Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minn Service Rifle Team

Be the first to visit the new Minnesota State Service Rifle Team web site.
  Click here  (under development now)

This site, while associated with Minnesota Rifle Shooting blog, will be specifically targeted to news and information about the Minnesota State Service Rifle Team and Service Rifle competition.  Kurt Borlaug, State Team Capt. will use this site to promote service rifle shooting and recruit service rifle shooters for the State Team.  All service rifle shooters in MN are encouraged to contact Kurt and become members of the State Team.  Kurt is trying to recruit 16 shooters (2 teams) to compete in the Camp Perry Nationals in Ohio this Aug.
I'm sure that Kurt will want all service rifle shooters to submit, for posting on this site, any pictures, and news interesting to other service rifle shooters.  Let's go guys and gals, we need to send a good team from Mn this year to compete and have some fun!

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