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Shooters News for the Minn Area - June 30, 2015 
*Update:  Midwest Palma matches --  Complete match Report below!   

  Next weekend   
This coming weekend we will continue with rifle matches just over the border into Wisconson.  The Eau Claire Rifle Club will be hosting for your pleasure, a John C. Garand match for service rifles. This will be a 50 shot match using the CMP course B course of fire.  This should be a great fun match as it is all shot from the 200 yd line, and that means you don't have to move your equipment all day and you don't have to walk so far to the pits.  Click here for Match Bulletin

Last Weekend    
  *On the Firing line Report - Mid West Palma Matches *     
 From: Morgan Dietrich 

Many people from MN made the trek to Lodi Wisconsin last Sunday.  I have shot this event probably 8 times, this BY FAR was the best weather we have ever had for the whole week.  We had rain on day 1 before the team match began, we got started late but once the day started it turned into a day I was glad that the coach was in charge of the wind.  Bob Mead steered my sights along with Erik Rhode, Brian Mrnak and Bob Steketee's sights to the Palma team win.  It blew so hard I was getting buffeted in position, and with as tight as a position as I am using it did not make delivering a good shot very easy.
   On to the aggregate, the weather got better!  Twitchy winds, low in value with mirage slowly changing deceptively lulled you into not paying attention.  Then you finished the yardline and realized you dropped more points than you had hoped to.  Norm Crawford shot a stellar score day one, 448-14.  I was proud of my 23X's, but 443 was not in Norm's league that day.  Day 2 another beautiful day, deceptively easy again.  Ricky Hunt had it figured out, shooting an awesome 448-26, Randy Pike was next with 446 and Brian Mrnak showed how to stay in the middle with a very nice 445-19.  The agg was starting to take shape.  I was having wind zero issue, I had changed it by 1 minute, then got to 900 with mirage running left to right.  My impatient self thought I had the wind figured out.  Mirage changes going right to left with the same velocity it had in the opposite direction.  In my infinite wisdom I decide to make the sight change instead of waiting for the condition to return.  That 7 at 9'oclock is burned into my memory.   grrrrrrrr.  I still would have been back for the day but that one stings and reminds me why "lodi" always wins....... 
 Day 3 of Palma, who is going to get it done today?  Another beautiful day arrives, mid-seventies slight wind to make one simply be happy to be outside.  Randy Pike again shows us how to get it done, 450.  boom!  Nobody can catch him for the palma agg, but others are trying.  Waylon Burbach shoots an excellent 449-30, Steve McGee 448, Kyle Liebetrau fired a personal best 448.  Needed to be on top of your game but the conditions were there to take advantage of if you were paying attention.  My 445 was no-where to be seen near the top. 

Final day of the Midwest Palma- two any rifle matches and a Palma/scope match.  I swapped out my Palma rifle for the 243 fresh from its win in Harris.  Having done some slight load development after shooting one day I was hoping for success, the rifle shot great- I needed a little work!  Steve McGee was the Friday wizard, 596!  Kemp Fuller shot a 595 with his Palma rifle and Waylon shooting his palma rifle (I believe) had a 594 for third.  My 593 would just earn me 4th.

For the Midwest Palma Agg, Randy Pike holds on followed by Waylong Burback, Steve McGee, last years winner Bob Steketee and I finished in 5th.  A great week to be amongst friends and fellow shooters.  Per the norm, Winnequah Gun club ran a first class event, it is always a pleasure to shoot there, even when the conditions beat you up.
On to the Weekend!  The WI State LR Match is a Palma match followed by two any rifle strings on Sunday morning.  Many WI greats grace that trophy. Obermeyer, Liebetrau, Pagel, Gregory, Knutson, Burbach, etc.  Who would claim it this year?  Palma day starts out with the same weather as the week, beautiful!  You needed to be clean with a bunch to be near the top at 800, back to 9.  Same thing, I believe I counted 8 riflemen that had cleaned both yard lines (I was not one of the few, stupid 900).  Back to 1K, who is it going to be?  All the WI hard holders are squadded on one line.  Mark Liebetrau had been shooting great all week; Randy G was ready having stayed clean after 9.  Here we go!  I was able to pull a little magic out and won the 1K yard line with a 149-7 as I was on the relay first to shoot there.  Next relay goes to WI.  After the dust settled Waylon Burbach lost the least, finishing with a 448-22 for the Palma win.  No 447's fired then 4 446's- 3 by MN guys Dietrich, Rhode and Jay Johnson. Randy Gregory was in second for WI trophy with a 446.

Sunday arrives with bad weather, I was thinking seriously about packing up my car and heading south. The radars lied, the sky cleared and we were able to shoot without getting wet.  Any sight rifle up first.  WI Relay starts out the day, who can catch Waylon? Only two cleans fired in the first match, Norm Crawford and Myself got it done. Many 199's and 198's.  Conditions were great, but you needed a little luck to get through with no nines.  Waylon had lost one in the first match, I had to go clean to be able to catch him.  Norm had a chance too having fired a 445 the day before.  Jay Johnson shooting his dasher cleans the second match for the win, now who will get the any rifle aggregate?  5 people fired 398 scores, Waylon Burbach slams the door and claims the title with a pair of 199's with 21x's. Myself, Crawford, Steve Clark and Mark Trew had to compare X counts for placement.  Waylon Burbach is the 2015 WI State LR champ, I was able to finish 2nd in the aggregate and Randy Gregory came in 3rd with a huge X count shooting his palma rifle in all matches.

Congrats to all the class winners, I do not have Fclass results- however; Pat Scully was on FIRE on Saturday.  Had he not lost one loan nine at 1000 he would have had a national record!  His 449 left all other shooters in the dust.  His X count was great, he continued on for the F open win the following day.
Morgan Dietrich

     Great report Morgan! Thanks for taking the time to write it and send it in!

 NRA State Championship at Duluth
  From: Jim Fernandez 
    The Winners!
Pig Roast match -- lots of shooting, but no Pig! 
  From: James Melville
 Hello everyone,
It is getting close to our July match only about 3 weeks away. As most of you know we will not be having the Pig Roast again this year because of scheduling conflicts with Camp Perry.
   That brings up another subject, preregistration. I will be leaving for Camp Perry on the weekend of July 11th, so I will need all preregistration in before that. Ron and my wife will be running the match and I need to have everything set up for them before I leave. Paying the day of the match would be fine too.
   I have attached a match bulletin and have fun shooting.
Thanks,  James -- ECNRC High Power Match Director  

Two Weeks Out  
July 10 - Full Bore long range at GRRC - click here for match bulletin   

July 11 -  CMP service rifle match at Oakdale Gun Club - click here for match bulletin

July 11,12 - Long Range and Palma St. Champ at GRRC - Click here for match bulletin

That's All Folks

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