Saturday, March 12, 2011

Diamong Back 3200 -- Day One - Saturday

Day One is in the Books of the Diamond 3200.  Just Uploaded pictures below.  Great Day even though I didn't make my goal of 1582.  Well any sight day is tomorrow and ...
Day one results:
Virginia Mclemore takes Day One with a almost perfect day, shooting a convincing 1598 with Iron sights.  Hard holders, Nancy Tompkins, and Barry Smith were just behind with 1597s.  Jim Cobb-EX class, shot competitively with the Masters, finishing with a solid Master score if 1594 and of course winning the Ex class for the day.  Mick Walker was returning to earth after his brilliant shooting in the Javelina 6400 metric champ last weekend, and held on to win his SS class, with a 1576.

Virginia Mclemore Iron sight winner - 1598

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