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Shooters News -- Mar 10th (Minn area)

Next Match
State Off-hand Championship -- March 27th
Northwestern Gun Club (near Duluth on beautiful Hunter's lake) will be hosting the Start Offhand Championship March 27th 2010.
Less than 2 hrs north, NWGC, is a great place to shoot-- even in the winter, as all cold weather shooting is done from inside the shooting house --from shooting booths on the 200 yd line.  The pits are enclosed and heated by a barrel stove so cold weather is not a problem. The shooting house is also heated and is a good place to socialize when you are not shooting.  Quite often there are sausages and venison on the stove and a good time will be had by all.
Program and entry:

Up-coming: Service Rifle Clinic

  " We (Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club) are excited to announce the next Service Rifle Clinic.  This year we will be implementing a new teaching format. There will be a brief classroom session in the GRRC Red Shed. We will then proceed to the 200 yard line for the practical portion of the clinic.  The Clinic will be held on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 with a 7:30 am roll call.  The clinic should be completed around 2:00pm.
    The purpose of the clinic is to teach the Fundamentals of High Power Service Rifle Marksmanship.  We will cover many topics, including sight alignment, trigger control, breathing, and equipment.  The clinic will show the participant how to compete in a High Power Rifle Match; yet will be held in a relaxed and low-pressure environment.  After the Clinic, the participant will have enough information to compete in
High Power Rifle matches held all across the country, including the famous National Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio. During the entire clinic, there will be an experienced rifleman on each firing point to coach, assist and share their expertise. These experienced riflemen will also be the safety officers. We want this experience to be safe and enjoyable.  Please bring a pen and notebook to the Clinic because we will be covering a lot of information!
Please contact me at with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you!"
Kurt Borlaug
Program and Entry form:

A really good read
    Why the M16/M4 as used in combat today is ineffective in KILLING the enemy!
"Increasing small arms lethality in Afghanistan:  Taking back the infantry half-Kilometer by Major Thomas P. Ehrhart USA
   " Operations in Afghanistan frequently require US ground forces to engage and destroy the enemy at ranges beyond 300 meters. These operations occur in rugged terrain and in situations where traditional supporting fires are limited due to range or risk of collateral damage. With these limitations the infantry in Afghanistan require a precise lethal fire capability that exists only in a properly trained and equipped infantryman. while the infantryman is ideally suited for combat in Afghanistan, his current weapons doctrine and marksmanship training do not provide a precise, lethal fire capability to 500 meters and are therefore inappropriate.
   Comments from returning non-commissioned officers and officers reveal that about fifth percent of engagements occur past 300 meters. The enemy tactics are to engage US forces from high ground with medium and heavy weapons, often including mortars, knowing that we are restricted by our equipment limitations and the inability of our overburdened soldiers to maneuver at elevations exceeding 6000 feet. current equipment, training, and doctrine are optimize for engagements under 300 meters and on level terrain. ....."
This paper explains the problem, history, and gives realistic solutions.  It's rather long but a very good read.


Gun show Help Needed!
"Boys, (and Gals) We need some help to man the GRRC HP Clinic booth March 20 and 21. Saturday is the critical day as Tom and Kurt need to be at the MRRA BOD/ GM meeting on the 20th. We can both be there on Sunday. I dealy we'd like 3 people at all times to answer questions and appear smart about HP shooting. This is a $ maker for our discipline and promotion is crucial.
 Reply back here or call me at 651-263-4576. NO CALLS AFTER 9 PM!!!"
Thanks, Kurt Borlaug

Air Rifle target for Off-hand practice
"Several folks have requested a copy of the 200yd NRA Target reduced to 10 Meters. I got my scanner working so I made a printable PDF file of the target. Its good for dry firing or shooting in the basement with air rifle....."
click here:
Regards"     George Minerich  MRRA Pres. 

Team Warm-up match  May 30th

"HP shooters:
Yes I know there is still snow on the ground and there are flood forecasts for April.  But there has been a lot of interest in a NRA team practice/warm up match prior to the "real" team match in June.  So by popular demand here is your program for this event.  Most everyone who replied to my earlier note said they would prefer a 50 shot event.  We can do a 15-30 minute review of team shooting prior to kick off if desired.  This might make your new team shooters feel more comfortable.
This is just your reminder that it will happen.  So get busy and start lining up your teams.  Remember, club teams are preferred but state assn. teams are welcome as well as pick up teams.  I'll have a follow up late April with another reminder."
Program Rev 2 (50 shot)--
 Bob Peasley 

Think Spring and Keep em in the Middle

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