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Shooters News for the Minn Area - May 6, 2015 

 Next weekend  
It's Long Range Time at GRRC ! 

Well folks, over the last few weeks you've had the chance to shoot short range and mid-range matches in the MN area.  Now it's Long Range time, so put a few more clicks of Elevation on your highpower rifle sights, add a little more powder in your cartridges and go for the gusto!  Saturday, May 9th, you will have the opportunity to launch some bullets down range 1000 yds at the Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club's premier shooting facility - just north of the Twin Cities off Hwy 35 at the Harris, Mn exit.  This match will draw both F-class and traditional sling shooters to test their shooting skills at the 1K distance. Each shooter will fire three 20 shot matches with sighters for a 60 shot aggregate score. While F-class shooters fire with "any" sights, sling shooters will be able to shoot Iron sights in all matches.  Click Here for match program and entry info. 
    Remember folks: the wind never blows, the sun always shines, and the temperature is a constant 72 deg at GRRC, so come out and have some fun.
  For those of you in the south end of our state and surrounding area, there is a Mid Range match on both Saturday, May 9th and Sunday, May 10th at the LaCrosse rifle club . Each day's shooting will done from the 600 yd line. Two matches are to be fired with Iron sights and two will be fired with "any" sights on both days.  Click Here for match program and entry info

Small Bore
  You don't have to have a highpower rifle to shoot competitively this coming weekend. There are also two great matches for Sm Bore shooters on tap at the Mpls Rifle Club. George Minerich is putting on one of his Sm Bore extravaganzas Sat and Sunday.  George is offering a chance Saturday to shoot a 3 position match 50 meter match in the morning and then after a lunch break, there will be a prone 60 shot match on the 50 meter targets in the afternoon.  Click here for match program  
  Sunday, its all prone shooting - a 1600 Conventional Outdoor prone match will start at 0900 hrs. If you need some prone practice, these matches are the best there is.  It's 8 targets of 20 shots ea with unlimited sighters on tough targets from 50 yds to 100 yds.  Click Here for match program

300 meter  

From: Brian Shiffman  
The May MRC 300 meter match occurs early this month……like, this Sunday!! 
The May 2015 Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match will be held Sunday, May 8, 2015.  There will be two relays scheduled; the first starts at 10 AM and the second at noon.   Shooters for the MRC monthly matches do not have to be members of MRC; the matches are open to all who adhere to the rules.  Registration is now open. 
Register yourself at  Read the instructions.  Pay attention as you fill in the boxes and make selections from the drop down lists.  There is room for only 14 shooters per relay so advance registration is important.  The box at the top of the list shows the number of shooters for each relay.   
Brian D. Shiffman   

Last Weekend    
Mid range Champ match at NorthStar  

 From: Capt Bob  
Due to poor scheduling of the 2015 Minnesota MRP championship, essentially the 2 nd week of outdoor shooting in the upper Midwest, and a conflict with a LR regional, only 9 competitors entered this tournament. And 30% of them were Grand Seniors.   And one of them won it and another was 2 nd. Saturday, Omer Hamer started off with the only clean of any sight day Saturday at 300 yards with 10X. I was close on his heels with a 198X11 with the Palma rifle but kept losing 2 more than Omer at each yard line. Omer posted a 589X23 to my 583X23.   But Bruce Rawlings in the master class posted a 588X21 for 2 nd overall after day 1.   Bluebird conditions were with us throughout the day with slightly switchy winds at 5 & 600 yards.

Sunday was another bluebird day and I thought I had a fighting chance now that Omer had to use iron sights.   And that’s how it shaped up.   I posted a 199X10 at 300 to Omer’s 192X6. So I got him by 1 point and 4 X’s. Well then the crafty old fox went and changed glasses so he could see his iron sights better. Worked like a charm! He shot a 195X8 to my 194X8. So now we are tied and I have him be 4 X’s going into the last stage at 600. Well darn the luck if he didn’t shoot a 197X4 to my 194X7. So Omer gets the win with a score of 1173X45 to my 1170X48.   Meantime you may recall Bruce Rawlings posted a 588X21 Saturday and was clearly in the running but could not return on Sunday to close it out.   Lane Halley posted the only clean Sunday with a 200X8 at 300 and he was in the hunt with a 585X20 from Saturday.   But he ran into trouble at 5 & 600 and finished with a1164X40. Then we have another hard holder in Craig Bennis.   He was close all the way and gets the consistency award with a 584X23 both days.
Submitted by Bob Peasley--North Star Rifle Club    

       Omer Hamer  -- Mid Range St. Champ   

Thanks Bob for that report.  Maybe next year the scheduling for this match will work out better.  I hope so, as I would like to shoot it.

Palma Regional Matches at Lodi 
  From: Morgan Dietrich  

Sling results from the Lodi Palma Regional.  The Lodi weather was excellent, and the range showed us her normal temperamental self.  Day one started out with Erik “Taco” Rhode pressing hard on the gas pedal.  He wanted the first yard line win and could not be stopped.  He ran a string of 13 X’s in a row and had a blistering 150-13.  I myself did pretty well, but sprinkled a few 10’s along the way and also had a 150-13, but was creedmoored.  There were 6 other shooters who also got all the points.  Back to 900 we go.  No 150’s were fired, but three people were able to steer their rifle’s into the 10 and X ring 14 times for 149’s.  Myself, Waylon “Kid” Burbach and Mark Liebetrau.  Things were going to get interesting back at 1000.  Erik Rhode steered his Barnard action and aluminum stock to the yard line lead again besting all competitors with a 147-3, second again was I wishing my last shot 8 had been fired only seconds before a big puff pushed me out and finishing with a 146-3.  Jay Johnson fired the only 145 to finish strong.  The first palma agg was complete, but we were not done yet.  A bonus 20 shot string at 1000 yards was yet to be fired.  Dietrich gets the day one Palma win with a 445-24, 444-23 Rhode, and 443-16 for third goes to Waylon Burbach.  Bob Churchill won the master class, Frank Evica the Expert class and Jeffery Davies the SS class.
   So, who would dominate the 1000 yard line.  NOT ME, I got crushed.  Ouch, it still hurts.....6,  yes, a 6..... Bill Lair showed us what a wily veteran to Lodi can do and shot an excellent 195-4, Erik Rhode stayed out of trouble and shot a 193-8, Randy Gregory  (the newly minted Senior) shot a very fast 192-7.  Dave Simonson a 189-4 for the Master class win, Frank Evica won the Expert class and Jeff Davies also held on to the SS lead.  Day one was complete.  Eric Rhode was in a commanding lead, 4 points above Waylon and 5 points ahead of me.
   I apologize for no F class scores, but I do know that after day one Bob Sebold was in the lead with Pat Scully just a few points back ready to make his move to the top. 
    Day two starts much the same as day one, 2.5-3.5 minutes of wind, the mirage is running and you hope not to get unlucky in a gust or let off.  The Liebetrau boys want to make sure that all the MN people don’t forget who knows the most about the Lodi range.  Mark gets off to a great start with a 150-11, three 150-10’s were fired.  Erik Rhode had one as did Scotty Liebetrau and the person in second place- Waylon.  5 other 150’s were shot, but I would not have one of them.  I thought a 9 at 1 o’clock would be a much more entertaining way to start the day.  Back to 900 we go, Lodi is getting tricky, more subtle changes are coming the shooters way, yet another MN shooter Jay Johnson dominated the wind and gave away NO points.  150-7, he is clean going back to 1000.  Three 149’s are fired, Randy Gregory with 4 X, Rhode with 5 X and Waylon not showing any sign of slowing down with a 6 X.  Back to the 1K yard line for the weekend aggregate.  The wind is speeding up and letting off, tension was high.  Here we go.  WI legend Randy Gregory gets off the line quickly, firing the most deep 10’s to finish with a 148-8.  Who will be next off the mat?  I muster a 146-8, the Juggernauts hold my meager wind reading ability in the 10 ring as best they could, but right next to me Waylon also has a 146-8.  What is going on down on target 11?  Where is the Taco wearing hat man, the tension is too much to bear.  Rhode avoids catastrophe and finishes with a 142-4.......  
    It is, Erik Rhode holds on for the win by X’s over Waylon Burbach.  I limp along into third place for the bronze.  For the daily agg Waylon Burbach fires a 445-24, Randy 445-20, and I take third with a 443-24.  Dave Simonson wins the Master class, and due to shooter attrition the Ex and SS class are combined for day two.  Brady Westling shoots an excellent 433-13 to show some great improvement.  He works for Kreiger making barrels and is doing an excellent job shooting the same barrels on the weekend, congrats to Brady.
   The individuals are complete.  Bob Sebold holds on for the F open win over Pat Scully.  Pat’s barrel is getting tired, so next time he shows up I am sure he will be sporting a new one.  The 4 man team match was then fired, 4 sling teams and 3 F class teams competed.  I did not take pictures of the end result, the amazing thing was that 3 of the sling teams all had the same exact score.....Yes, 3 teams of 4 all had the same score.  Coach Bob Mead however guided his shooters to just a few more X’s over the others to take the win for National Team Mead- Bill Lair, Randy Gregory, Morgen Dietrich, and new Gold Medal shooter Erik Rhode the final of the 4 person squad.  A side note, John Dunbar brought 4 junior shooters to fire the F class team match as he coached them.  They did not win, but it is great to see the smiles and see some young blood on the line.  Great job John!
     Lodi always does a great job running their matches, and the weather was excellent.  Congrats to all the winners and hope to see you in Lacrosse this coming weekend.-- Morgan Dietrich
Sat,                                                                  Sunday
Wow, Morgan, it sure sounds like you guys had a great match!    

1. From: Capt. Bob 

​Hello OTC shooters: 
May 24 is not going to be needed as a back up for the MRP match at North Star so we are doing a 1 day OTC for your pleasure. 
 I'll be there Sat. the 23rd doing a club training event so the gate will be open all day for camping.  Click here for match program and entry info
2. Day 2 video from the Berger Bullets SW Nationals. Click Here  featuring an interview with Mike Barlow of the Scottish Shooting Team (Video by Accurate 
 Sling shooter at the Berger SW Nats 

Two Weeks Out 
May 16 - OTC 80 shot match and BBQ at MRC -  Click here for match program
May 17 - CMP course B&C service rifle match at MRC - Click Here for match program

May 17 - CMP course B service rifle match at Oak Dale Gun club - Click Here for match program

That's all Folks  

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