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Monday, September 1, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Sept 3, 2014

Fall Matches are starting - That means cooler weather and more comfortable shooting!

Next Weekend    
Labor Day has come and gone, but there are still 3 weeks till the official start of fall. It's not time to put those match rifles into hibernation yet!  This coming weekend offers the competition shooter two excellent Highpower matches to choose from. Service Rifle shooters will have the opportunity to try once more to earn a "leg" and advance their quest for that elusive 'Distinguished Rifleman's Badge"Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club will be the scene of the Minn area's last "Leg" match of the year on Saturday Sept 6, 2014. These are 50 shot Over the Course matches where shooters compete at distances of 200 to 600 yds with basic service rifles using battle sights.  The first 3 matches are shot at 200 and 300 yds using the offhand position for 10 shots, then follows rapid fire matches from the prone and sitting position.  The last phase of this 'Excellence in Competition" match will be 20 shots prone from the 600 yd line. The top ten percent of competitors will win some leg points, and be on their way to earning that Distinguished badge.  Good luck guys!   Click Here for Match bulletin

Prone shooters will be heading to the Northwestern Gun Club for the "9/11" matches and two days of hard fought traditional sling shooting competition.   Saturday, Sept 6 shooters will form up teams to shoot four 20 shot matches per team shooter. Two matches will be fired with 'Iron' sights and two with 'Any' sights. The winners will be crowned with the State Team Championship.  On Sunday, Sept 7th it will be every man/woman for themselves, as competitors will be shooting for individual St Championship honors.  All matches will be shot from the NWGC's well manicured 500 yd line along the shores of Hunter Lake.     Click Here for Match bulletin

From: Capt. Bob
​Hello MRP shooters:
Attached you will find 2 programs for the Iowa MRP sling and F class championship tournaments in Des Moines.  ​They have a dandy range and there are a couple motels within 10 miles.
Bob        Click Here for Sept 13, Mid Range prone match bulletin.   Click here for Sept 14 F-class match bulletin    

Notes: 1.The 1000 pt OTC match scheduled for Sept 13th at  Mpls Rifle Club is Cancelled
         2. The Off Hand championship match scheduled for Sept 14th has been rescheduled to Oct 11 at MRC

Last Weekend  
F-class State Championship  
   From Scott Olson  Pres. ERSC  
Hi Jim,
The dust has settled another fantastic mid range F-class state championship match here at the Elk River Sportsman's Club. The state championship matches started off with Saturday's team matches. 34 shooters competed in the 240 shot aggregate team matches. On the F-Open side, The X Men comprised of Rick Sievers, Mike Jones, John Rykhus and Chris Longley took the state trophy with a score of 2380-127X. On the F-TR side, Team Hig comprised of Ed Higgins, Nick Larson, Greg Siefert and Robert White had a score of 2293-56X. Mike Lehmeier had the high individual score in F-TR with 587-25X. Ben Winget had the high individual score in F-Open with 600-32X. 
It is interesting to note that while Ben took the aggregate, his individual scores won him a fourth place (200-10X) and two thirds (200-11X, 200-11X). That is how good the scores were Saturday!

Sunday's conditions for the indiviual championship were much tougher with gusting winds out of the east. Just when a shooter thought they had a handle on the wind, it would switch to the south and move the shot out the the one MOA ten ring. Temps were near 90* and the humidity was high. 80 shots became an endurance challenge. Hard holding Mike Lehmeier took the honors at F-TR Mid-Range Champion with a score of 784-31X after winning the first three matches and placing second in the fourth. Mike Lehmeier is both the 2014 Long Range and  Mid-Range F-TR champion.

The F-Open championship was hotly contested by several shooters and wasn't decided until the last score sheet was turned in. Lisa Olson won the first match of the day with a 199-11X with three other shooters falling one X behind. Lisa slipped out of the the lead after the second match with a third place score of 199-10X, her
aggregate staying one X ahead of Greg Whalstrom, but one X behind Mike Jones and his 199-14X. Lisa tied winning the third match the day of with junior Tyson Brabec, both scoring 199-10X. Having only dropped three points after three matches, Lisa took the lead with John Rykhus and Mike Jones both one point behind. Pat Scully loomed ominously two points back, quietly waiting to make his move. The fourth match of the day found the winds picking up, mirage came and went and kept the top shooters working hard. When the score sheets were turned in, Lisa had finished with a 197-13X and was holding onto the aggregate lead with a 794-44X, five X's ahead of John Rykhus and his 794-39X. Pat Scully turned in a 198-11 to fall one point and two X's behind Lisa.

Several other shooters turned in great scores for the fourth match but they couldn't catch Lisa's aggregate until 2014 LR champion Mike Jones handed me his score card for the fourth match. Mike had shot a 200-9X giving him an aggregate of 795-42X beating Lisa's 794-44X by one point for the 2014 F-Open Championship!
Lisa was second to Ben Winget in 2013, and now was second by one point in 2014. She wants everyone to know she doesn't like losing so watch out in 2015. Mike Jones is both the 2014 Long Range and Mid-Range F-Open champion.
Congratulations to all the shooters who competed in the long two day match. We were hoping to put our new expanded pits into use but the weather forecast kept a few shooters away. ERSC has expanded the pits to 25 carriers with plans to add 2 more in 2015. This would give a 3 relay match capacity of 75 shooters and, God forbid, a 4 relay capacity of 100 shooters. At the rate F-Class is growing, it won't be long! Heading to Alaska, see you all in October. 
Scott Olson, President 
Elk River Sportsman's Club 
Thanks Scott for that report.  The way you guys and gals were shooting at this match, I suspect some of those X-ringers will be heading out the to F Nationals in Phoenix end of Oct. If not they should be!  Click here and here for F-Nats match bulletin

300 meter International
  from: Brian Shiffman
The September 300 meter match (at MRC) will be on Sunday the 21st.  Registration will be open beginning September 1.      Registration web page is  

Brian D. Shiffman  

Those of you who identified the "mystery guest" at last weeks Sm bore match as Dave Gross got it correct.  

Two Weeks Out
Sept  13 - Highpower OTC match at GRRC -- no program available 
Sept 14 -  Full bore prone and F-class at GRRC - no program available  
Sept 21 - Outdoor Prone Sm Bore 1600 at Elk River - no program available

That's All Folks

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 26, 2014

This Weekend 
Traditionally, the Highpower schedule over the Labor Day weekend has been reserved for rifle matches at the Eau Claire Rifle Club. It will be no different this coming Labor day weekend.  The guys at Eau Claire are offering up a full three days of rifle matches featuring a  Mid Range prone match on Sat, Aug 30.  Both Sling and F-class shooters will fire four matches of 20 rds for record from the 600 yd line in this days competition. The first two matches will allow "Any" sights to be used and then in the Sling class the shooters will be using "Iron" sights in last two matches.  Click here for a match bulletin
 On Sunday Aug 31, the competitors will be uncasing their 'Over the course' guns for some Position shooting and some rapid fire matches.  This match will use the 80 shot Regional Match course of fire.  This means one 20 shot match from standing position at the 200 yd line, then a Sitting rapid fire match again from 200 yds.  Next up is a rapid fire prone match from 300 yds, and the last match of the day is shot from the prone position at the 600 yd line.   Click here for a match bulletin
Eau Claire Rifle Club 600 yd line
  On Monday Sept 1, it'll be time for some service rifle shooting so bring along your M-1 Garand, and the M-1A that might be gathering dust in your gun safe. The days shooting is split into a morning "M1Garand" match which will be a 50 shot OTC match (CMP course B) all shot from the 200 yd line.  30.06 ball ammo will be issued for use.
         M1 Garand match Bulletin-- Click here    

After a short lunch break the competitors can break out the M1A rifles or continue to use the older service rifle.  The course of fire for the afternoon match is CMP course B again but this time all firing is from the 300 yd line. 
         M1A match Bulletin -- Click here
         Jim  Melville - Match director

Last Weekend      
 The 2014 Prone Sm Bore St. Championship results are in the book. The last Sm Bore prone match of the year on the Mpls Rifle Club's schedule was held last weekend at the Bob VanJean Small Bore facility at MRC.  It turned out to be a great event with a full line on Saturday for the Iron Sight matches. The range was in great shape as usual thanks to the hard work of George Minerich and others.  The weather was threatening and the sky's overcast but the wind was light and fairly steady.  This made for good shooting conditions. Shooters of all ages were on hand to contest the outcome and vie for championship awards. There were Sub juniors, Intermediate Juniors, Juniors, Adults, Seniors, and Grand Seniors. It would be a day when the Juniors would give the adults a run for the money on every target in every match.
First up - Two targets at 50 yds.  The wind flags were swaying just a little right to left. it was not good visibility on this foggy misty morning so I adjusted everything to see the best I could, -- 1.1mm Rear Aperture, yellow filter, 5.5 front aperture for the 40" sight radius and fired a few sighters then the 20 shots for record and cleaned the target for a 200-13x.  Things were going well. Another clean on the 2nd 50yd target gave me a 400-24x. I was happy to get it as I haven't shot a 400 in that match for a while, but it was not close to a winning score.  Kurt Kisch, Juniors, Abby West, Erik Hazelton, and Grand Senior Elmer Miller from S. Dak all shot 400s with higher X counts.    
Carmen F.

The Dewar match with one 50 yd target and one 100 yd target were next. I kept the streak going and cleaned the first target but dropped two (only two?) on the 100 yd target for a 398 while Abby West showed us all the high level of Minn Junior shooting by posting the top score of 400-20x and Emily Quinar just behind at 399-29x. Juniors Carmen Fry, and Norman Lilyerd also fired 398s in this tough match.  The 100 yd match went to Kurt Kisch with a solid 400-24x.  At this time Kurt and A. West were tied for the lead, both down 3 pts for the day.  The last match saw Stacey Tamulinas, 3 pts down on Kurt and Abby, refuse to give up and cleaned both 50 meter targets posting an awesome 400-29x on the toughest targets of the day.   Abby lost 4 pts falling behind the leaders, but Kurt posted a  399-26 and held on for the top score and the Iron Sight prone championship. 
  Erik Hazleton was high scoring Junior with 1593-108x, and Abby West was high Intermediate Junior just one pt and a few Xs back of Erik.   Young Ryan Hudson was top Sub Junior champion.  
Once again I was happy with my new(er) rifle. I didn't win or place but I got a new personal record score for iron sights -- 1590-87x.  I believe that Grand Senior Elmer Miller also shot a PR score with his 1589-85x. Elmer is marksman class shooter but this 1589 score would be competitive in the Expert class even at the Western WildCat matches.
The match was followed by a great barbeque put on by the MRC guys, with Chris Hazleton doing all the cooking and laying out the spread. What a feast!! -----Baked beans with bacon, barbequed pulled pork, pasta salad, taco salad, potato salad, salad salad, and cold Lemonade, etc.   A little socializing was a good way to end the match.  
Saturday's iron sight Scores

  Sunday the day dawned bright and clear for the "any" sight Matches.  The field was diminished somewhat with many juniors finding other things to do with their familys. It wasn't going to be an easy day however. The wind was forecast to be about 14mph from the NE and this would mean swirling gusts to contend with at the MRC range where it is believed that only two 1600 scores have ever been shot.  It would be wind readers match. Patience would be the key to winning scores.  The two top wind readers for the day were Emily Quinar and Stacey Tamulinas.  I don't have individual match scores but neither shooter let the wind bother them one bit.  Stacy won the match posting an incredible 1595-102x to Emily's 1590-105x, but remember Emily shoots iron sights only. The rest of the shooters were about two wind shifts behind all day and my match was over after stitching the 9 ring full of holes on the 100 yd targets. 

The overall high shooter for the weekend was TX resident Stacey Tamulinas (3189-208x), The top Minn shooter and State Champion for 2014 is Kurt Kisch (3180-199x). High Junior goes to Champion Erik Hazleton, and the high sub-junior Chamion is Ryan Hudson. Another up and coming junior shooter is Kurt Kisch's daughter Kamilla Kisch who posted competitive scores all weekend. 
   It was fun shooting with all the juniors Sat.  Watch out shooting world, Minn has some great Junior rifle shooters who are already shooting good scores.  Click Here for slide show of match

Note: For those of you who missed this prone match at MRC, there will be one more prone SB match this Sept 21 at the Ed Hassig Small Bore range at the Elk River Sportsman's Club. 

Note: If you go through the pictures on the slide show below (to 1:56min), you will see the picture of a visitor to the SB Champ match this weekend.  This veteran shooter was heavily involved in shooting sports and gun rights for 20 years here in MN.  How many of you recognize an old friend and competitor? Email me if you do.  I'll say who it is next week. 

Slide Show of Mn Sm Bore Prone Championships

 F-Class State Mid Range Championship at Elk River Sportsman's Club last weekend -- no news forwarded.  
Two Weeks Out
Sept 6,7 - Mid Range Highpower State Championship at NWGC - Click here for match bulletin   
Sept 6 -    Service Rifle Leg match at GRRC -  Click here for match bulletin  

That's All Folks

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 19, 2014

Next Weekend
Minnesota area shooting sports has two great rifle matches on the calendar this coming weekend.  Prone shooting enthusiasts can choose between competing in the MN State Sm Bore Outdoor Prone Championship or the Minnesota Mid Range F-Class State Championship.  Let's hope for a great weather weekend as lots of folks will be bellying up to the firing line and pulling some triggers this coming Sat and Sunday. Both of these matches are just to the NW of the Twin Cities and easy to get to.

The Minn F-Class Mid Range championships will be drawing shootrers from all over the Midwest to the Elk River Sportsman's Club both Aug 23 and 24th. Competition begins Saturday at 0900 hrs with the Team matches. Shooters will be getting their final rifle zeros, and working the wind conditions of the Elk River shooting range.  Teams of 4 shooters will be made up and each shooter will fire three 20 shot matches from the 600 yd line with coaching  Shooters can enjoy a barbeque and some socializing after this match    The individual matches will start Sunday morning with 1st relay on the line again at 0900 hrs.  Competitors will fire four 20 shot matches for record. The FTR and F-Open State Champions will be crowned following the match.

                           Click Here for Match Program and entry info

Traditional Iron Sight, and Rifle Sling prone shooters will be heading to Minneapolis Rifle Club for a full weekend of outdoor prone position shooting on tough Sm Bore targets.
Each day the course of fire is a 1600 pt competition with shooters firing 8 targets of 20 shots for record.  That means 160 shots with instant feed back so you can perfect that prone shooting position. Two targets at 50 yds start the day. You don't want to lose any points on these targets because three 100 yd targets are coming up and there's plenty of chance to lose points here.  Shooters finish up by firing on 50 meter targets and this tough match is where the winners usually pull away by holding hard on the last two toughest targets of the day.  Saturday is all 'Iron Sight' matches and on Sunday shooters may use 'Any sights'.            
  Click Here for Match Program and entry info

From George Minerich:
Hi Bob (Peasley):
August 23 & 24 is the MN Smallbore Prone State Championship at Minneapolis Rifle Club smallbore range.    It promises to be 2 days of challenging shooting and a good way for all the high power shooters to hone their prone skills.   After the match Saturday, Chris Hazelton is cooking up a feast for all competitors.  He is planning and BBQ pork with lots of fixings. 
Note: It is rumored that we might actually see Dave Gross this weekend at the small bore match. 

Last Weekend
OTC Matches at Mpls Rifle Club -- No news forwarded

Note: For your pleasure -- Click Here for a video of the Texas OTC St Champ match in 1989. Doing it the old way -- with an M14.  Loading with the rifle butt on the stool and the muzzle near your face was legal at that time. 

Two Weeks Out  
Aug 30 - Mid RangeProne and F-Class at Eau Claire --  Click here for match bulletin
Aug 31 -  OTC matches at Eau Claire   --  Click here for match bulletin
Sept 6, 7 -  Mid Range High Power St. Champ at Duluth - Click here for match bulletin
Sept 20,21 - 2 day Mid Range Prone at NorthStar Gun Club - Click here for match bulletin

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 12, 2014

Next Weekend    
High Power 'Over the Course' shooters that didn't make it up to to NWGC for the Atkinson/'Leubke matches this past weekend will get another chance to show off their skills at either of two different tournaments this upcoming weekend. Southern Minn shooters may wish to head south over the border a few miles to Clear Lake, Iowa and the River City Rifle and Pistol Club for the "Iowa State 300yd Highpower Championship". Saturday Aug 16th shooters will be firing a 1200 pt two man/woman team match. On Sunday Aug 17th the competition will be for individual honors and the State Championship. 
     Click here for Iowa OTC St. Champ match bulletin    

 Just up the road in NW Anoka County,the Mpls Rifle Club is offering another opportunity for a great weekend of shooting. Two days of OTC matches are on the schedule and Saturdays match includes a chicken barbeque with a little socializing after the match. Saturday Aug 16th the shooters are firing a 1000 point aggregate with two prone slow fire stages.  On Sunday Aug 17th, the match is a normal 80 shot format and 800pt agg. 
     Contact Mark Rohmann, match Director at 
     Click here for MRC match bulletin 
     Click here for a few Pictures from last year's MRC match
   Practice up before you go as I know that Omer Hamer is going to be there to show all you younger guys how to shoot. 

Last Weekend  
This year the Schedule of the National Matches at Camp Perry and Bristol Tenn. seemed to take up the whole summer.  Shooters have just now returned from the "Full Bore" Championships matches. Shooters are burned out, and last weekend's OTC matches at NorthWestern Gun Club, and the Sm Bore matches at MRC suffered in attendance because of it.   

From: Elliot Zunich  
"Ten "REAL" shooters competed in an OTC match at the Northwestern Gun Club.   They shot off hand on their hind legs, rapid fire strings both sitting at 200 yards and prone at 300 yards in horrible conditions.  Blazing heat with not a whisper of wind was their enemy.  Back at 500 yards there were more obstacles to overcome.  High humidity!  After the first day, "Little Dickey" Van Vaulkenburg led the pack only to succumb to defeat on the second day to Kevin "Gotcha" Bangen for match winner.  Mark "Rottweiler" Rohmann put on a good performance at 500 yards and Larry "Dog Town" Weidell demonstrated the fine art of blowing up bullets.
Judging by the smiles on all the competitors faces, fun was had by all.

More news from Camp Perry Full Bore Matches:
Stacey Tamulinas won a 1000yd match and took home 5 medals -- 1 gold, 2 silver, and 2  Bronze    Congratulations Stacey -- great shooting!

Small Bore 
Competitors were treated to two great days of shooting this past Sat and Sun at Mpls. Rifle Club. The weather was perfect with abundant sunshine, and light breezes that gave few excuses for "wind shots".
Saturdays scores

Saturday's matches were split into the morning 3P matches, and a 60 shot prone match in the afternoon.   The Kneeling match was first, and former NCAA shooter Emily Quinar took  4 pt lead in the day's agg by scoring a awesome 191-7x over Carmen Fry's 189-4x.  Note: when shooting kneeling or standing on these hard A-50 metric targets--- these are awesome scores!  Next up was the 40 shot prone match, and it was Eric Hazleton, just back from the Long Range National Matches, who led the field to a match win.  Eric's 196-7x score was one pt higher than Abby West, and Kurt Kisch who nailed down 2nd and 3rd with 195-8x scores.  In the Standing match, it was Emily Quiner again taking the win with a 189-5x and Abby West just back 4 pts for 2nd place.  The aggregate top score for the day was Emily Qunier's 574-20x.  Abby West was second  and high Junior.  In third place was Eric Hazleton
 Saturday Afternoon's competiton was a 60 shot prone match -- again on those tough 50m metric targets.  Emily Quiner started right off hammering the competition and shooting a 198-13x. Only Tom Carroll came close with his 197-11x score.  Tom came in from the Wash DC area, where he is a Firefighter, to visit freinds and shoot this match.  Other out of town shooters were Jon Speck from Wisc. and Elmer Miller from Souix Falls, SD.  On the 2nd target it was the Father/daughter team of Kurt, and Kamilla Kisch who tied for 1st place with 192-6x scores.  Emily posted top score on the last target, and with her 580-22x aggregate for the day, she is the match winner. 
Sunday's course of fire was all prone shooting -- four 40 shot matches -- 160 shots for record with a possible 1600 pts on the line. The 50 yd match was first. Emily Q. and Erick H. both fired 400 scores and took a 2 point lead on Tom Carroll, 3pts over Omer Hamer and Jim Biles.  The Dewar Match (one 50 yd target and one 100 yd target) was next.   Eric H, and Emily Q. cleaned both targets lengthening their lead over Tom Carroll to 6pts.
MRC Small bore prone Scores - Aug 10,2014

  The 100 yd match was the 3rd match of the day, and it was an "Any Sight" match.
100yds 199-16x   I like my new rifle
I put the scope on the new(er) rifle that I bought last month from Morgan D. This would be a good test of what I had bought.  My first sighters were off the paper for some reason but after a while I found a hole in the sighter bull that I could adjust off of and finally got in the middle after about 20 sighters.  It didn't look good but I fired the first shot and watched it go into the X-ring -- yes!  Nine shots later I had 9xs and one just out in the 10 ring.  Obviously Morgan hadn't shot all the Xs out of this gun.  Eric shot the only clean targets, but my 199-16x competitive and my 397-25x was 2nd to Eric's 3rd 400 score of the day.  Tom Carroll and Jim Biles were right behind with 397s.
    Emily Q. won the last match -- the 50 meter match with an excellent 399-28x,  yours truly got another 2nd with a 398, and Jim Biles and Eric H. were next with 397s. The 3 pts Erick lost in the 50 m match were the only pts he dropped all day and his awesome 1597-105x makes him the overall match winner, and High Junior.   Emily Q, came in a few pts back for 2nd overall and our visitor from DC, Tom Carroll took a well deserved 3rd place.

Click here for a few more pictures from this match

    It was a great weekend to shoot matches.  My new(er) gun shot really well even with $5/box SK ammo (happy, happy!). I met some new shooters and enjoyed shooting with old friends.  George Minerich had the range looking great. George and others spend a great amount of time keeping the MRC facility in tip-top condition.  Thanks !
Thanks also to Ross Ewert who is taking over for George running some matches.  He did a great job Sunday, and now maybe George can shoot a few matches himself. 

300 meter International  
From: Brian Shiffman
Many thanks to Russ Siakel for running the match, again.  From his report it appears that the weather was somewhat cooperative but the “supermoon” may have had an influence on the scores.  Top score in F-TR was Greg  Meller with a 594 followed one point back by Terry Stern.  Chuck Van Heel took the top spot in F-Open.
      We had two new to us shooters, Ev Mattison and Mike Cooley.  Ev has been out to see us shoot a few times while he had an AR built for him.  This was the first time he had the rifle out.
Full results can be found at

Two Weeks Out   
August 23,24  Minn F-class St Championship at Elk River -  Click here for match Bulletin
August 23,24 - Sm Bore Outdoor Prone St Championship at MRC - Click Here for match Bulletin

That's All Folks! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Aug 5, 2014

Next Weekend    
Now that the Highpower 'Over the Course' shooter has had at least a week to rest up after returning from the Camp Perry National Championships, it's time for them to load up again and head North to the Northwestern Gun Club for what is usually one of the year's best rifle matches. Yup, it's the weekend of the Atkinson/Leubke OTC matches.  Just two hrs from the Twin Cties, NWGC lies on the North shore of Hunter Lake.
This well kept rifle range draws shooters from all over the upper Midwest who like to spend the day competing in a beautiful setting among the North woods and lakes. Each day will offer the shooters an 80 shot OTC match. Following these matches at NWGC there is always a chance to sit around, with a cold beverage and talk shooting with other folks. Many traveling shooters will be camping at the range.
 There are at least 3 nice buildings to roll out your sleeping bag or place a cot.

It will be good shooting and a good social occasion -- what more could you ask. 
            Click Here for match bulletin

Small Bore
 Position shooters and Prone specialists can each pick a day at the Minneapolis Rifle Club this weekend to satisfy their need for competition and practice.  Saturday, Aug 9th the Position shooters will be firing a 60 shot 3P (position) match in the morning and after a break for lunch Prone shooters can fire a 3x20 - 60 shot prone match  at 50 meters.
    Click here for match bulletin
 Three matches on those tough meter targets will get everyone sharpened up for Sunday's match.
On Sunday, Aug 10 it will be prone shooting only at MRC. Shooters will be contesting for honors in 4 matches (4x40) at the 50yd line, 50 m line, and at the 100 yd line.  I'll be at this match trying out my new(er) rifle that I bought from Morgan D.  I hope he didn't shoot all the Xs out of this barrel. I hope to try it out on in the Sat match and be ready to go for the Sunday Outdoor prone 1600 match.
    Thanks to Kurt Borlaug for helping me get sight bases mounted on the sight tube. After the State Champ match later this month, I'll probably send it (new gun) out to the Lapua test facility, in Mesa Az, and have Darrel Stetmeier match up some good Lapua ammo for it in their test tunnel.
   I finally had to part with the Winchester M-52.  It was just too heavy a gun for me -- especially when it had the Unertl 2" scope on it.
         Click here for Sunday match Bulletin.

Rumors from Camp Perry:
Brian Mrnak's team won the Palma team match 

300 Meter International 
   From Brian Shiffman:
The August 2014 Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match will be held Sunday, August 10th.  There will be two relays scheduled; the first starts at 10 AM and the second at noon.   Registration is now open.
Register yourself at  Read the instructions.  Pay attention as you fill in the boxes and make selections from the drop down lists.  There is room for only 14 shooters per relay so advance registration is important.  The box at the top of the list shows the number of shooters for each relay. 
No expanding or fragmenting bullets.  Only match or full metal jacket bullets; no muzzle brakes but flash hiders are OK.  A-Max bullets are NOT allowed. They are fine for paper but have a jacket that will fragment and shred our targets when it hits.  Bullets will be checked.  
Pick your shooting class: 3-Position, Prone (sling and iron sights), Offhand (iron sights), F-Open or F-TR.  If you use optical sights then you are in one of the two F classes, depending upon caliber and type of support used.  You can shoot F-TR class with a service rifle with a scope and a sling if you choose.  F-TR is limited to .223 (5.56) or .308 caliber and may use a bipod attached to the rifle (but not a front bag or rest).  F-Open is any other caliber or rifle support.  Shooting is governed by ISSF rules except we allow NRA shooting jackets.  As a club match, we have some liberty. 
Fee is $20 for the 60 shot match; Electronic targets, so, NO PIT DUTY and the match runs quickly, 3 strings of 20 rounds in succession.  Once the command is given to start the match, each shooter is on their own to finish within the 1:35 minutes.  
SCHEDULE NOTE for the SEPTEMBER match:  The September match will be held on the 21st, not our usual second Sunday of the month.  If you look at the MRRA web site calendar you can see our match on the 21st of September.
 Brian Shiffman

Last Weekend
Jim Melville sent in the results from the Eau Claire (Piggy) match weekend
   Click here for Saturday's Mid Range results
   Click here   for Sunday's OTC match results
From: Jim Melville
Hello everyone,
We have a big Labor day weekend coming up at ECNRC with four matches scheduled. 
Advanced registration is strongly recommended. Just shot me an email letting me know if you are coming. If I need any more information from you I will let you know.
James Melville     ECNRC Match Director
Note: I'll have the Match bulletins for these matches posted on the Blog in a day or two

Two Weeks Out   
August 16,17  OTC Matches and Barbeque at MRC - Click Here for match Bulletin
August 23,24  Minn F-class St Championship at Elk River -  Click here for match Bulletin  

That's All Folks! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shooters news for the Minn Area - July, 28, 2014

The Week Ahead   
Prone shooters are on the move. The National Championship Service Rifle matches, and the NRA OTC matches are over. Now the nations best prone shooters are on their way to Camp Perry, Ohio to compete in the Long Range Championships, and after that the Full Bore Championship matches.
  Those service rifle shooters back from Perry, the Small Bore competitors back from the Bristol, Tenn National Matches, and the NRA OTC shooters back from Perry can all take a break this weekend as there are no rifle matches scheduled for the Minn area. So rest up  guys and gals, there are some great matches scheduled for the following weekend - Aug 9,10th.
  That weekend there will be Small bore matches at MRC, both 3P and Prone matches
            Click here for Saturday 3P match program
            Click here for Sunday Prone match program  
  High Power shooters will be heading to Northwestern Gun Club near Duluth for the two day Atkinson/Leubke Invitational OTC matches.
            Click here for Aug 9,10 match program

Last Weekend 
I did receive some great news from the Camp Perry Nationals. Minnesota shooters, Larry Weidel, and Morgan Dietrich both had some great success. After many years of competition and practice, Larry Weidel earned a spot on the Presidents 100 list by firing 284-10x with a Service Rifle in the Presidents 100 match. This is a high honor that only the top service rifle shooters will ever earn.
 Congratulations Larry ! Well Done !!  

Remember 2014 ---This was the year that Morgan Dietrich and Eric Hazleton rose to the top ranks of all the shooters that took to the field at the Small Bore National Championships held this year at Bristol, Tenn. 

 "On the Firing Line Report"  
From Morgan Dietrich 
Returned from Bristol yesterday, what a trip!
    MN was very well represented!  First match out of the gate Eric “Skippy” Hazelton fires a 400-34 in Meter match for the Match Win!  Eric is now a Master and showed us all why he earned that designation even though he is only an Intermediate Junior!  When you are ahead of names like Nevius, Gideon, Uptagrafft and DelCotto you know you are in excellent company.  The second match, I turned things on in the Dewar and fired a 400-34, but Uptagrafft shot 1X better for the match win, I would have to settle for 2nd OA.  For the Day I was down 2, good enough for 7OA, Eric was down 3 and sitting in 11th.  We would see what day two brought us for our chances at the Dewar Team. 
    Day two dawned another beautiful day, starting again at 50M I had a sudden case of the “stupids” after firing a 200-19 on the first card, 199-17.  399-36 gets you 15th place, ouch...Eric had it figured out with another 400-33 6th Master.  Moving on to the Dewar, I got all the points with a 400-35, guess what 4th?  I got creedmored for 3rd OA.  Eric had a little trouble at 100 and 2 nines showed up, he was still hanging hard for the aggregate.  100yrd match to go, I lost another for a total of 2 down for the day.  Eric had a 198 on his first card, but got real tough on the second for a clean and ended with a 398.  
Morgan's 200-18x metric Target

To make the Dewar team, scores were really high.  I was down 4 points and ended up in 9th place!  Eric was down 7 (as were 6 others), but he had the X’s (183) to take the 17th spot on the 20 person squad- his first Dewar team!  We were all pretty excited for him!  Ross Ewert fired a 2389-138 and Matt Griffin came in with a 2380-148.  

Next day we moved on to the Anysight Aggregate.  Again starting at 50M, there were 4 400-38’s at the top of the leaderboard.  My lowely 400-35 got me 16th, tough crowd...Ross Ewert was clean with 33 and Skippy got them all with 30X.  But somebody woke up Matt Griffin, he had a solid 18X on card one and then went REALLY clean with a 20X on card two to have a 400-38 and get into an unbreakable tied with Dan Lowe for the match win.  That is two match wins at Nationals for Matt and he is still in the Expert class??? On to the Dewar, 400-38 was what it took for a win, my 35 would settle for 6th.  Eric again working the 10 ring hard with a 400-28 tied with Ross.  Then it happened, my drought of Match Winner at Nationals finally was over.  I fired a 400-34 in the 100yrd match and creedmored Terry Glenn who also had 38 with me ending with a 18X card to his 16X.  Eric again kept them all in the 10 ring and had another 400-28, you know what that means?  He and I both had 1200’s for the day!  My 1200-104 was Second OA behind Dan Lowe of the AMU’s 106x.  We shot next to each other during the conventional champs.
     After day 3 we had two people tied at 1 down for the aggregate, Kevin Nevius and Eric Uptagrafft.

The final day started as the others, 50M.  I had some poor group placement and my first target and fired a 19X, and anther 19X on the second card for a 400-38.  3rd place OA with a 400-38, toughh crowd!  There were 40 400’s just in the master class!  Ross had 35X and got 13th Master.  Eric got the points and finished with a 400-30.  Now the Dewar, I got my 2nd 20X card of the champ with a 200-20 at 50y, then moved back to 100 and could only muster a 19X for a 400-39!  New personal best, and a great time to do it for anther match win!  There were 5 19X cards at 100, Ross Ewert got one too and had a 400-34 for 4th Master.  Eric had one get away from him at 100 and finished with a 399-27.  We are on to the final match of the championship.  I am clean for the Anysight, Eric down 1.  Bristol range decided to give us the hardest conditions we had all week, switching mirage and gusty winds.  You needed a little luck and some serious skill.  Eric Hazelton showed us all how to do it in blistering speed.  He fired one of only 6 400’s in the match for 3rd OA.  I got through card one with a 200-16, I tried my best but fired in two unlucky puffs on the second card and lost 2 nines for a 198-14.  My chance of a clean ansight agg was over, but I was happy to be done!  Kevin Nevius was the only shooter to clean the anysight, with a excellent 2400-196!  There were 4 2399’s and our own Eric Hazelton had one of them with 168.  Darn Junior beat my 2398-211.  I had the X’s, but needed the points!  Ross finished with a 2394-182, Matt G had a 2394-173. 
That's a nice Trophy, Morgan !

It was all over, Kevin Nevius fired a 4799-390 for the OA win, Eric Uptagrafft ended with a 4797-407 for second and Mark DelCollo was also 3 down with 390X’s for 3rd.  Dan Lowe and Erin McNeil were first and second service with 4796’s and then I came in with high civilian with a 4794-400.  If I had gotten those two points at 100 I would have moved into 4th OA, but still very happy with my placement and I had the second highest X aggregate behind Uptagrafft.  Eric Hazelton showed all the other Intermediate Juniors how to shoot with a Scope and fired a 4792-351 for 9th over all!  He did great!  Ross Ewert finished in 14th Master, not a bad finish.  Matt Griffin finished 4th Expert. 

The conventional champs were over, we moved on to Metric.  Bristol again showed us it could be a difficult range, I bled points most of the day as did many others.  The ISU targets are hard at 50M and 100Y.  After day one I was in 9th place, disappointed in my performance in all matches.  Day two dawned, with a scope there is hope!  I started out pretty hard with a 199-15 on that tiny 50m card, but I followed it up with a 200-18!  I attached that picture.  I fired in order of 2, 4, 3, then bull one.  That is 15 straight X’s before I fired 2 tens on the last bull.  There were 4 other 399’s but my 200 on the final card netted me the match win.  
   On to the Dewar, I fired a 198 at 50M and then a 199 on the 100.  New personal best for me, but several others did better.  Final match at 100 I got a little loose in the switchy conditions and lost 4 points on both targets.  Finishing with a 1188-78 for the day, Uptagrafft got me by a point for the aggregate with a 1189-70.  When it was all over Eric U was national champ, Kevin Nevius second and then myself moving up from 9th to 3rd place OA and a spot on the podium.  Eric H had fired all the position matches before the prone, his scores dropped a bit I think he was just getting tired, it is hard to keep such a great performance going after shooting so well in the 4 days of conventional prone. 
All in All MN was well represented in the prone phase at the National Champs!

Thanks Morgan for the match report, and congratulations on your great shooting at the Nationals. All that hard work and practice is paying off for you. Uptagrafft, Nevius and those other folks better watch out next year!  

Two Weeks Out   
Aug 9th - Sm Bore 3P & prone at MRC    Click here for Saturday 3P match program
Aug 10th - Sm bore Prone outdoor 1600 --  Click here for Sunday Prone match program  
Aug 9,10 - Highpower OTC at NorthWestron Gun Club -           Click here for Aug 9,10 match program 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 23, 2014

Next Weekend
This coming weekend the action shifts back to the Elk River Sportsman Club's 600 yd rifle range just a few miles Northwest of the Twin Cities in Elk River MN. This nicely appointed shooting facility will host the Midwest Mid Range F-Class Championship. Competitors will be coming from all over the 5 state area to test their skills against other top area shooters in both the F-Tactical Rifle class and in F- Open Class.  Each day shooters will fire 4 matches of 20 shots each from ERSC's well groomed grass firing line. Shooters must have good 600 yd zeros as only 2 sighters are allowed per match and shooters not able to hit the target on the first shot will be disqualified.  This match is a good opportunity to win some Bullet money as there will be 'up to' $1500 in prizes if shooters fill the whole line.
       Contact match director Rick Sievers for Info --
       Click Here for Match bulletin      Weather forecast--click here
I hope someone at this match takes a picture and sends us in a match report 

Last Weekend    
It's a nice day to be shooting at Eau Claire
  I finally made it over to Eau Claire National Rifle Club last Saturday to shoot a match after not having shot at that range for at least 10 years. It was well worth the trip.  Besides being able to say hi to a few old friends like Ron Berg, and Larry Milbow, Eau Claire is just a great place to shoot. The Saturday event that I went over for, was a Mid Range match shot from Eau Claire's 600 yd line. The turnout was smaller than usual for an Eau Claire match because so many competitors were off to Camp Perry for competition at the National Championships.
Larry Milbow  at the 600 yd line
   While the numbers were small many of the heavy hitters were there getting in one more local match before heading to Perry for the Long Range and Full Bore Championships.
   I was pretty shakey in the first match but managed a 198-11x.  My 6mm BR was drilling holes in the target right where I pointed it. The conditions were good all day and plenty of good scores were shot.  Randy Gegory, Steve Knutson, Larry Milbow, and Elliot Zunich all were in contention for top spot, but Stacey Tamulinas led the way at the end after dropping only 3 pts all day and getting the most X's---(I think 797- 44x).  I put one 10 on someone else's target, but had a competitive score otherwise and maybe 2nd most X's with 36 posted.
   Sorry,  I do not have the results to post.

Elliot Zunich shooting 10 and Xs

Note:  One of the shooters I was scoring for at this match was having some difficulties hitting the 10 ring.  He was shooting a nice round group all around the 10 ring in the 8's and 9's but few tens.  This looked to me like the classic example of someone using too large a rear aperture and having Sight Alignment problems. When I asked him what size he was using, he replied "2.4mm".    No wonder he was having trouble.  This is way too large for the conditions we had, and I believe causing his problems with sight alignment. Other shooters confirmed that they (and myself) were using about a 1.0mm apperature that day, which is generally normal for most folks. 

Excerpt From my post on:
"Old Eyes and Iron sights Series" --  Part 3  Click Here
....... As I posted last spring, I had been having a lot of trouble getting a good sight picture, and good sight alignment now for some years as my eyes have gotten older (71 in Dec).  Discussions on this problem with German Salazar, and Mike Toliver convinced me that opening the rear sight aperture, for more light was exactly the wrong thing to do. I had been using a rear aperture setting of 1.6mm to 1.9mm in order (I thought) to see better.  The guys convinced me to snuggle up to and "turn down" the rear aperture till I could just barely see through it and then pretty much forget about the rear app, while concentrating on the Front aperture, and getting the shot off as quickly as possible.  German S. says that if the Rear Aperture is small enough it will be almost impossible to misalign the sights, as your eye must be on the proper axis to even see through the sight. Well, I'm here to tell you that this works for me and my scores have gone up about 10 pts (Sm bore) since changing my method........." 

Using a smaller rear aperture also works like a using smaller F-stop on a camera lens to increase your "Depth of Field". This helps you get that front sight more in focus while being able to see a sharper bullseye.  
So --- Go Small and see if it helps.

News From Camp Perry     
Rumors have it that:
Larry Weidel made the President's 100.  Congratulations Larry!!! 
Morgan Dietrich is burning up the Small Bore Prone Championships at Bristol, TN.         
Morgan's 3rd day 100 yd match win !
Two Weeks Out   
Aug 9         - Small Bore 3P and prone match at MRC  -Click Here for match bulletin
Aug 10       - Small Bore Outdoor Prone 1600 at Mpls, Rifle Club - Click here for match program  
Aug 9,10    - Atkinson/Leubke OTC at Duluth -- Click Here for match bulletin   
Aug 16,17  - OTC and Barbeque at MRC    --  Click Here for match bulletin 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shooters news for the Minn Area - July 15, 2014

Next weekend    
The great scores from the Minn Long Range Championships are in the book. Wow, what a weekend it was!
This coming weekend it's off to the Eau Claire Rifle Club for another great weekend of shooting in the beautiful upper Midwest.  There will be both an OTC match and a Mid Range Prone match to tempt area shooters. I'll be heading over on Saturday (July 19) for the Mid Range match.  I am really looking forward to it as I haven't been at Eau Claire for at least 15 years.  Saturday's match will all be shot from the 600 yd line, and each shooter will fire four 20 shot matches for record.  Shooters may use Iron sights for all 4 matches or may use "Any" sights for two of their trips to the firing line. 
"Over the Course" aficionados will have their turn on Sunday, July 20. The normal OTC format will be used, with each shooter firing a 20 shot offhand match from 200 yds, and then a Rapid Fire matches from 200 and 300 yds, finishing with a 20 shot prone competition at the 600 yd line.
  So, as you can see there is a little something for everyone.  See you there?
            Click Here for Match bulletin   Click Here for weather forecast

 For those of you trigger pullers out there that are in the Southern end of our state, you might want to head to the River City Rifle and Pistol Club near Mason City, Iowa. That rifle club will be hosting the Iowa 300yd prone Mid Range Championship this weekend, July 19, 20. Saturday shooters will form up teams of two for a 2x20 shot prone match starting at 1200 hrs.   On Sunday the 300 yd MR prone champ will be crowned after the 4x20 shot championship matches. 
            Click Here for match bulletin

Last Weekend
 *** On the Firing Line Report** --  Minn Long Range State Championship 
  From: Erik Rhode  7/15/14  
The 2014 MN State Long Range and Palma Championships were held on July 12th and 13th at the Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club in Harris, MN.   The schedule for the weekend promised 3x1000 yard matches on Saturday, followed by a 20-shot, 2-man team match.  Sunday was the Palma match, with shooters shooting 15 shots for record on the NRA LR target from the 800, 900, and 1000-yard lines.
Note: complete Results posted below at end of Video

The conditions on Saturday were about the best I have ever seen for a long range match.  The mirage was hard to see, but the flags spoke the truth to those who watched them.  We shot under a light overcast sky for most of the day, with winds maxing out around 3-4 mph.  These were not gusty winds either, so sight adjustments were few and far between.  Once you figured out what the condition was worth, you could proceed to shoot as many 10's and X's as your skill level would allow.  

In match #1, my skill level allowed for twelve 10's and 8 X's, and a match winning score of 200-8x.  Not to be outdone, Stacy "The Surgeon" Tamulinas put up a blistering 200-14x in Match #2, which tops the MN state 1000-yard record set just last year by “Mighty” Morgen Dietrich.  Congrats Stacy, that’s going to be a tough one to beat!  In Match #3, wily vet Bill Lair led the pack and missed tying Stacy’s new record by a single point with his 199-14x to win that match.

Speaking of Mr. Dietrich, He didn’t win a single match all day, but he was 1st High Master in all 3, and his consistent scores gave him the day’s top aggregate score of 596-30x to make him the MN 1000-yard champion for the 2nd year running.  Great shooting as usual, Morgen!   I finished 3 points back with a 593-25x for 2nd place, and Bill Lair’s 591-26x locked up the #3 spot.

Capt. Bob Peasley
Despite ignoring all previous zeroes and making major changes to sights, rifle, sling, coat, and attitude, Expert-ranked Lil’ Dickie VanValkenburg managed fine scores all day to lead the combined Master/Expert/Sharpshooter class by a wide margin.  His 584-21x day placed him squarely in HM territory.  Better buy a new rifle, Dick!

Up on the big end of the range, the F-Class gang wasn’t letting the great conditions go to waste either, with some very impressive scores being turned in.  In F-TR, “Magic” Mike Lehmeier maintained the high standard he’s been setting this year by winning the day from the Sharpshooter class with a fine score of 581-15x. 

I’m not sure how John “Machine Rest” Rykus is still in the Expert class, but he left his Expert classmates in the dust to finish the day with a 595-25x including 200-11x in Match #3.  That put John in 2nd place for the day, behind only the unclassified Mike Jones and his enchanted 6 Dasher.  Mike’s score of 598-35x included 2 clean 200’s, most notably a 200-15x in match #2.  This is a pending National Record for 1000-yard F-Class.  Congrats Mike, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

The 2-man team match got done quickly and smoothly, thanks to volunteer target pullers.  Our esteemed Match Director Mark “Rottweiller” Rohmann took one for the teams, and did yeoman’s duty keeping 2 different targets in the air for a total of 88 shots.  4 F-Class and 3 sling teams competed in their classes for the team title.  In F-TR, the Laitinen/Olson connection carded a 379-3x to top the class.  They had no direct competition in F-TR, but their score being only 3 points behind the winning F-open team tells me that they would have fared just fine against any challengers.  In F-Open, the team of Loepffe and Bauer put up the top score of 382-11x for the match win.

On the sling side, the juggernaut of Team RhoNak was unstoppable.  Masterful wind calls and rock-solid holds put Brian “Short Pants” Mrnak and myself at the top of the heap with a team score of 397-11x.      

Picts and Video from Minn Long Range Champs - Complete Results at end of video

 Watch at U-tube --Select full screen, 1080HD and turn up the volume!

Sunday’s Palma match offered a little more challenging condition, but still manageable.  Competition was tight in the sling division, with 3 shooters still clean going back to the 1000-yard line.  Morgen Dietrich and Bill Lair only dropped 4 points each back there, but Morgen’s 446-28x for the day topped Bill’s 446-23x for the match win.  That makes Morgen Dietrich the 2014 MN Palma Champion, and combined with his win on Saturday, makes it a clean sweep for the 2014 MN Long Range Championship.  That’s 3 trophies returning to Morgen’s house – hopefully his wife has the feather duster warmed up!  Since Bill Lair was shooting 155 class bullets, his score in the Palma match earned him the Wadekamper Palma trophy for his mantle.  Great shooting guys! 

Familiar names topped the F-Class boards again on Sunday, with Magic Mike Lehmeier topping the F-TR field with a score of 430-14x.  Winning both days aggs makes Mike the 2014 F-TR LR Champion!  I have to think that this will be Mike’s last match as a Sharpshooter.

In F-open, It was no surprise to see John Rykus again on top of the Expert class with his 441-14x.  North Star Rifle Club’s Big Bad Ben Winget won the day with a tough score of 446-14x to win the match, and the 2014 F-Class Palma trophy.  Mike Jones was right behind him with a 444-24, and this score allowed him to hold onto his Saturday lead to win the weekend aggregate, and the 2014 MN Long Range Championship Trophy.  Great shooting boys!

Looking over the scores for the weekend, I can’t help but notice that the top scores in F-class and sling are almost identical.  While many of us enjoy some good-natured ribbing between the disciplines, it’s pretty clear that these are both extremely competitive and challenging games.  If you want to win matches in either one, you’re going to need to get up early and pack a lunch.  It’s great to see the influx of F-Class shooters making these matches such a great success. 
Champions--Morgan Dietrich, Bill Lair, Mike Lehmeier and Mike Jones
All in all, this was a great weekend of shooting, one of the best in recent memory.  A good time was had by all, fistfights were averted (narrowly), and the weather was perfect.  Thanks to Mark Rohmann and the GRRC volunteers for putting on a top-notch match.  Looking forward to returning to GRRC this fall for Fullbore matches on September 14th, and again on October 4th and 5th.  Anyone planning on shooting the Fullbore World Championship at Camp Perry in 2015 would be unwise to miss these matches.
Best Regards,  Erik Rhode  

  Erik, Thanks for taking the time to write us that report. We know time is short when getting ready for Camp Perry. Good Luck to you and all the rest of our local guys and gals heading out to the National Championships!  Also - working with match director Mark Rohmann at this match was a real pleasure.  Mark's hard work in preparations made this great championship event.  GRRC'c top notch shooting facility was a showcase for these type of events.

Note: from Erik Rhode
 One of my roommates for Camp Perry just called to let me know that due to a staffing emergency caused by an injury at his work, he is not going to be able to go. 
As such, I have a space in a very nice condo in Port Clinton right on the shore of Lake Erie that I am looking to fill.  The condo is a 2-story, with a master bedroom and bath upstairs(mine) and a bedroom on the main floor with 2 beds - one of these 2 is available.  There is another bathroom with shower on this floor, as well as full kitchen/dining room, clothes washer and dryer, air conditioning, cable TV, wifi - pretty much all of the comforts of home.  You can walk out the back door onto the sand and jump right into the lake if you so desire, or cook dinner on the BBQ grill. 
I have the unit reserved from Thursday, July 31 through Monday, August 11th.  I will be shooting the 2 Palma days at the end of Long Range on 8/2 and 8/3, and then the Fullbore national championship matches from 8/4-8/10.  I'd like to get $600, which is just under $55/night.  Luxury accommodations at flea-bag rates.  Anyone interested can contact me via e-mail at:
It's a long shot, but maybe someone is still on the fence about going out for full bore week.
Two Weeks out         
July 26,27  - Mid West F-Class Championship at Elk River Sportsman's Club -   Click here for match program
Aug 10       - Small Bore ourdoor prone 1600 at Mpls, Rifle Club  -  Click here for match program  

That's All Folks