Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PGRC Small Bore 1600 --2/28/10 Die hards in the rain

 The day was chilly and overcast with some rain. Up against the Seinor Olympics 500 yard and the Vancouver Olympics we had a rather small turnout. Richard Layton had a great start but found fowling a problem later in the day (time for a new barrel already on order). Jake Crown a new Junior had a wonderful first day out. Bob Del Cotto came down for some practice before next weeks One Day Regional.

Phoenix Rod and Gun Club Smallbore Prone



Name Class 50 Yard 50 Meter Dewar 100 YRD Grand Agg
Richard Layton Jr. Jr. 400-33 400-23 397-17 397-23 1594-96
Jack Arnold M 397-27 394-22 398-24 395-21 1584-94
Mick W Walker  S 399-16 393-21 398-30 398-26 1588-93
JakeCrownJrFclass Jr. 397-28 394-21 396-23 397-20 1584-92
From Jack Arnold

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