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Shooters News for the Minn Area - May 6, 2015       

Next weekend  
It's OTC and BBQ time

Last weekend we had mostly prone matches for you to shoot, but this weekend there are Over the Course matches for those of you that want to exercise the Match rifle and/or your Service rifle.
   May 16th, you'll all want to be heading to the Mpls. Rifle Club for an 80 shot OTC match that will be put on by Mark Rohmann and the boys.  You'll be starting out at the covered 200 yd line for the 20 shot Offhand match and for the two strings of Sitting rapid fire. Then it's back to the 300 yd line for the rest of the match that includes the Prone rapid fire and Prone slow fire matches of 20 shots each. After the shooting is done for the day you'll be treated to one of those great BBQs that the boys at MRC have become famous for.  So it will be day of trigger pulling, and then a little socializing around a great BBQ--what more could your ask for??   Click here for a match program and entry info
  On Sunday May 17th you'll have two choices for some more OTC shooting. On the East side of town, the Oak Dale Gun Club is hosting a CMP military rifle match that consists of 50 shots (CMP course B) to be shot all from Oak Dale's 200 yd line.  This would be a great match for any beginning shooter to try out the sport and have some fun.  Tom O'Mara at tomara@enclos.com is running this match, so I know it will be a good one. Give Tom a call at  612-810-8701 for more info and Click Here for match program
   On the West side of town MRC is also holding a CMP match day. There will actually be both a morning match and an afternoon match. The morning's match is a 50 shot CMP match and then after a lunch break, you can do it all again in a 30 shot CMP match.  This sounds like a great day to me! Click Here for the match program and entry info.

Last weekend  
Mid range match at Lacrosse 

 From: Capt Bob 
Attached are 2 pics of the bulletin boards for Sat & Sun.  And Sun has the 2 day totals on the right..   And here is a brief report.

"Mothers day weekend Saturday brought cloudy, cool & near calm conditions for the Mid Range Prone match at Lacrosse. They had 3 targets for F class shooters and 9 for sling shooters. As you can see from the Sat bulletin I didn't quite get all the sheet in the shot so a couple F class guys got cut out. But they show up on the Sunday final & 2 day. As always Sandy, Bill and the entire staff at Lacrosse ran a dandy tournament.

Saturday saw Morgen Dietrich in the lead with a 798X52 followed by Ricky Hunt with a 797X36. And there were 3-4 others still in the hunt with scores in the mid 790's. The early forecast for Sunday was calling for 80-90% chance of rain from 0800 till 1500.  By Sat evening that changed to 30-40% chance and at sunrise Sun the forecast was 0% chance till noon then becoming 10%. The latest forecast turned out to be correct! Sunday was again cloudy and cool with a little more switchy wind.  Morgen had a squib load for a miss on about his 5th or 6th record shot Sunday so color him gone. Meantime Ricky Hunt hung on with a 795X41 & 2 day of 1592X77 for the win. First HM was Wayne Anderson from Burlington, Wi. with 1589X91.  As you can see from this X's are nice but 10's win a lot matches. And for those who may care, I also participated in this tournament.
As I don't know most of the F class guys nor do I shoot F class I'll let the results bulleting tell that story.

 Small Bore matches at MRC  May 9-10  
From: George Minerich
Smallbore Outdoor Rifle at Minneapolis Rifle Club
May 9 & 10, 2015 brought smallbore rifle shooters to the Minneapolis Rifle Club (MRC) Smallbore Range. If you have never been to the MRC range, the range was built and a combination International and NRA Match range. The range has 20 enclosed firing points with target butts at 50 yards, 50 meters and 100 yards. There not many facilities in the Midwest as nice as this range.
Saturday is International day with the shooters competing in USA Shooting Sanctioned matches. In the morning a 3 X 20 match is fired. For those of you that do not know what a 3 X 20 match is 20 Shots kneeling, 20 shots prone and 20 shots standing. All shots are fired at 50 meters on the A50 International Target. Starting at noon, the shooters participate in an English Match. This match is an all prone match -60 shots, fired at 50 meters on the A 50 international target.
High Honors for the 3X20 and English Match went to Eric Hazelton with Abigail Buessler second!
May 9, 2015 USA Shooting 3-Position (3-P) Match

    Sunday is NRA Prone Match Day at MRC. Shooters compete in a 1600 Conventional Prone Match. A 1600 prone match is 160 shots for record, with sighters it’s easy to shoot 200 plus rounds. The match starts out shooting 40 shots at 50 yards using metallic sights, then switches to the Dewar match 20 shots at 50 yards, 20 shots at 100 yards using metallic sights, the third stage is 40 shots any sight ant 100 yards finally stage 4 is 40 shots at 50 meters. Two targets are shot (20 shots) at each distance. In Addition, each shooter gets unlimited sighters for each target. By the time you get to the final 50 meter stage, the match has taken a pretty big bite out of the shooters endurance!
James Biles (a Senior) was match winner, High Junior was Eric Hazelton and special mention goes out to Elmer Miller high Grand Senior.
May 10, 2015 NRA Conventional Prone (1600) Match
     The next match at MRC is the NRA 3200 Prone Conventional Regional Championship scheduled for June 6 and 7 at Minneapolis Rifle Club range. The following weekend, June 13 and 14 is International Saturday and NRA Prone Sunday at MRC. I hope to see at the upcoming matches!
Regards, George Minerich  (Click here for complete results)

Long Range Matches at GRRC    
  From Erik Rhode  
Hi Jim,
On Saturday 5/9/15, I had the pleasure of shooting the first Long Range match of 2015 at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club in Harris, MN.  The range was in great shape, and GRRC members Mark Schoess, Tom Torborg, and Bob Eckstein were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. 
   It was a crisp morning, with temps in the mid 40’s and light winds coming mostly out of the north as shooters were starting to arrive at the range.  Turnout was pretty good for an early-season match with 22 F-class shooters and 7 slingers present to test their equipment, skill, and luck against Gopher’s notorious fishtailing wind.  A scheduling conflict with the annual Mother’s Day weekend 600-yard match drew a fair number of shooters away that would normally have been on the line with us.  Also notably absent were a couple of regulars from the Duluth area, Dale “Weatherman” Wickstrom and Lil’ Dickie VanValkenburg were nowhere to be found…
   Match Director Mark Schoess called relay 1 to the firing line just after 9 AM, and the early shooters were treated to what would prove to be the most favorable condition of the day.  The wind had already started blowing, but the changes were not yet coming too fast.  If a good shooter was paying attention, serious trouble could be avoided.
Down on the little end, it looked like it could turn out to be a battle of hard-holding North Star Rifle Club members in the F-Open class as Scotty “The Barber” Brabec and Pat “Square Head” Scully both put up solid 195’s to get things going.  Pat was trying to wash the taste of silver out of his mouth from last weekend’s regional in Lodi, and was determined to finish on top today.  His 4 X’s just squeaked past Scott’s 3.   As is usually the case in LR matches, the FTR class had a little more of a challenge with the conditions firing their .308 and .223 rifles.   Chuck “E. Cheese” Laitinen fired a 184-1x to take a commanding 5-point lead over Edward Marciniak.  
    I managed to win match #1 on the sling side with my 198-10x just edging out 2013 Palma National Champion Brian “Short Pants” Mrnak and his 197-9x.  The rest of the field was not far behind with 3 more scores in the 190’s, and 2 188’s to round out the leader board.
In match #2, Square Head Scully kept the bar set high by firing another 195 for his second match win of the day.  John “Machine Rest” Rykhus was just a point back for 2nd place in the F-Open contest.  Andrew Jewison put up a 186-1x to lead the FTR gang, with Drew Rutherford in 2nd with a 182-4x.   Chuck E Cheese was right behind him, and his 182-3x was enough to keep him in first place for the FTR agg with one match left to go.
    Mr. Mrnak kept right on truckin’ in the sling match, and his 195-5x was tops in our class.   Craig “The Menace” Bennis was next, matching Brian for X’s, but dropping 4 more points for a 191-5x.  I was given a cold, hard reminder of the importance of good reloading practices in this match.  I don’t know what I was doing when I loaded this box of ammo, but I had 2 with no powder at all, and 1 with not enough powder in 20 shots.   The 2 primer-only rounds didn’t cost me anything but time as I had to get out of position twice to tap bullets out of the chamber, but the short-charged round cost me plenty as it struck the berm well before reaching the target.   The resulting dirt shower for Surly Serbian Elliot Zunich in the pits may have made it worth the miss, but probably not.  
In the last match of the day, the conditions were much more challenging than in the earlier matches.  Wind had picked up, and was switching faster as each relay came to the line.  High Master Pat Scully finally showed some signs of being mortal at the end of the day.  His strategy in this match was to shoot fast when the condition was good, and this time he ended up getting burned.  His 186-4x was only good enough for 4th place honors among the F-Open crowd.  Scotty Brabec reappeared to win #3 with his 188-2x, and John Rykhus and Rick Sievers were close behind with 187’s.  Scully’s dominance in the first 2 matches left too wide of a gap to be bridged though, and his 576-13x was enough for the win over 2nd place over John Rykhus at 571-14x. 
    In FTR, it was Andrew Jewison at the top again, matching points with the top Open gun by shooting his own 188.  Magic Mike Lehmeier’s 177-1x was next up on the scoreboard.  After Jewison’s early stumble in match #1, he managed to gut out wins in the next two matches for the top FTR agg of the day with a 552-3x.  Chuck E Cheese also shot well all day, and finished 2nd with a 542-7x in the agg.  Good shooting boys, I expect to see your names a lot more in future FTR contests. 
   Short Pants Mrnak didn’t let up on the sling gang in Match #3, and his 194-6x again set the pace.   I w as close with my 194-4x, but still in Brian’s dust.   His 2 first place and 1 2nd place finishes for the day let him easily cruise to victory with his 586-20x agg score.  I limped into 2nd place with my 577-19x.  Good shooting Brian!  
Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to Mark, Tom and Bob for running a great match.   I look forward to coming back on June 13-14 for the annual Long Range Regional Championship.  I think I am going to weigh all of my loaded rounds before putting them in the ammo box for that match!  
Best regards, Erik
Thanks to Erik, Capt. Bob, and George for sending in those match reports.  Those of us who couldn't be a the matches really do appreciate reading about them.  When we do read them, we wish we were at the matches  --  so next week........  
Two Weeks Out 
May 23
-  Possible "New shooter" club match at North Star -- no program available
May 24 - 80 shot OTC at NorthStar -  Click Here for match program   

That's all Folks

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