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The Week Ahead -- Shooters news of the Minn Area

My computer is back up and running - May 13, 1200 hrs


Two Important shooting days this weekend.
GRRC hosts it's annual Service Rifle Clinic this coming Saturday-- May 15th. New Service Rifle Shooters will attend a class on Service Rifle highpower shooting Saturday morning and fire a 50 rd CMP qualifying match following both slow and rapid firing demonstrations. Note: The Harris exit off of I35 is now open and anybody attending festivities at GRRC this weekend can use that exit? North Branch is now in surgery. Thanks, Kurt
Program for Clinic --         click here Map to GRRC

From Kurt Borlaug:
" Boys, Sorry for the duplication of some of you on this missive. GRRC will have it's HP Clinic this Saturday. We are doing a one-day clinic w/ classroom in am and the actual match starts at 12 noon.
I'm asking (pleading begging) for some help with coaches and pits. We are planning to run in three relays as the clinic will shoot concurrently w/ our M1 CMP Match. We request your presence by 11 am.
If you are able and willing please respond by this Wednesday. Last year we had some outstanding help from Non_GRRC members and it made the event go quite smoothly. Remember that these folks are newest of the new and too much info can hamper their experience. Safety is our first concern of course, and the Mn. Rifle Team has a great opportunity to be ambassadors of the sport.
Thanks for the consideration ", Kurt Borlaug

Clinic UP-DATE 5/13 1130hrs

Gentlemen, We will have over 30 clinic students this year. The e-mail traffic over the last few weeks has been heavy.
With this amount of students we believe that the coaches need to distinguish themselves from the students by wearing orange vests......seriously! If you have one of your own great, GRRC has some in the refer in the Island shed. Tom Torborg will be our official "Registrar" in charge of general Cat Herding. He can distribute the vests if you need one.
We need you there by 9am, no later than 10:00. I earlier said 11 but we have upped the time. The actual match starts at 12 noon. Those of you working pits are going to be prepping buckets for the match as well as covering live fire demo.
See you Saturday, bring patience!! Later,

Sunday-- May 16 --GRRC will host the first Leg Match of the season in this area. Nervous Service Rifle shooters will be lining up and starding tall Sunday morning at Gopher's 200 yd line, and anticipating earning some of those elusive leg points, and climb that ladder towards a Distinguished Rifleman's Badge, that every Service rifle shooter aspires to earning. Those shooters that are not in the hunt for Leg points will compete for the Medals and just for fun.

From Kurt Borlaug:
".... don't forget the Leg Match on Sunday. We will run a two-man Hearst Match starting at 9am. A $5 donation is requested for entry and awards will be determined by participation for this event. Pair firing is required at 200 Offhand and 600 slow-fire. You are allowed to coach each other with a scope at 300 rapid.
Leg Match starts not before 12 noon."
Kurt Borlaug

F-Class Prone
Evening league matches continue with Elk River sportsman;s club shooting on Monday nights. See program May 17 will be a 600 yd shoot. GRRC has it's own evening prone - and F-Class night each Thursday evening -- next on May 27 th.    See Program

Small Bore:
There will be a 1600 prone conventional outdoor match for small bore shooters on Sunday, May 16 th, at the Mpls Rifle club. This match starts off the Sm Bore outdoor season so don't miss it. (unless you are shooting in the Leg Match) I hope some one takes a few pictures of this match to send us -- including one of the score board.
Match Program - click here

Mpls Rifle Club -- Annual Meeting !
The spring meeting of the MRC is being held this Thursday, May 13th at 7:30PM. This is one of three meetings scheduled per year as approved by the membership last year.
The meeting will be held at the main clubhouse on the Minnetonka Game and Fish property; it is the first building on the right as soon as you come through the electronic gate.
Among the topics for discussion is the opportunity to purchase the property immediately East and adjacent to the 300 meter range. The property was sold about 5 years ago to a developer before either the MGFC or MRC knew it was even for sale. Now, the developer wants to sell the property for about what he paid for it. This situation presents an opportunity. Do we want to do anything? We will review the meetings that have been held between the boards of MGFC and MRC and have a discussion with the membership as to what action, if any, we should take.
that property would be a buffer and a safety zone, and by keeping it out of the hands of developers, provide more years of staying in this location.
Brian Shiffman

Two Weeks out---
May 22 Palma tryouts at GRRC
May 23 -- Palma Match at GRRC - Wadekamper Mem. 800yd, 900yd and 1000yd matches open to all shooters.
             Palma Match Program -- click here

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