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The Weeks Ahead -- shooters news 4/4/10

Robert Sandager has left the range
Robert (Sandy) Sandager passed away yesterday.  Sandy was a long time member of Mpls Rifle Club, a great patron of our sport, a great shooter and an all around great guy to everyone who knew him. 
Sandy was a 300 m shooter who shot on the Olympic team in 1952.  He was instrumental in promoting, funding and building the 300 m range at Mpls Rifle Club-- one of only two electronic target 300 m ranges in the US.  He promoted 300 m shooting right to the end and was always ready to coach interested shooters such as myself.
He also served as a officer  in the US Army during WW2 and was a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge --Dec- Jan 1945, a bloody battle that cost the US more than 19,000 killed in action.
Rest in Peace Sandy            We are diminished 
"No Less than Victory"  Story of the Battle of the Bulge by Jeff Shaara 

Next Weekend:
300 meter State Championship --  April 10th and 11th at Mpls Rifle Club
 "Hi Guys:
  High Power season is is almost here! Attached are the bulletins for the 300M HP Prone State Championship on April 10, 2010 and the bulletin for the 300M--3 Position State Championship on April 11th. Please forward these to other shooters that may be interested. If anyone knows the folks up in  Grand Rapids, I would appreciate you sending it on. Thanks!"
  George  Minerich
300m Prone State Champ Program  Click Here
300m 3P State Champ Program  Click Here

Two weeks out 
Elk River Sportsman's club will host Mid range Prone and OTC matches the weekend of April 17th and 18th.
Saturdays match is a 4x20 4 gun prone 600 yd match.  First two matches are Any sights and 2nd two matches are Iron sights only. F-Class allows scope and rests in all 4 matches.
Sunday's match is an 80 shot Over the Course match held at 200 to 600 yds for both Service Rifle and Match rifle.
Click here for Match Programs  (map to range included)

Dave Dexter wins!
Dave Dexter showed his great off hand shooting skill by winning the State Offhand Championship held at NWGC on Mar 27th.  Dave shot an amazing 780-18x in this 80 shot standing match at 200 yds to take home the Traveling Trophy this year.  Kevin Bangen was 1st High Master only 5 pts behind Dave.  Erick Hartley took the  MA class with a 766-15x and Lorne Smith's 752-09 won the EX class.
click for Complete Results

2010 GRRC Smallbore Prone league

Gopher rifle and Revolver club (GRRC) will again host a Monday night Small Bore league. This evening league will start 5/3/10 and will continue through till 8/23/10 with firing starting at 1700hrs most Mondays (see program).  League is open to all shooters, adult and juniors,  GRRC members or not.  Three complete 1600s will fired over the summer and make up days are scheduled.   I believe that Monday or Tuesday morning shooting will continue this year for the unemployed and Retired folks.  Match Director--Mark Schoess 651-357-4281 (note correction)
 Program:  Click Here

Highpower State Championship matches
"HP shooters:
PLEASE NOTE the {this year's State} championship is MATCH RIFLE OR SERVICE RIFLE. You must declare which you are entering. This is the only OTC championship. There are not 2 separate weekend championships as in the past.  HOLDHARD"
From Capt Bob

Being out of the loop, I am not sure why the State Match rifle and Service rifle championships are being held concurrently this year.  Personally, I would have liked to participate in both and it will be a hard choice to decide which rifle to compete with. 

Minnesota Service Rifle team
Be the first to visit the new Minnesota State Service Rifle Team web site.
  Click here  (under development now)
This site, while associated with Minnesota Rifle Shooting blog, will be specifically targeted to news and information about the Minnesota State Service Rifle Team and Service Rifle competition.  Kurt Borlaug, State Team Capt. will use this site to promote service rifle shooting and recruit service rifle shooters for the State Team.  All service rifle shooters in MN are encouraged to contact Kurt and become members of the State Team.  Kurt is trying to recruit 16 shooters (2 teams) to compete in the Camp Perry Nationals in Ohio this Aug.
I'm sure that Kurt will want all service rifle shooters to submit, for posting on this site, any pictures, and news interesting to other service rifle shooters.  Let's go guys and gals, we need to send a good team from Mn this year to compete and have some fun!

Dont Forget
Don't forget to renew your MRRA membership.  One year membership is only $15.  This is our sanctioning organization.  Support it.
Membership info and form:  Click Here

GRRC work days coming up!  
from Kurt Borlaug
"Howdy Guys and Gals.
I know your patiently waiting project details for KD/HP stuff. Cliff Secord has fabbed some new point markers for the KD range. We need 2-3 people w/ stencils, paint and steady hands to number these w/ spray paint.
 The big project is helping our friends on the Black Powder range with their roof project. As many of us use that range for smallbore I believe it would be nice of us to help them out. They will need shovels, rakes, nails, hammers and screw guns to get the forms ready and leveled for footings. That is the Saturday plan. Sunday will be cement mixing and pouring. We have access to one mixer that needs a generator that the club has. Water hauling, mixing and scooping. Not necessarily brain work, but deffinately a bit of skill involved and ability to take direction. If we all got on this it would go fast.
 I believe that Cliff and Mark may be re-working the smallbore post holes as well.....I think. Please respond to these pleas for help with willing hands and a show of brotherhood. Remember all the work that the BP boys have done for us in the past. Our range may not even have existed had it not been for these members w/ long teeth who purchased it in the first place!"
Later, Kurt

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