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Shooters News for the Minn Area - June 24, 2015 
 Next weekend  
   *Update:  Midwest Palma matches -- US Rifle Team, Mead wins team match with local area shooters.

   This week the Mid West Palma matches are in the spotlight as many top Palma shooters from across the country gather in Lodi Wisc. for this increasingly popular annual long range summer tournament.  For top local shooters "being seen" at these matches are on the "must" list if they want to be a contender to be selected for the US Palma team, and the US Veterans rifle team. Top Palma coaches such as Bob Meade will be there eyeballing the field.  For F-class competitors, shooting at Lodi is a priority as this range is being considered for selection as location of the 2016 F-class Nationals, currently being held at Ben Avey range in Phoenix, AZ.  

  For Highpower and Service Rifle shooters, one of the biggest matches of the summer is taking place this weekend up at the Northwestern Gun Club near Duluth. Two days of Over the Course matches (June 27-28) are on tap to decide who will be the State Champion Highpower shooter.  Saturday, June 27 is all about Team effort as shooters will form up teams and coach each other through the whole 80 shot match.  Team members will each fire Off Hand, Sitting and Prone Rapid fire, and a 20 shot match prone from the 500 yd line to decide the Team Championship.   
  On Sunday, June 28, the individual matches will take place.  Once again the 80 shot OTC course of fire will be used and the best shooter will be crowned State Highpower Champion.
If you have never shot a match at NWGC, go up and enjoy this great range. Its only about 2 1/2 hrs from the Twin Cities on good freeways. There are motels in Cloquet and modern camping at the range (indoors!).  Good luck to all !!! 
              Click here for match program and entry info.

Last Weekend  

CMP service Rifle match at Oakdale Gun Club 

   From: Tom O'mara   
It was a beautiful evening this past Saturday at Oakdale Gun Club. Nine shooters participated in the June CMP match sending 50 rounds down range at 100 yards on reduced targets. Three of the shooters were new to this style of competition - always a good thing to have new shooters. Four shooters earned CMP medals for their scores: Dean Gillette, Dennis Zilm and Barry Olson earned Gold, Tom Schwartz earned Bronze. All shot modern military. The Garand guys promised to practice more for next months match. That match will be Saturday, July 11 at Oakdale Gun Club. First round down range at 5PM. Registration & setup open at 4PM. $7 for OGC members, $10 for non-members.    

Thomas J. O'Mara                               

            Tom, It's great that you are getting up some interest in service rifle shooting at the Oakdale gun Club.  Every new shooter is an asset to our sport!   

Father's Day Mid Range match at LaCrosse  
  From: Erik Rhode  
Hey Jim,
    Just a quick note on these 2 matches.  3.5 hour rain delay at Winnequah yesterday for the team match meant I didn’t get home until almost midnight.  I now have 3 days to get 5 hours worth of work done, so not much time to write.  I’ve attached photos of the score boards for both matches if you’d like to use them for the newsletter.  

    There were lots of shooters at Lacrosse, so I had to do 4 pics of the scores to get both days.  As you look at the scores, it is worth noting that Jay Johnson put on a prone shooting clinic on Saturday, shooting a perfect 800 score for the day.  The rest of the field was left in the dust, but we tried to take notes and hopefully learn something, since we were being taken to school!  Excellent Shooting, Jay!

    The Team match at Midwest Palma was hotly contested as usual.  Heavy rain and thunderstorms had finally blown through the area by around noon, leaving only extreme wind for the coaches to deal with.  Even though it had just rained for 3 hours straight, the wind was strong enough to kick up sand on the range during heavy gusts.  There were several times when I was shooting when I was unable shoot on command due to the wind blowing my sights around too much.  Glad I didn’t have to try to figure out what it was worth!  At the end of the day, US National Rifle Team Coach Bob Mead turned in another masterful performance, leading his 4 shooters to a winning team score by a single X over a US Vets team made up of some real heavy-hitters.  As you’ll notice, there was an error with one of the Vets team members score on the interim results which resulted in them being initially listed as the match winner.  Stat maiden Karin Leibetrau made the correction, and the scores written in pen are correct.  Due to the closeness of the match, the results took some time to be posted, and Coach Mead was gone before they went up.  He may not even know he won yet!  This is the second consecutive year that this team has won this match with Bob at the helm.
This was a great 3 days of shooting, I wish they could all be like this!
Best regards,
Erik    Complete results:  1. Sling class and 2 day agg    2. F-class and 2 day agg.
     Tks Erik for that report. I'm sure you did have fun in that team match -- You led your team to victory and shot the highest score of the match along the way!  I'm sure that the "National" team coaches noticed that score!  

For those of you that are making last minute decisions to head to Camp Perry for the National Matches, the State Service Rifle Team is still trying to organize more shooters for the team matches.
   From: Kurt Borlaug:
Boys, well it's time to start counting who's in and who's out for Perry/CMP Week this year. If you're planning to attend you better get registered right away as the line is filling up. The dates are July 17th-22nd. Add a day for travel in front and after for your scheduling.
  The head count is a bit low right now but there may be some folks who shake loose soon. Those people may not be known to me, so please forward this to anyone who maybe interested in participating. Please reply to me with your travel dates and arrival times so we can have an idea on numbers for the two team matches. Also, please reply if you're NOT going so I know that too.
  Tom has a few hats and t-shirts left from past years and he needs to know who's interested in replacing some worn out attire. He has handled this effort himself over the years and a quick reply is appreciated so he can order the right amount for everyone if needed.
  Thanks, Kurt Borlaug

Two Weeks Out  
 July 4 -  M1, M1A match at Eau Claire  -   click here for match bulletin
July 5
-  Possible match at NorthStar GC, Redwing     

July 10 - Full Bore long range at GRRC - click here for match bulletin  
July 11 -  CMP service rifle match at Oakdale Gun Club - click here for match bulletin
July 11,12 - Long Range and Palma St. Champ at GRRC - Click here for match bulletin
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