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The Week Ahead -- Minn Shooters News -- May 25th

The Week Ahead -- Shooters news of the Minn Area - May 25th

Next Weekend
Choices, choices ! This weekend there are choices of 4 rifle matches to participate in. Small Bore shooters can shoot both Saturday and Sunday in the Prone Regional at Mpls Rifle Club. Saturdays' match is an Iron sight 1600 with the Any sight 1600 match taking place on Sunday. Highpower shooters also have a full weekend coming up with a Mid Range prone match being shot at NorthStar (Red Wing) on Saturday, and then the long awaited warm-up Team OTC match getting started on Sunday morning, also at NorthStar. I think I'll choose a little of both and since I definitely want to shoot the team match on Sunday, it'll have to be Small Bore prone at MRC on Saturday.
May 29 & 30th; Small Bore Regional program
May 29 Mid Range match program
May 30 Warm up Team match program

There is still time to get on a team for the warm-up team match. See the program and contact Capt Bob to shoot on a pickup team. A good time will be had by all.
From Capt. Bob
"Hello shooters: As per the match program for the NRA team warm up match at North Star I'm here to tell you we have the minimum number of teams and in fact may have 7 teams. So, it's a go for Sunday. I am planning on bringing a couple bags of chips and some Salsa for consumption during debrief/review after it's over. Feel free to stay and munch or bug out if you must. Provide your own favorite beverage.
Capt. Bob"

Small Bore
Results of May 16th Sm Bore prone match posted below

Next weekend -- dont forget-- Small bore both Sat and Sunday at MRC -- prone 1600s. I'm able to shoot the Sat. match. See you all there.

High Power
The US Palma Team held a Training session for upper Midwest members of the US Palma Team, this past Thursday through Saturday, at GRRC's long range shooting facility in Harris, MN. Five of the top Junior long range shooters were also in attendance for the three days. This event was far more a working session that just a fun shooting event, as Palma Team Development coach Bob Mead put both the shooters and the prospective wind coaches through hrs of shooting drills each day. Every shot fired by all shooters was plotted for analysis later of both elevation and windage deviation from center. Any shots fired that ended up above or below the ten ring became a point off for the shooter, and shots left and right of the ten ring were marked against the wind coaches. Each shooter had a wind coach positioned close beside their position, with only the wind coach actually turning the windage knobs on the rifle. Each Line coach was equipped with a communications headset and took his direction from the the Back coach -- who actually called for the wind corrections. This system seemed to be working very well. The shooters only worried about delivering shots on the water line through the X ring and let the wind coaches worry about wind corrections.

Now all the plots of each shooters groups are sent off for statistical analysis and then are compared to other shooters and wind coaches efforts at other training sessions. With the good shooting I saw while pulling targets, I believe that we will be sending a great team to Australia in 2011.
Palma Training Pictures -- click here

WadeKamper Palma Match - May 16th
Stacey Tamulinas and Bill Lair took full advantage of their 3 days of Palma training and practice to top the field at GRRC's Wadekamper Memorial Palma matches on Sunday. Bill, Stacey, and Matt Griffen fired excellent scores of 149/150 at the 800yd line, but then at the 900 yd line, Bill Lair went up 1 point by again firing a 149/150 to Stacey's 148. This is good shooting. The fishtailing winds at 1000 yds kept all the shooters busy watching the mirage and the flags for a hint of corrections to be made. Stacey was best able to see the condition and get the shot off before the conditions changed and dropped only 3 pts in 15 shots for a 147 score, 2 pts better than Bill, and those two pts put Stacey on top with a 444/450 for the match Win.
Other notable scores -- Brian Mrnak shot a 149-9X on the 900 yd line to win that match
Adam Shidla was the top F-class shooter scoring a 439-16x to take that class. John Rykkus also put up a good score in that class with a 525-14x.
Palma Match Results -- click here
Palma Match Pictures -- click here     Two good pics here -- see "Watch that wind" and "in the heat of competition" (posted on Blog)

Iowa St.  Service Rifle Championship match June 5th and 6th
"We are holding the Iowa state service rifle championship the 5th and 6th of June. There will be an 80 shot organized practice June 5th with a dinner that night for the competitors and their families. The 80 shot xcross the coarse championship will be held June 6th at 9AM. There will be camping at the range Friday and Saturday nights and room for shooters to bunk in the club house. We have electricity and porta potties but no water. I am including a match bulletin if you could send it out for me we would sure appreciate it. If anyone has any questions they can sure give me a call or email.
Hope to see you there!"
Steve Hays 641-423-9981   Match program - click here

Bald Eagle Rifle Club
Bald Eagle Sportsman's Assoc. host monthly Service Rifle 50 shot matches at its range in Hugo Mn. This 100 yd range is located just east of Hwy #61, on 125th st. -- Just north of White Bear Lake. The next match is on the schedule for June 12th. These are low key matches and everyone has fun. The match goes fast as there is usually only one relay, and the targets are stapled up at 100 yds, so while the shooter is taking a few min break between stages, the match officials are changing targets and scoring them. I've shot here a half doz. times and had a good time. 
Match Programs for Bald Eagle   Click Here
From Elliot Zunich--
Hey guys, We have a new shooter at the NWGC who is looking to buy a "bolt action" OTC .223 rifle. Do you know of anyone who has one for sale. Right handed. EZ

Saturday May 29th -- Mid range prone at Northstar and Prone Small bore at MRC
Sunday May 30th -- OTC Team match at Northsar and Prone Small bore ar MRC

See you out there

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