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The Week Ahead -- May 5th

The Week Ahead -- Shooters news of the Minn Area

Highpower shooters are taking the weekend off this week --- unless you are traveling to the LaCross Rifle Club for Matches. There are no local Highpower  this weekend, that I know of.
There is shooting however, as GRRC starts its Wednesday evening  Highpower OTC League tomorrow night with a 200 yd standing match, and a 200yd Sitting Rapid Fire match.  This League continues most Wed. evenings.  All shooters may participate. Thursday evening will see the start of GRRC's Highpower Prone League 

From Match Director Kurt Borlaug:
Howdy Boys,

will see the beginning of the HP OTC league. There is seven so far who have let me know their intent to participate. If you want to and haven't let me know, do soo soon. First rounds down at 5:30. We will shoot 200 OH and Rf and then go to 300. After a pit change we'll repeat. I have some nifty scorecards for us to use and you'll keep your own score on the line.
      Thursday we will begin the prone league. There are only two who have let me know their interest in this.You will be shooting alongside the F-Class crew. Note that the targets for 300 MRP are in the rack on the north side of pile. I marked the target edges as to their use.
 The lock combo is 26-28-2. Use the pasters in there and spotters and buckets. Radios are in the pit box in refrigerator in Island house. MAKE SURE YOU RETURN THE BOX!!! and radios are turned off!!
 Hope to see you there on Thursday. Don't forget the Clinic on May 15th and Leg Match on the 16th. There will be a two-man Hearst type match on Sunday am at 9. Leg starts at 12. Let me know if you can help on Saturday. Right now we'll need  thirteen people between the pits and coaches. Easy work day! Lemme know!
Later, Kurt

Wed. League match program -- click here
Thursday Evening Prone League --Match program -- click here

 State Team Captain Kurt Borlaug is looking for shooters to fill out an additional team and participate in the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio this Aug.  This is a good chance to see what it is like to shoot in the Nationals, even if you feel your skills are not yet up to the High Master level.  Give it a try
From Kurt:

Guys and Gals, I am asking you to spread the word that Mn. Rifle Team will be looking for shooters and target pullers for  out-of comp. teams for the NTT and NTIT at Perry this year. A few of our shooters are willing and able to fill out and the experience is invaluable....and a GAS!!
 Out-of-comp teams can be a mix of civilian/ military or from any state. Individual firing members are eligible for Pershing trophy (NTT), the team is NOT eligible for any team awards.
 There will be entry fees necessary for each shooter and they will be responsible for their own ammo.
Thanks, Kurt Borlaug

Reloading for Highpower
  I have linked a series of articles on Reloading for Highpower competition on my blog ( )
These articles are all written by my friend German Salazar, who I feel has a very good grasp on this subject -- he also wins a lot of rifle matches.  

For the Service Rifle shooter ( or anyone else)  I have linked on the Service Rifle Team Blog
  ( )  German's article on "Preping Military Brass for Highpower"  This is a newer article that German just sent me today.

Monday Evening F class  League
Elk River Sportman's club
Monday evening F-class league is up and running.  Monday evenings at 6pm for a $5 fee you can shoot in this league at distances from 100 to 600yds on a rotating schedule.  Next match is May 10th and will be shot at 300 yds. 
ERSC Monday evening F-Class League program -- click here

Last weekend's matches at Red Wing:
    May 1st Mid Range Match Results -- click here
    May 2nd OTC results -- click here

Small bore
GRRC started (yesterday) their every Monday evening Small Bore league.  This Mondays match was the 50yd match-- 2 targets of 20 shots prone slow fire on the NRA 50yd targets.  If you missed this Mondays league start -- no problem, just come next Monday night, and there will be make-up nights along the way. 

From Mark Schoess  -- league Director.

WHEN: League firing begins Monday, May 3rd at 1700 (5:00 PM) and will continue most Mondays ending on August 23. Note: no league May 31 (Holiday), July 5 (Holiday) and July 26 (Camp Perry). This schedule will allow two nights for make-up and rainouts. You can sigh up and submit your entry fee on the first or second league night.
 ELIGIBILITY: Open to all shooters, GRRC member or not. Juniors will need an adult with them while shooting. That adult can be a competitor. GRRC reserves the right to reject any entry.  League will be NRA sanctioned."

Mpls Rifle Club  -- Work Days
From George Minerich (MRRA Pres.)
"Hi All:
    We had a great work day at the ranges.  At the 300 Meter building we repaired the stairs, finished the white pegboard on the south wall, rebuild the benches on the south wall, cleaned the storage room and got rid of a bunch of garbage.  The 300 Meter building is looking spiffy! 
   Brush from the logging was also cleaned up!
   Smallbore range projects included hanging new heating ducts and repairing smallbore targets.  I m happy to report  that there are now a
complete set of practice and match target frames.   Our new furnace isabout 70% installed.   Great Job!
   I would like to thank all the members who came out to help Saturday for workday!  We really accomplished a lot.
Regards,       George Minerich
Good Work George and the others who participated--  that range always looks tip top.

Upcoming -- Two Weeks out

May 15  Saturday  --  Service Rifle Clinic  at GRRC  
-- clinic program - click here
May 16 Sunday --  Service Rifle Leg Mach at GRRC 
-- Leg Match program -- click here
May 16 Sunday --  Small Bore prone outdoor 1600 at MPLS Rifle club -- first outdoor prone match of the year                 
-- Match program -- click here

Keep em in the Middle 
I am in full Migration mode this week, so I'll see you all at matches in a week or so.

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