Monday, March 14, 2011

Diamond Back 3200 --Day Two

Virginia Mclemore  continued drilling the 10 and x ring Sunday to take home the championship from this weekends Diamond Back 3200 in Phoenix.  Day two of this meet, saw 4 shooters take advantage of the great March weather in Phoenix, and hold for 1599 scores.  That's right, 4 shooters dropped only 1pt in 160 shots for record.  That's tough competition! Virginia, Nancy Tompkins, Pete Church, and Rick Curtis all shot 1599s. This humble blogger had a good day rounding out the top five with a 1597-124x.
   Virginia started out Day two with only one pt to give, from Saturdays single point win over Nancy Tompkins and Barry Smith. The conditions were great, and she knew her  competition would go for perfect scores today in the light airs.  All four on the leader board cleaned the Dewar match with 34-36Xs. Then the 100 yd match saw a few wind shifts, but all four again scored 400s along with Frank fisher and yours truly.  During the always tough 50m match, only Rick Curtis could post a clean score and the others each lost a point, with Virginia staying one up in the Two day aggregate.  The 50yd match was almost a gimme as 10 folks cleaned with 400s and Virginia showing just how much she wanted to notch this win, and shooting 37-Xs to show just who was the boss of the range today.
  It was a good comeback for Virginia, after a disappointing performance in last weeks metric champs due to a worn out barrel.  This weekend, Virginia was shooting a barrel acquired from German Salazar, and reported to have been tested and indexed by Mike Ross. I think she got her moneys worth!
  Nancy Tompkins gets the Silver Medal only one pt behind for the weekend with a 3196 and Rick Curtis, Liege Harris, Peter Church only a couple pts behind.
Aggregate Results:   
Next Weekend----------On to the Western Wild Cat Matches -- four more days of  top shooting competition, as shooters from around the U.S, and Canada arrive to participate in these historic matches. 

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