finished with the top score. 
     Special thanks to John Peters for stepping up and running the match on extremely short notice. I have shot 3 Long Range matches this season at GRRC, and John was working at all 3 of them. As we all know, at most gun clubs, 10% of the membership does 90% of the work. John is definitely in that 10% at Gopher. 2014 has been a transitional year for GRRC, and John has stepped up many times to fill in the gaps. Keep up the good work, John! Guys like you keep this sport in business. 
    There is one more Fullbore weekend on the schedule at GRRC the first weekend of October, and I would encourage everyone to come out and give it a try. There aren’t many match opportunities left, and there aren’t many opportunities ever to shoot at 300, 600, 900, and 1000 yards all in one day. Since it’s a 2-day match, it is enough to get a Fullbore classification from the NRA, if you are interested in collecting one more card for your wallet. 
    NRA Fullbore rules require shooters to use a .308 or .223 rifle with bullets under 156 and 81 grains respectively, but there was some discussion to allow an “open" class at the October match. I think this is a good idea, and would encourage more participation. Shooters using other calibers/weights wouldn’t be eligible for match wins or classification, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Hope to see some more of you next time! PS - No F-Class results. The 2 f-class shooters just shot for fun and did not turn in score cards.   
 Best regards, Erik Rhode
   Good Idea on that open class, Erik.  Matches need to be inclusive not exclusive.
 Two Weeks Out    
Sept 27 -  Mid Range Prone at Eau Claire - Match program click here
Sept 28 -  80 shot OTC at Eau Claire - Match program click here 
Oct 4,5  -  Full Bore long range at GRRC-- Click here for Match bulliten

Note:  I am going out of town next week and "Shooters News for the Minn" Area may not be published for a while. Shoot good have fun. 

That's all Folks

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 9, 2014

Extra!  See below for Picts and Video from EIC Leg Match 

Next Weekend       
Over the Course shooters will be on the firing line at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club this coming Saturday, Sept,13th.  The Guys at GRRC have been working hard to get the range ready for one of the last OTC matches of the year.  The weather forecast now is for clear skies and sunshine, so dig out that match rifle or service rifle and and head to GRRC. If you miss this OTC match, your only other chance this season will be Sept 28 at Eau Claire.               Click here for Match Bulletin

Note: The 1000pt OTC match scheduled for Sept. 13th at MRC is Cancelled
Note:  The Offhand St. Champ match scheduled for Sept. 14th at MRC is rescheduled to Oct. 11th.

Long Range 
Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club will be the scene for a long Range "Full Bore" match this Sunday, Sept 14.    This is a prone match for both Sling and F-class shooters. This match has a few special rules so read the Program.  Shooters will go to the line first at 300 yds for the first 15 shot match, and then the 3 following matches will be fired at the 600, 900, and 1000yd lines -- 15 shots for record plus sighters.
  This is a great match for shooters to get any newer rifles sighted in for Long Range, since you start at the 300 yd line and work back to 1000yds. This is also a great match for the newer shooter that would like to try some long range shooting because of the short range warm up matches.  Give it a try!
              Click here for Match bulletin

300 Meter International  
Mpls Rifle Club will host it's September 300 meter match on Sept 14th
     "Because of increased interest, all matches will be squadded in advance via email.
To reserve a space in the next match email Brian Shifftman at: "

Last Weekend  
From: Erik Rhode    
2014 MN Mid-Range Prone State Championship
Northwestern Gun Club
Duluth, MN
The annual State Championship match for Mid Range prone specialists was held last weekend on the scenic shores of Hunter Lake near Duluth, MN.  The Range was in beautiful shape, the weather was picture perfect, and the competition was top-notch.

The schedule of events promised an 80-shot, 4-man team championship match on Saturday, all fired from NWGC’s 500-yard line.  Being a late-season match, it was somewhat hard to get teams together, but 5 managed to show up to battle it out for the title.  Due to logistical difficulties, only host the host club managed to put together an official club team, and I believe they actually fielded 2 full squads.  My Northstar Rifle Club could only manage to find 3 shooters, so I ended up shooting with 3 other scrubs on an out-of-competition team.   Likewise, MRC was a man short, so they added the always solid utility-man Leo Huhta from ERSC to fill out their roster.

Conditions were just about perfect, with sunny skies, low humidity and a slight breeze keeping the flags twitching.  I didn’t pay too close attention to the details of the winds on Saturday, (hey, it was a team match, that’s the coach’s problem!) but I don’t think I ever saw more than ¾ dialed on my windage knob.  As the day shook out, the final results looked something like this: 

2014 MRP Team State Champions 
Northwestern Gun Club Gold, team score of 3118-95x 
Firing members: -  
 "Diamond” Dave Salo  
 “Magic” Mike Theis 
 Elliot “The Serbian Sensation” Zunich   
 Eric “Heartbreaker” Hartley 
1st place team  
The Dawgs, team score of 3151-138x 
Firing members:  
Mark “Rottweiler” Rohmann   
 Phil “ The Klandyman” Klanderud  
 Eric “Purple Haze” Hazelton  
 Leo “Hound Dog” Huhta

Match Winner

US National Rifle Team Blue, team score of 3187-188x 

John “Lumpy” Lumberg
Firing members:
-          Stacy “The Surgeon” Tamulinas
-          “Sexy” Steve Knutson
-          Brian “Short Pants” Mrnak
-          “Reasonably Competent” Erik Rhode

Next, it was on to Sunday’s matches.  Conditions were almost identical to the day before as shooters started showing up for their squadding assignments at the 200-yard shack.  26 shooters were on hand for another 80 shots from the 500-yard line.  Conditions were excellent all day, with sunny skies and a light fishtailing tailwind that was pretty easy to keep up with.  In the combined Sharpshooter/Expert/Master Class, Big Bob Woods and Bruce “Raw Deal” Rawlings each took a class win in matches 3 and 4, but it was notorious sandbagger Lil’ Dickie VanValkenburg who cleaned up again.  With class wins in matches 1 and 2, and the top daily agg in the combined group, I think Dickie has finally worn out his welcome in the Expert Class.  His 789 last weekend at Eau Claire, and his 783-28x on Sunday should land him squarely in the Master class where he belongs.  Wait by your mailbox Dick, the NRA will be along shortly with a new card.

As is often the case in prone matches, competition was fierce at the top with 14 High Masters present out of the 26 total shooters.  Quite a few 200’s were turned in along with some high X-count 198’s and 199’s.  Last year’s state champ, “Sexy” Steve Knutson and Mighty Morgen Dietrich (isn’t this guy still a junior?!?) both shot clean the first 2 matches, and were tied at 400-21x going into match #3.  Morgen displayed nerves of steel in match #3 and posted a 200-13x to stay perfect for the day and pull away from Newt.  Stacy “The Surgeon” Tamulinas reminded us that he was still around by posting the top score of the day with his 200-16x in match 3.  With this impressive score he cruised right past Steve and slid into 2nd place, only a single point away from Morgen.   The State Championship would come down to match #4, and the title was Morgen’s to lose.  If he stayed clean, no one could catch him.  If he dropped even a single point, he would be within striking distance of the Surgeon and his monstrous X-count.  Morgen stacked up 15 X’s and 4 10’s in his first 19 shots in match 4, but on the last shot of the day he finally let one get away.   A 799 is a great score no matter who you are, but would it be enough today with Stacy hot on his heels?    As it turned out, Stacy also lost one in match #4, and Morgen’s 799-49x squeaked past Stacy’s 798-51x.  Looks like the MRP trophy and matching plaque will spend the next year in Olivia, MN next to the MN State Long Range trophy.  Congrats to Morgen on the win and another great season. 

I think it’s safe to say everyone involved had a good time, and it’s perfect weekends like this that really make it hard to face the end of another shooting season.  These are the kind of matches that I will be thinking about all winter, as I stare out the window at the growing snow drifts for hours at a time, with tears welling up in my eyes.  Thanks to Jim Fernandez and the rest of the gang at NWGC for being great hosts as usual, and for running an excellent match. 

Hope to see everyone again at one of the few remaining matches left on the calendar.  Get out and shoot while you can, because pretty soon you’ll be wishing you even had the option!
Best regards,
Erik Rhode

Thanks Erik for that report.  Sounds like you all had a good match 

Leg Match at GRRC
Another Great Match!!
Twenty six service rifle shooters came together at GRRC Saturday Sept 6, to compete for "Leg Points" ---  If you ever earn enough leg points in your shooting career, you will earn the title of Distinguished Rifleman from the CMP.  Eight Leg points were on the line for the winner, and 6 pts would be awarded to 2nd place  -- Third place would be 1st "loser"(known as 1st leather).  It's all or nothing in a Leg Match and there are no sighter shots.  There are no 'sighters' in combat, and there are no sighters at a Leg Match. -- Good luck!
The weather was PERFECT-- high 60s and there was very little wind to plague the shooters in the offhand position or at the 600 yd line

   ***Click Here for Slide Show and Video of this Leg Match 

                   And the Winners were:
                                                                          photo by Mark Havlik
Congratulations to Dave Holtegaard for winning his 8 pt leg.  Dave is rising fast to the top of competitive service rifle shooting in this area. Congrats also to Matt Cwach who is following in his fathers footsteps and now is only a few pts away from "going out" and ready to earn his Distinguished badge in the near future. Larry Weidell earns another silver medal -- how many of those have you got now, Larry?   Dean Gillette's "1st Leather" near miss is his third 1st leather in a row -- Dean you are really earning your way here.  Your luck will change soon.

Two Weeks Out
Sept 20, 21 - Two day Mid Range prone and Fclass at Northstar - Click here for match Bulletin
Sept 21      - Sm Bore Outdoor Prone 1600 at Elk River -  No match bulletin available

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 3, 2014

Fall Matches are starting - That means cooler weather and more comfortable shooting!

Next Weekend    
Labor Day has come and gone, but there are still 3 weeks till the official start of fall. It's not time to put those match rifles into hibernation yet!  This coming weekend offers the competition shooter two excellent Highpower matches to choose from. Service Rifle shooters will have the opportunity to try once more to earn a "leg" and advance their quest for that elusive 'Distinguished Rifleman's Badge"Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club will be the scene of the Minn area's last "Leg" match of the year on Saturday Sept 6, 2014. These are 50 shot Over the Course matches where shooters compete at distances of 200 to 600 yds with basic service rifles using battle sights.  The first 3 matches are shot at 200 and 300 yds using the offhand position for 10 shots, then follows rapid fire matches from the prone and sitting position.  The last phase of this 'Excellence in Competition" match will be 20 shots prone from the 600 yd line. The top ten percent of competitors will win some leg points, and be on their way to earning that Distinguished badge.  Good luck guys!   Click Here for Match bulletin

Prone shooters will be heading to the Northwestern Gun Club for the "9/11" matches and two days of hard fought traditional sling shooting competition.   Saturday, Sept 6 shooters will form up teams to shoot four 20 shot matches per team shooter. Two matches will be fired with 'Iron' sights and two with 'Any' sights. The winners will be crowned with the State Team Championship.  On Sunday, Sept 7th it will be every man/woman for themselves, as competitors will be shooting for individual St Championship honors.  All matches will be shot from the NWGC's well manicured 500 yd line along the shores of Hunter Lake.     Click Here for Match bulletin

From: Capt. Bob
​Hello MRP shooters:
Attached you will find 2 programs for the Iowa MRP sling and F class championship tournaments in Des Moines.  ​They have a dandy range and there are a couple motels within 10 miles.
Bob        Click Here for Sept 13, Mid Range prone match bulletin.   Click here for Sept 14 F-class match bulletin    

Notes: 1.The 1000 pt OTC match scheduled for Sept 13th at  Mpls Rifle Club is Cancelled
         2. The Off Hand championship match scheduled for Sept 14th has been rescheduled to Oct 11 at MRC  

 300 meter International
  from: Brian Shiffman 
The September 300 meter match (at MRC) will be on Sunday the 21st.  Registration will be open beginning September 1.      Registration web page is    
Brian D. Shiffman

Last Weekend   
Eau Claire Matches -- Results in from Jim Milville of ECNRC

OTC Match scores  

Click Here for Mid-range match results
F-class State Championship  
   From Scott Olson  Pres. ERSC  
Hi Jim,
The dust has settled another fantastic mid range F-class state championship match here at the Elk River Sportsman's Club. The state championship matches started off with Saturday's team matches. 34 shooters competed in the 240 shot aggregate team matches. On the F-Open side, The X Men comprised of Rick Sievers, Mike Jones, John Rykhus and Chris Longley took the state trophy with a score of 2380-127X. On the F-TR side, Team Hig comprised of Ed Higgins, Nick Larson, Greg Siefert and Robert White had a score of 2293-56X. Mike Lehmeier had the high individual score in F-TR with 587-25X. Ben Winget had the high individual score in F-Open with 600-32X. 
It is interesting to note that while Ben took the aggregate, his individual scores won him a fourth place (200-10X) and two thirds (200-11X, 200-11X). That is how good the scores were Saturday! 
Sunday's conditions for the indiviual championship were much tougher with gusting winds out of the east. Just when a shooter thought they had a handle on the wind, it would switch to the south and move the shot out the the one MOA ten ring. Temps were near 90* and the humidity was high. 80 shots became an endurance challenge. Hard holding Mike Lehmeier took the honors at F-TR Mid-Range Champion with a score of 784-31X after winning the first three matches and placing second in the fourth. Mike Lehmeier is both the 2014 Long Range and  Mid-Range F-TR champion.  
The F-Open championship was hotly contested by several shooters and wasn't decided until the last score sheet was turned in. Lisa Olson won the first match of the day with a 199-11X with three other shooters falling one X behind. Lisa slipped out of the the lead after the second match with a third place score of 199-10X, her aggregate staying one X ahead of Greg Whalstrom, but one X behind Mike Jones and his 199-14X. Lisa tied winning the third match the day of with junior Tyson Brabec, both scoring 199-10X. Having only dropped three points after three matches, Lisa took the lead with John Rykhus and Mike Jones both one point behind. Pat Scully loomed ominously two points back, quietly waiting to make his move. The fourth match of the day found the winds picking up, mirage came and went and kept the top shooters working hard. When the score sheets were turned in, Lisa had finished with a 197-13X and was holding onto the aggregate lead with a 794-44X, five X's ahead of John Rykhus and his 794-39X. Pat Scully turned in a 198-11 to fall one point and two X's behind Lisa.

Several other shooters turned in great scores for the fourth match but they couldn't catch Lisa's aggregate until 2014 LR champion Mike Jones handed me his score card for the fourth match. Mike had shot a 200-9X giving him an aggregate of 795-42X beating Lisa's 794-44X by one point for the 2014 F-Open Championship!

Lisa was second to Ben Winget in 2013, and now was second by one point in 2014. She wants everyone to know she doesn't like losing so watch out in 2015. Mike Jones is both the 2014 Long Range and Mid-Range F-Open champion.

Congratulations to all the shooters who competed in the long two day match. We were hoping to put our new expanded pits into use but the weather forecast kept a few shooters away. ERSC has expanded the pits to 25 carriers with plans to add 2 more in 2015. This would give a 3 relay match capacity of 75 shooters and, God forbid, a 4 relay capacity of 100 shooters. At the rate F-Class is growing, it won't be long! Heading to Alaska, see you all in October.    
Scott Olson, President Elk River Sportsman's Club

Thanks Scott for that report.  The way you guys and gals were shooting at this match, I suspect some of those X-ringers will be heading out the to F Nationals in Phoenix end of Oct. If not they should be!  Click here and here for F-Nats match bulletin  

Those of you who identified the "mystery guest" at last weeks Sm bore match as Dave Gross got it correct.  

Two Weeks Out
Sept  13 - Highpower OTC match at GRRC -- no program available 
Sept 14 -  Full bore prone and F-class at GRRC - no program available  
Sept 21 - Outdoor Prone Sm Bore 1600 at Elk River - no program available

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 26, 2014

This Weekend 
Traditionally, the Highpower schedule over the Labor Day weekend has been reserved for rifle matches at the Eau Claire Rifle Club. It will be no different this coming Labor day weekend.  The guys at Eau Claire are offering up a full three days of rifle matches featuring a  Mid Range prone match on Sat, Aug 30.  Both Sling and F-class shooters will fire four matches of 20 rds for record from the 600 yd line in this days competition. The first two matches will allow "Any" sights to be used and then in the Sling class the shooters will be using "Iron" sights in last two matches.  Click here for a match bulletin
 On Sunday Aug 31, the competitors will be uncasing their 'Over the course' guns for some Position shooting and some rapid fire matches.  This match will use the 80 shot Regional Match course of fire.  This means one 20 shot match from standing position at the 200 yd line, then a Sitting rapid fire match again from 200 yds.  Next up is a rapid fire prone match from 300 yds, and the last match of the day is shot from the prone position at the 600 yd line.   Click here for a match bulletin
Eau Claire Rifle Club 600 yd line
  On Monday Sept 1, it'll be time for some service rifle shooting so bring along your M-1 Garand, and the M-1A that might be gathering dust in your gun safe. The days shooting is split into a morning "M1Garand" match which will be a 50 shot OTC match (CMP course B) all shot from the 200 yd line.  30.06 ball ammo will be issued for use.
         M1 Garand match Bulletin-- Click here    

After a short lunch break the competitors can break out the M1A rifles or continue to use the older service rifle.  The course of fire for the afternoon match is CMP course B again but this time all firing is from the 300 yd line. 
         M1A match Bulletin -- Click here
         Jim  Melville - Match director

Last Weekend      
 The 2014 Prone Sm Bore St. Championship results are in the book. The last Sm Bore prone match of the year on the Mpls Rifle Club's schedule was held last weekend at the Bob VanJean Small Bore facility at MRC.  It turned out to be a great event with a full line on Saturday for the Iron Sight matches. The range was in great shape as usual thanks to the hard work of George Minerich and others.  The weather was threatening and the sky's overcast but the wind was light and fairly steady.  This made for good shooting conditions. Shooters of all ages were on hand to contest the outcome and vie for championship awards. There were Sub juniors, Intermediate Juniors, Juniors, Adults, Seniors, and Grand Seniors. It would be a day when the Juniors would give the adults a run for the money on every target in every match.
First up - Two targets at 50 yds.  The wind flags were swaying just a little right to left. it was not good visibility on this foggy misty morning so I adjusted everything to see the best I could, -- 1.1mm Rear Aperture, yellow filter, 5.5 front aperture for the 40" sight radius and fired a few sighters then the 20 shots for record and cleaned the target for a 200-13x.  Things were going well. Another clean on the 2nd 50yd target gave me a 400-24x. I was happy to get it as I haven't shot a 400 in that match for a while, but it was not close to a winning score.  Kurt Kisch, Juniors, Abby West, Erik Hazelton, and Grand Senior Elmer Miller from S. Dak all shot 400s with higher X counts.    
Carmen F.

The Dewar match with one 50 yd target and one 100 yd target were next. I kept the streak going and cleaned the first target but dropped two (only two?) on the 100 yd target for a 398 while Abby West showed us all the high level of Minn Junior shooting by posting the top score of 400-20x and Emily Quinar just behind at 399-29x. Juniors Carmen Fry, and Norman Lilyerd also fired 398s in this tough match.  The 100 yd match went to Kurt Kisch with a solid 400-24x.  At this time Kurt and A. West were tied for the lead, both down 3 pts for the day.  The last match saw Stacey Tamulinas, 3 pts down on Kurt and Abby, refuse to give up and cleaned both 50 meter targets posting an awesome 400-29x on the toughest targets of the day.   Abby lost 4 pts falling behind the leaders, but Kurt posted a  399-26 and held on for the top score and the Iron Sight prone championship. 
  Erik Hazleton was high scoring Junior with 1593-108x, and Abby West was high Intermediate Junior just one pt and a few Xs back of Erik.   Young Ryan Hudson was top Sub Junior champion.  
Once again I was happy with my new(er) rifle. I didn't win or place but I got a new personal record score for iron sights -- 1590-87x.  I believe that Grand Senior Elmer Miller also shot a PR score with his 1589-85x. Elmer is marksman class shooter but this 1589 score would be competitive in the Expert class even at the Western WildCat matches.
The match was followed by a great barbeque put on by the MRC guys, with Chris Hazleton doing all the cooking and laying out the spread. What a feast!! -----Baked beans with bacon, barbequed pulled pork, pasta salad, taco salad, potato salad, salad salad, and cold Lemonade, etc.   A little socializing was a good way to end the match.  
Saturday's iron sight Scores

  Sunday the day dawned bright and clear for the "any" sight Matches.  The field was diminished somewhat with many juniors finding other things to do with their familys. It wasn't going to be an easy day however. The wind was forecast to be about 14mph from the NE and this would mean swirling gusts to contend with at the MRC range where it is believed that only two 1600 scores have ever been shot.  It would be wind readers match. Patience would be the key to winning scores.  The two top wind readers for the day were Emily Quinar and Stacey Tamulinas.  I don't have individual match scores but neither shooter let the wind bother them one bit.  Stacy won the match posting an incredible 1595-102x to Emily's 1590-105x, but remember Emily shoots iron sights only. The rest of the shooters were about two wind shifts behind all day and my match was over after stitching the 9 ring full of holes on the 100 yd targets. 

The overall high shooter for the weekend was TX resident Stacey Tamulinas (3189-208x), The top Minn shooter and State Champion for 2014 is Kurt Kisch (3180-199x). High Junior goes to Champion Erik Hazleton, and the high sub-junior Chamion is Ryan Hudson. Another up and coming junior shooter is Kurt Kisch's daughter Kamilla Kisch who posted competitive scores all weekend. 
   It was fun shooting with all the juniors Sat.  Watch out shooting world, Minn has some great Junior rifle shooters who are already shooting good scores.  Click Here for slide show of match

Note: For those of you who missed this prone match at MRC, there will be one more prone SB match this Sept 21 at the Ed Hassig Small Bore range at the Elk River Sportsman's Club. 

Note: If you go through the pictures on the slide show below (to 1:56min), you will see the picture of a visitor to the SB Champ match this weekend.  This veteran shooter was heavily involved in shooting sports and gun rights for 20 years here in MN.  How many of you recognize an old friend and competitor? Email me if you do.  I'll say who it is next week. 

Slide Show of Mn Sm Bore Prone Championships

 F-Class State Mid Range Championship at Elk River Sportsman's Club last weekend -- no news forwarded.  
Two Weeks Out
Sept 6,7 - Mid Range Highpower State Championship at NWGC - Click here for match bulletin   
Sept 6 -    Service Rifle Leg match at GRRC -  Click here for match bulletin  

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