Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Week Ahead -- April 28th

This Weekend: Upcoming Match
NorthStar Rifle Club
starts out it's highpower season this coming Saturday and Sunday with a pair of Highpower matches that should interest all shooters.  Prone shooters, Saturday is your day, and you will be able to contest your skills in a Mid Range prone match shot at 300 yds, 500yds, and 600 yds. with the first three matches using Iron sights, and the last 600 yd match -- any sights.  Altogether it is 4 x 20 shots plus sighters.  
Sunday's Match is an 80 shot Over the Course --- Standing, Sitting Rapid fire, Prone rapid fire, and the Last match being Prone Slow fire. So---as you all can see, There is something for all shooters.  NorthStar Rifle club is just a short distance south of Hastings and north of Redwing  -- just off Hyw #61.    Map-- click here
   Click for Program

Highpower results--
no news from Eau Claire matches.

 Small bore News:
Congratulations to Larry Sawyer and Cramen Fry.---
-winners in the St Championship Junior and Open 4 position Small bore matches held at Fegus Falls Rifle club last week.
Click Here -- Description of match and condensed Results
Final scores -- Click here
Junior Scores -- click here

Service Rifle Rule Changes:
From Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug
I just got the new CMP rules yesterday and they have some important changes/clarifications;

5.10.2  Completed match........2 stages or 20 shots in a PISTOL NMC and three stages or 30 shots in a RIFLE NMC

6.1.1........Rear sight apertures must be round, front sights must be square topped

6.2.3......after market fixed stocks for AR/M16 type rifles must have at least a 10" length of pull. No collapsible type stocks allowed.

6.3.1.......on as-issued matches (CMP Games) no bayonets attached

6.3.2.....M1C and M1D Garands without telescopic sights are allowed provided they comply with other as-issued rules.

6.9.3....Slings must be attached directly to the front sling swivel; a hook may NOT be used to attach a M1907 pattern OR M1 sling to the front swivel.

8.1.6....military or former military members who received Purple Hearts that resulted in partial or complete loss of lower extremities will be allowed to remain in position for rapid fire stages provided they load on command and do not shoulder rifles prior to targets rising and begin firing AFTER a standing shooter has begun firing.

8.5.2......Infantry match......between stages while advancing to next yard line magazines must be removed and bolts must be open.

9.1.4 and 9.1.6...CMP Games..."Coaching" is limited to assisting other shooters into position, adjusting sights and controlling safety.NO USE OF SPOTTING SCOPES ARE ALLOWED FOR CMP GAMES COACHING  my emphasis added.
Thanks Kurt

Remember --- this weekend
1. Work days at Mpls Rifle club
2. Matches a NorthStar Rifle club
    Saturday -- May 1st  --
Mid-range Prone match 4 x 20 with sighters
    Sunday   --  May 2nd --
80 shot OTC

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