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Shooters News for the Minn Area - May 25, 2015 

Next weekend
The Action moves to NorthWestern Gun Club this next weekend


That's right folks -You all will finally get a chance to shoot some matches up north this weekend,
Shooters will be heading to North Western Gun Club for 3 days of Over the Course matches starting Friday, May 20. That's right, there is a whole day of shooting Friday -- and Sat and Sunday.  This is your chance to shoot Three 80 shot OTC matches in a row. You also get to do it at one of the upper Midwest's premier rifle ranges. Right on the shore of beautiful Hunter lake, NWGC is one of the nicest places I have ever spent the day shooting a match.   NWGC is about 2 hrs from the Cities, has good motel choices in Cloquet, and camping facilities at the range.
  Click here for match program and entry info  Click here for a little video from a previous match at NWGC

    Shooters in the southern part of the state will have choices to make. LaCrosse Rifle club is offering up an 80 shot OTC match to shoot on Saturday May 30 -- click here for match program. It will be a supercharged atmosphere at Lacrosse Sunday May 31st, as the action switches to the high pressure competition of a Leg Match. Service Rifle shooters will be hoping that this is 'their' day and that they'll be the one to earn some of those most elusive "Leg Points" and a Leg Up on the ladder to earning a "Distinguished Rifleman's Badge".  Good Luck Leg Match shooters!
click here for Match bulletin
   Just across the border in Clear Lake Iowa, there are also matches to shoot. The River City Rifle and Pistol Club is hosting the Iowa 300 m Highpower Championships. Again there will be a full weekend of shooting with competitors firing a 60 shot OTC two man team match on Saturday and then firing the 80 shot individual championship match on Sunday, May 31. Click Here for match program and entry info
  As you can see there are plenty of chances to shoot some Highpower this weekend with matches both at the north end and the south end of the state. It's supposed to be better weather this weekend so get to loading some ammo and find your way to a match.

Last Weekend

Service Rifle Clinic at NorthStar

  From: Mark Havlik  
Subject: Saturday's clinic
Hi Jim, 
 Below is a brief report on the New Shooter Clinic hosted at North Star Rifle club Saturday May 23rd. Saturday saw 15 new shooters (5 sling and 10 F-Class) gather for Captn’ Bob Peasley’s introductory shooter clinic hosted by North Star Rifle Club in Red Wing. The purpose of the clinic was to introduce new shooters to the procedures of a Highpower Rifle match in a fun, low pressure atmosphere. The morning started with a briefing about safety, scoring and pitt procedures.   With the briefing complete, the 5 sling shooters, all shooting Service Rifles, took their places on the firing line with the F-Classers manning the targets. The sling shooters shot a Offhand string and Rapid Fire Sitting string at 200 yards, and despite a threatening rain shower, moved back for a Rapid Fire Prone string at 300 yards. At about 11:30 we took a break for a lunch of pulled pork BBQ sandwiches graciously provided by NSRC member Kyle Knutson from the Smokin’ Oak Rotisserie & Grill in Red Wing. The afternoon saw two relays of F-Class shooters firing from the 300 yard line while the sling shooters manned the targets. Our clinic ended around mid-afternoon with a few participants and coaches electing to shoot some practice at 600 yards. I hope all is well with you and yours, Mark Havlik

80 shot OTC at NorthStar Gun Club
   No Results available at this time.  Results will be posted on the blog when available

Notes and News

 From: Capt Bob  

Hello Minn and Wis shooters:
   I just talked to Larry at 845 Tue and he goes in for heart valve surgery Thurs morning.  They are not doing a bypass.  He says he will be in the hospital about 5 days before going home.  And he will have cell phone & call me with update as soon as he feels up to it.  And Kathy will also update me.
   Larry is a LOT older than me having been born in Aug to my Sept! Feel free to send a get well or birthday card to him at 64630 McCary Lake Rd  Iron River, Wi. 54847.

    Larry from all of us:  Get well soon! 

     From: Kurt Borlaug - St. Service Rifle Team Coach and Capt.
     Boys, well it's time to start counting who's in and who's out for Perry/CMP Week this year. If you're planning to attend you better get registered right away as the line is filling up. The dates are July 17th-22nd. Add a day for travel in front and after for your scheduling.
  The head count is a bit low right now but there may be some folks who shake loose soon. Those people may not be known to me, so please forward this to anyone who maybe interested in participating. Please reply to me with your travel dates and arrival times so we can have an idea on numbers for the two team matches. Also, please reply if you're NOT going so I know that too.
  Tom has a few hats and t-shirts left from past years and he needs to know who's interested in replacing some worn out attire. He has handled this effort himself over the years and a quick reply is appreciated so he can order the right amount for everyone if needed.
  Thanks, Kurt Borlaug

New shooters take note:  The State Team always needs a 'first time shooter to the Nationals" for the 6 man Team match.  It's in the rules.  If you are a newer service rifle shooter, you might be able to make the team as the "new shooter".  contact Kurt  kubeborlaug@msn.com

 On the Fireing line Report:   National Palma Team Practice at Camp Perry last week
From: Stacey Tamulinas
   "Hi Jim:
    In the best tradition of Camp Perry,  things did not go as planned.  Last minute. Changes in the range assignments caused some delays.  It got squared away. In the end and we had a good practice.  Weather was also unpredictable; hot and Humid on Monday then a cold front came through and morning lows in the 40's. Packing warm clothes and gloves was a very good idea.  We never got wet but It was very cold in the morning.
    I had Peter Church, Jerry DeCosta, Noma Mayo & Norm Crawford on my squad. Leo Cebula was our coach.  All excellent shooters!  All of our shots were recorded on a plot sheet to be used to make a final decision on firing members of the team. We never changed squads or coaches so I can't tell you much about what happened with the other squads.  The Veteran's head coach, Tom Whitaker was pleased and seemed confident theteam would do well.
     I have competed with many of  the 30 shooters who were present but never all at the same time. This was a gathering of the most elite shooters and coaches in the nation.  To be on the same firing line with them was really one of the coolest things I've done. 

Thanks Stacey for that Report.  I'm sure that you enjoyed shooting with the other top dogs in our sport. Good folks all of them.  I've had the pleasure of shooting with Pete Church many times.  Besides being the competition in any long range match, Pete also works hard for our sport. Pete makes and repairs all the Mid range and Long range targets at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix where they have 90 working targets. Pete also runs Small bore matches and repairs the 100 targets for the small bore Western WildCat Championships.
    Keep us informed with the news of this National team when you can

  From: Tom Torberg         
"Hi Jim,   
I have a special request for your newsletter.  Could you mention that anyone that would like to shoot their service rifle in the CMP Games matches on Saturday (June 6 at GRRC) to get ready for the Leg match on Sunday can do so at a reduced cost of $10 per match?  I appreciate your help! 
Thanks,"   Tom    CMP match bulletin click here  Leg match bulletin Click here
Two Weeks Out

June 6,7 - Sm Bore Outdoor Conventional Prone Championship 3200 - Click here for match program

June 6,7F-class only Regional at Elk River Sportsmen's Club - Click here for match program
June 6    - CMP military rifle matches at GRRC - Match program Click here
June 7    - Service Rifle "Leg Match" at GRRC - Match program Click here

That's All Folks

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