Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pictures and Final Results from Sm Bore Regional

Small Bore
The Small Bore Regional at MRC had the biggest turnout in years. 2 relays were needed. Shooters enjoyed a beautiful warm summer day today firing 4 matches of 40 shots ea prone. Temperature was perfect, wind was manageable.

10 sub juniors contested the match and showed the progress of Junior teams fielded by Larry Sawyer, and Bruce Blahut.

Small Bore Regional --  Day one --  Iron Sights
Ross Ewert, Larry Sawyer and Emily Quinar (just back from Murray State College for the summer) started off in the lead by shooting clean 400 scores in the 50 yd match. Ross Ewert won the Dewar match by an X over Steve Kuntson, both shooting 397s and leaving Ross 1pt up on the group after half way. Emily and Larry were now a pt down, having shot 396's. Stacey Tamulinas, an unclassified master, fired a very good 395, showing what a few years of Palma Training will do for a prone shooter. Only Larry S. really mastered the switching wind in the 100yd match, dropping only 3 for a 397 and pulling away from the other contenders who all lost 9-13 pts in that match and started fading away on the Score board. The last cards were shot at 50 meters on that very difficult target, and Larry ensured the days the win with a 398/400, 4pts above the best efforts of Steve Knutson and Stacey Tamulinas -- 394 each.
Congratulations to Larry Sawyer for winning the Iron Sight match of this regional.
Small Bore regional Day Two -- Any Sights
Larry Sawyer took no prisoners in day 2 of this regional. He fired Clean scores of 400 out of a possible 400 in the first 3 matches, putting him far enough ahead so that slipping a little in the last match and losing 9 pts there, to Steve Knutson's almost perfect 399-34x, did not cost him the Win. It was close with final scores having Larry at 1593, Steve Knutson at 1591, and Expert Class winner Ross Ewert right behind with a 1590. That's great shooting !!

The Juniors fought it out all day and sub Jr. Sam Ewert's 1558 was the Any Sight winner in that class.

Congratulations to Larry Sawyer for winning both days events and the over all Regional Championship

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Results:  click to enlarge
Results :  Day 1 -- Iron sights
Winner Larry Sawyer --1591
1st Expert -- Ross Ewert 1573
1st Sharpshooter -- Robert Young 1549
1st Mk and Jr.   --  Carmen Fry  1554
Results :   Day 2 -- Any Sights
Winner -- Larry Sawyer   1593
1st Expert -- Ross Ewert  1591

1st Sharpshooter -- Peter Zenner  1580
1st Mk and Jr.  --  Sam Ewert  1555

Regional Awards for highest Aggregate Score:
Gold Medal --Larry Sawyer
Silver Medal --  Steve Knutson
Bronze Medal --  Ross ewert

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