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Shooters News -- 4/25/10

300m State Championship-- Results
Mpls. Rifle Club
held the 300m St. Champ matches on April 10 & 11
Congratulations to Stacey Tamulinas for winning the 2010  300 m prone St. Championship and to Lance Peters for again winning the 3P State Championship

                                       Iron Sight          Any Sight           Aggregate
Name                             Match One         Match Two         Match Three                     
Kurt Borlaug                     557                         DNF                       577
Erhard Bruderer                570                         DNF                       570
Chuck Diehl                      551                         579                       1126
Morgan Dietrich                572                         580                        1152               Third
Chris Hazelton                  553                         DNF                       553
Eric Hazelton                    514                         DNF                       514               
           MN 300M Junior Prone  State Champion
Garold Jones                    486                         559                        1054
Phillip Klanderud               548                         DNF                       548
Bill Lair                             577                         579                        1156                Second
Bob Peasley                     576                         573                        1149
Bruce Rawlings                 545                         DNF                       545
Brian Shiffman                  496                         572                         1068
Stacey Tamulinas             591                         578                         1169       
            MN 300M Prone State Champion
International Match, no “X” count used
Minnesota 300M 3-Position High Power State Championship Results – April 11, 2010
Name                   Prone           Standing              Kneeling              Total                     
Erhard Bruderer      196                174                         186                     556
Greg McCarty         180                114                         149                    443
Tom O’Donnell        172                130                         149                    454
Lance Peters          197                174                         186                    564  
                 3-Position StateChampion
International Match, no” X” count used

Results: Click here

Team Warm-Up Match -- May 30th
NorthStar Rifle Club will host a Warm-up team match (over the course) on May 30th.  This is a good chance for any shooter to get involved in Team shooting and for the coaches to practice their coaching skills.  Newer shooters should all try to participate in team matches as they will be coached in each firing position.  You will always learn something at a team match.  All the clubs will have teams, so contact your club Highpower Chairman and get on one of the teams -- Service Rifle or Match Rifle and have some fun.  Your coach will read the wind--you just pull the trigger.  That's why team matches are so much fun.

From:  Bob Peasley

"HP shooters:
 Attached is your program for the 50 shot team warm up match May 30 at NorthStar. By popular demand this is a low budget deal. Entry fee is 8 bucks per shooter and the match scores will NOT be sent in for classification. Low budget for you, low work for me, we all win!
 PUH-LEESE try to get your teams together & drop me a note so I can plan on number of targets needed.
 Capt.  Bob"  
Program --

From: State Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug
We want you on a team!
"Alright Kiddies! Calling all team type shooters; Those who have, those who haven't and those who never thought of it. I need to know soonest who's in. We will stress Perry type conditions at this match. That means for Perry Team shooters....NO SCOPES AT 600!! We will try this in a low-key environment and run it just like the big boys do. That puts stress on the coach and simple easy concentration on shooter to break good shots....WITH INSTANT CALL FEEDBACK TO COACH!!!
 Lemme know so I can compile lists. Those of you outside metro area don't hesitate if your not a local clubbie. We'll find a team for you!
 Later, Kurt

Mpls Rifle Club -- Work days coming up May 1st.
From Brian Shiffman:

May 1 is range workday at both Minnetonka Game and Fish and Minneapolis Rifle Club.  All ranges will be closed while various repair and upgrade work is carried out.
We need your help on this day.  Work teams are established and begin at 9AM.  MRC members should assemble at the 300 meter house.
 Also, this is the day that Range Orientation is being conducted.  It begins at 9AM from the main clubhouse building (the one to the right as soon as you come through the main gate).  This orientation is REQUIRED before club membership can be granted to either club.  Even if you are not sure or if you are planning on waiting for a few months before deciding, I urge you to take this orientation because it will not be offered again until September.
 For those seeking MRC membership, in addition to the range orientation you will need to go through a separate electronic target system orientation.  I expect that George Minerich will conduct this important orientation after the main range orientation is completed.
 If you come out for work day in addition to helping the club with important service that saves us time and money, you will be treated to a lunch that is always really, really tasty.
 The next 300 meter match will be on Sunday, May 9th beginning at 10AM."
Brian Shiffman

Small Bore Rifle -- upcoming match
There will be a Conventional Outdoor Prone 1600 rifle match on May 16th at MPLS Rifle Club
click for Match Program

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