Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2nd Weekend -- Small Bore March madness in Phoenix

Coming up is Weekend 2 of the Small Bore Phoenix marathon 4 weeks of matches. This 2nd weekend features  the Diamond Back 3200 -  Conv. outdoor prone for two days.  I think that I am all tuned up after last weekends 4 days of concentrated shooting in The Javelina matches.  This will be the perfect match to make sure that I am as ready to contest the EX class in the Western Wildcats 6400 on Weekend 3.  The NRA targets are a little easier this weekend and I am hoping for 1580s in both matches.  Anything less has no chance to win a sweatshirt in the EX class at the Wildcats.
  Hope to see you all at the Wildcat matches -- week and a half
WildCat match program and entry:   Click Here

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