Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shooters News for the Minn Area - May 20, 2015 
Next weekend  
Over the Course matches are scheduled for this weekend!

There will be another chance for the "OTC" shooter this weekend to practice their skills at rapid fire matches, and off hand matches. Saturday May 23 there is a "possible" "new shooter" club match at NorthStar Rifle Club, but there is no program published, so I would ck with a NorthStar member before driving to this 'possible' match.  On Sunday, May 24, there will definately be an 80 shot Over the Course match at NorthStar.  First shots go down range at 0900hrs. Sign-up and squading starts at about 0800.  Click Here for match bulletin

Last Weekend 
CMP games at Oak Dale
It looks like Tom O'Mara is having quite some success at the OakDale gun Club. Their CMP games service rifle match drew 9 shooters and some pretty good scores were posted.  The match started out with 20 shots prone for record and Al Galindez posted a 196 with his AR-15 for a 1st place, with Shawn Roskop only two pts back. In the prone Rapid fire match, Tom Schwartz fired a solid 94-1x but that was only good enough for 2nd place as Al Galindez shot a great 99-5x for the win.  Even though he had a commanding lead half way through this match, Galindez did not let up on the competition, and shot his way to wins in the Sitting Rapid match, and then in the final Standing match, posting a 92-2x. Al Galindez takes the over-all win with a well shot 480-16x score.
100 shot Over the Course at MRC    From Mark Rohman:
Saturday's forecast looked pretty poor, but it turned out to be a just about perfect day for an OTC match.

Dave "Tattoo You" Holtegaard owned the 200 yard line, winning the Offhand (189) and Sitting Rapids (198-9x). 300 Prone Rapids went to the "Austin Flash", Jim Soderstrom (196-8X). I upheld the honor of MRC on the 1st Prone Slowfire (200-15X). The Flash took the 2nd Prone Slowfire  (200-13X) and the overall (969-34X). Master Class winners went to Kurt Borlaug (Offhand 186-2X, 300 Rapid 196-4X, 300 Slowfire 198-6X and overall 965-21X), Craig Bennis (Sitting 195-3X) and Jim Soderstrom (300 Slowfire 198-12x).  

The SS/EX class was dominated by Aaron "better burn that EX card" Guliuzza. He made the trek from Aberdeen SD and took 5 of the 6 matches. Wisconsin's own Rich Boyarski deprived Aaron of a clean sweep by taking the first slowfire prone match.

All shooters successfully completed the Match 7-- the Bratwurst Dinner.

Thanks to Kevin Bangen & Kevin "The Grillmeister" Kuehl for their help.

Sunday, the weatherman delivered on his promise of rain. Thanks to MRC's covered 200 yardline & pits, we shot the CMP matches anyway. Aaron Guliuzza turned in 2 "Gold" scores with his AR-15. Tom Torborg & Russ Johnson collected a little hardware too.
Thanks to Erik "The Pit Boss" Rhode.
See you on the Firing Line,
Mark Rohmann

Joe Vig is recovering from major surgeries on his leg resulting in an amputation of his lower leg. Please keep Joe in your thoughts and Prayers.

Two Weeks Out 
 May 29, 30, 31 - Three day OTC matches at NorthWestern Gun Club - click here for match bulletin
May 30  - OTC matches at LaCrosse -  Click here for match bulletin
May 30, 31 - Iowa St. 300 yd High Power Championship at Clear Lake Iowa -  click here for match program
May 31 -  Service Rifle Leg Match at LaCrosse -  Click here for match bulletin 

That's All folks!

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