Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flash -- Pictures in from CMP Service Rifle clinic at Gopher range

Todays Service Rifle clinic and M1 Garand match at GRRC were both well attended. Thirty two aspiring shooters benifited from Kurt Borlaug's instruction in the "How to's" of service rifle shootiing and an introduction to Highpower competition. 
  It couldn't have been a nicer day to be at the range pulling some triggers ---  70 deg with just a light breeze to be refreshing.  Experienced coaches were assigned to each shooter who talked and coached each shooter through the 50 rd  match.  Each participant shot 10 rds Standing, then 10 rds rapid fire from the sitting , and the prone position,  and 20 rds from the prone position.  Every body had a few good shots to brag about and a few bad shots to forget about.  I looked to me that everyone was enjoying the exerience.  We all hope to see them come back to another match in the near future. 
I'll rearrange and label some of the pictures tomorrow. 
See clinic pictures -- click here
More clinic pictures by Mike May -- click here
Even More Pictures from Mark Havlick --  Click Here

Don't Forget !  There will be a 50 rd service rifle match tomorrow ( Sunday) --  again at GRRC. Same course of fire, if you weren't there today --- come tomorrow!   Match starts 1100 hrs or there after.

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