Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of Town Match-- Javelina 6400 Sm Bore, Phoenix

Just in-- Nancy Tompkins wins Javelina Metric 6400
Peter Church 2nd place in a tight race for the Championship.    

From Mick Walker:
  "There Were 12 National Records Broken, If you haven't heard Nancy Tompkins and Peter Church re-wrote the NRA record books over the last four days
in the truest test of a rifleman’s skills, in Outdoor Metric Prone. { Quote from a National Champion Himself.}"

Complete Results:   Click Here 

From Rick Curtis: 
       "The Javelina Metric 6400 is now in the books and Nancy Tompkins score of 6285-333C beats the old National Record by almost 200 points Pete Church finished in second with a score of 6257-321C and I brought up the rear for the bronze with a 6250-319C."

From Hawkeye:
   It appears that a number of National Records were set by Nancy Tompkins and Peter Church (any others?). The prospect of good weather made this Javelina 6400 the match "to go to", with 4 days of great shooting to practice your skills, match after match.  The shooters shot 160 shots a day, prone, for record, four days running, shooting on tough UIT targets--- four 40 shot matches a day for 4 days. Wind conditions varied from great on Thursday, changed to gusty fishtailing winds Saturday, but then moderated to just "difficult" for Sundays Any sight match. You can see groups shot on target pictures  below.  
  This was an exciting match as we found on my end of the firing line, where everyone was trying to shoot a 190 just to get a Ex score.  I think that Jack Arnold and yours truly may find a an Ex card in the mail by just squeaking in with a 95.1% and now have to live up to that expectation. I was happy to just average 190 on these targets -- now, where am I going to improve my technique 2% better so I could shoot a master score--Hmmm. 
   The chance to shoot 32 record targets helped improve my position, and by the last day, I was making more positive trigger breaks. I even learned how to score with overlays, and got a few tips on sighters from Virgina Mclemore. 
This was a great match, well run, at a high class facility. Thanks to Mick Walker, and others.
 Now, next weekend, on to the Diamond Back 3200 at Ben Avery,  then the Wildcat 6400, the week after, and the month of March capped off with the Regional 3200 means the opportunity to shoot Twelve 1600's here in Phoenix in only one Month! 
It's March Madness ---It's Small Bore heaven!!!

Just In--- Day one and Two pictures from the Javelina 6400 metric championship at  Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, Phoenix, AZ.  Picts to be labeled asap. At this time the 3 top shooters fighting for the lead are Nancy Tompkins, Rick Curtis, and as always, Peter Church.  Wow, these metric targets are tough.  Glad to see that the conditions are just great for shooting the match.  A lot of wind would drive my score even lower. Mick walker is putting on a great match. Sat and Sunday there is supposed to be a full line.


NWOshooter said...

I can't believe you shoot the ISSF targets without downrange wind flags -- no wonder you find them so tough! I guess we have it easy up here in Canada, eh? ;)

Hawkeye said...

NWO shooter--maybe you cant see them in the pictures,but there are flags at 50 and 100 m

Hawkeye said...

NWO shooter-- Hope to see you at a match in MN sometime??

NWOshooter said...

I didn't see the flags but I'll go back and look again. I know Nancy is an amazing shooter but I was wondering how she did so well reading the wind without flags!

I need to talk to the boss this weekend about my match schedule for the year. I started a new contract job with some crazy hours and we're heading to NS to see the folks in July, but shooting in MN is at the top of my wish list for the summer.

George will help me talk to the ATF once I figure out my schedule.