Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now it Starts -- Day One of the Wildcats matches

Rick Curtis says "The cat is out of the bag"  He's right, the biggest matches of the month are about to start.  The WildCats Small bore prone Championships day one starts tomorrow.  160 shots for record, Iron sights, in good weather, lots of great competitors.
  This is week 3 of March Madness and there are four 1600s to be shot in the next four days. I can't wait. Maybe I'll shoot that 1580 tomorrow.


RCURTIS said...

Jim, I think you could kick that goal of 1580 up a bit, however the buzz on the range today was about the predicted wind for tomorrow. Supposed to be a "hold onto your hats" day!
See you one the line,

RCURTIS said...


Congratulations on your 1582 at the Western Wildcat! Keep up the good work tomorrow.