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Shooters News for the Minn Area - June 2, 2015 

Next weekend
Elk River Sportsmen's Club is the focus of the F-class world this Weekend!


F-Class shooters from the 5 state area will be making their way to Elk River Sportmen's Club this weekend for the Regional Mid Range F-class Championship. This highly popular event will draw the best of the best from all over the upper mid-west to compete with local top F-cass shooters at Elk River's excellent 600 yd shooting facility in the northwestern Minneapolis metro area. Don't delay in entering this event as the line will probably fill up. Click here for Match program and entry info. Saturdays action starts with 4 man/woman team match with each shooter firing two 20 shot slow fire strings. The first two individual matches for Championship will follow the Team match. On Sunday June 7th,  all shooters will fire the last three 20 shot individual matches and the Champion Regional Mid Range F-class shooter will be crowned!  With pretty good weather forecast, I expect some good scores to be posted --  and some good experiences will be shared by all.
   For those of you who are attending Saturdays match, don't be in a hurry to run off after the match, because the ERSC guys and gals are hosting for all competitors a tasty BBQ and a chance to socialize with fellow shooters and tell "I shot a.." stories. 

Service Rifle Shooters - Leg Match coming up!
Once again it's serious competition for the dedicated Service Rifle shooter this weekend.  Once again it Leg Match time!   Wether you are on the firing line as a contender, sweating out the chance to earn some coveted "Leg Points", or you are there as a "someday it will be my turn" shooter watching the contenders sweat it out, it will be fun being at the Leg Match Sunday, June 7, at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club. For the Service Rifle shooter, this is "the" match - It's a Leg Match!
The weekend starts
on Saturday, June 6th at GRRC with a fun type practice match for service rifle . This will be a 30 shot CMP Course A match in the morning and according to Tom Torborg, all shooters wishing to practice for the next days leg match are invited to enter this match with their match grade AR's. Saturday afternoon's match will be a CMP type sniper match from the 600 yd line for the older sniper rifles.            Click here for match program

Small Bore Prone
A full line is also expected both Saturday, and Sunday at the "Bob Vangene" outdoor Sm Bore shooting facility, located at the Minneapolis Rifle Club. 
   This match is also a Regional Championship for Prone shooters using Sm Bore match rifles. Each day of the weekend, competitors will fire eight 20 shot matches or 160 prone shots for record from 50 yds to 100 yds. The first day of competition (Sat) will be all about Iron sights and wind reading. Sunday shooters can use "Any" sights so some shooters will be putting on a scope to ease that peske problem of "Sight Alignment".  Tough targets coupled with MRC's famous twitchy winds make for excellent competition for the prone shooter looking for a competitive match this weekend.

     Those of you that have not discovered "outdoor prone small bore" matches should remember this: Small bore is the training ground for all most all good Long Range shooters. If you were to ask Stacey T. about all the shooters who were at the Nat. Palma Team practice last week at Camp Perry, Ohio, I bet you would find that 80% for those shooters, or more, are also small bore prone shooters when there are no Long Range matches to shoot. It's not a coincidence that the top national and local long range shooters also shoot Outdoor Prone Sb matches.
        Click here for match bulletin and entry info
George Minerich is match director

Last Weekend
3 Day OTC Match weekend at NWGC
    Match report not available

OTC Match at Northstar -- A very wet weekend!
  From: Capt Bob   
Mornin' Jim: 
I didn't report on last week's Sunday at NSRC as I thought Mark was going to take care of that too. So here is the story.  At 830 the 12 shooters & I, the humble range officer, determined to reduce to a 50 shot NMC due to forecast of 90% chance of rain starting at 1100. By the time we finished 300 yd RF the pasters would not stick to the targets so we quit. No one shot well enough to improve their classification so we agreed to not send scores to NRA.
That's my story & I'm stickin' to it!

Iowa Highpower 300 yd St. Championship                          
           On the Firing Line Report
   from: Capt. Bob 
Hello Jim:
The Iowa 300 yard NRA championship at Mason City started off shooting off hand straight east into a 10-15 MPH wind at about 47 degrees.  Just cool & breezy enough to make an old guys eyes water. Some of the old guys watered less than others! Bill Besgrove led things off with a 187X5 standing followed closely by out own Minnesotan Omer Hamer with a 186X3.  I participated in this off hand match also.

    Besgrove had a double alibi sitting rapid fire for an 80. Meantime Omer the hammer shot a 199X6 for the win sitting RF.  I participated in this sitting match also. Ricky Hunt from Mason City took the 300 RF with a 198X8 to my 196X5. Another Minnesotan, Jim Soderstrom shot a nice 199X8 for the 300 slow fire win followed closely by Omer the hammer & yours truly with 197X10 & 197X8 respectively. Omer wins the match agg with a 771X21 but Lennis Berkland with a 763X19 & I finished 3rd with a 760X21. 

    For those who have not shot at Mason City I can highly recommend it.  They have 12 points and you shoot directly east.  So here is a helpful hint. Install your sunshade, both front and rear. The firing points are well groomed & very smooth and the targets pull easy.

    Of special note here is that Omer the hammer was shooting some new 6MM wildcat I believe called the Floyd R. Turbo.  I don't know much about it but will try to get more info for a future report.   



                                   Iowa match results

More on the Iowa HP Championships
   From: John Breuklande
To All Competitors:
Thank You for your participation in this weekend’s matches at River City Rifle and Pistol Club. We appreciate your support of our efforts to host safe and enjoyable high power rifle competitions.
The 2-Man Team Match on Saturday was well attended with four teams competing. The winds, always an issue at RCR&P Club, did not disappoint in making this a challenging match. The team of Omer Hamer and Jim Soderstrom proved impossible to beat, with strong performances from both team mates. Everyone in attendance looked forward to the following day which promised much less wind.
The promise of less wind ended up being a hollow promise. The morning winds were particularly troublesome for shooters on relay 1. Throughout the day, all competitors were treated to pick-ups, let-downs, and switches. Omer Hamer came through with the match win posting a 171-21x. Lennis Berkland ended up with a 763-19x, and being a native Iowan, once again earned the title of “Iowa State 300 Yard High Power Rifle Champion”.
Future RCR&P Club Matches: June 13/14 300 Yard Service Rifle State Championship
August 15/16 300 Yard Mid-Range State Championship
RCR&P Club has a new website:
Thank You,
John Breuklander

Larry Miller Update
  from Capt Bob
I talked to Kathy Fri afternoon and the doc says Larry came thru the surgery just fine.  Larry is not so sure due to pain! But Kathy says he was already mumbling about making it to Perry late July.   NEGATIVE sez Kathy......and that's the end of that!!

Capt Bob, You have been a busy guy!.  Thanks for those reports!
Attention: Capt. Bob has scheduled a 2 day OTC match at NorthStar July 25, 26 during Camp Perry, for those of you who are not making the trip to Ohio.    

Two Weeks Out 
June 13 - USA Shooting sanctioned 3P and prone Sm bore at MRC    Click here for match bulletin
June 13,14 - Long Range 1000yd at GRRC -   Click here for match bulletin
June 14 - Sm Bore Outdoor Prone at MRC -   Click here for match bulletin

That's All Folks!

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