Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day One of the Wildcats Matches

There's no doubt about it --  Lones Wigger is still the best there is.  After the 160 shots for record, Lones leads the Wildcats at the end of  the first day.  Shooting an almost perfect 1599, he out Xed Tarl Kempley and they both went only one pt up on Rea Kempley -- who out Xed everybody with an amazing 136 Xs.
 Down in the Expert class end of the line there were 14 experts in class trying to win a Sweatshirt for the day.  The conditions for the Dewar match was a 4mph,  5 O'clock and I only moved the windage no more that 3 clicks for the 50 yd match and 9clicks on the 100 yd as the light breeze went from 5 o'clock to 8 and back.  The light was good and I started with a 399, and only down one pt to Jim Cobb with his 400 score. In the 100 yd match, I went from 3rd Ex to almost last of the 14 experts with a miserable 390 and was down eleven for the day already.
   I was positioned on the line between Frank Fisher (Wisc) and Shannon Dreaker, a Junior from Colorado, with my friend Doug Frerich one over from Frank.  All our targets looked about the same. Stewart Lind and Jim Cob were running away with the class win.  I had wanted to shoot a 1580 so now eleven down I could only lose 9 more with 2 matches (4 targets) left to go.  The 50 m match saw wind go to the SW and I shot a lot of sighters making sure that it stayed there. Things went better and I lost only 5 pts in the usually difficult 50 m match and now, with a min Left windage on the gun, got all but two pts in the 50 yd match. So I squeeked in just above my goal with a 1582. Last year I shot a 1578 on day one, but last year's 1596 score on Day 2- Any sight match is going to be be very hard to match. 
  On the Master class end of the line the battle for overall lead was just as hot as Rick Curtis describes here:  "The old lion leads the Cat" Click Here 
Now I'll go mount the Scope for tomorrow's Any Sight match --  Day two of the WildCats!

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