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Shooters news for the Minn Area - July 9, 2013

The Week Ahead   

Long Range shooters  -  This is your weekend coming up. 
The Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club's long range shooting facility at Harris, Mn will be the scene of this weekends Minnesota Long Range State Championships.  These matches include the 1000 yd State Championship and the F-class State championship on Saturday July 13th. Sunday, July 14 shooters will fire for the 800 to 1000yd Wadekamper Palma Championship.
                             Click Here for Match Bulletin and entry info

Small Bore shooters - also have the luxury of two days of great competition at the Mpls Rifle Club this weekend.    Saturdays matches are for the Position shooter with an afternoon 3P match - squading at noon.         Click Here for 3P Match bulletin

Prone shooters have their chance on Sunday, July 14th to fire a 1200 (120 shot) outdoor conventional prone match.  The "Warm up for Camp Perry" match has been shortened to a 1200 because there is a picnic and barbeque for all shooters after the match. I think I know where I am going to be on Sunday.                               Click Here for Match Bulletin   

Mid Range Prone
July 13, 14th Southern Minn shooters shooters might want to head on down a few miles farther south and enter the Third Annual Iowa St. 300 yd prone championship at the River City Rifle and Pistol club-- 5 miles NW of Mason city, Iowa.  
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300 meter International 
from Brian Shiffman:
    Summer finally arrived, about two months late.  By this time I have usually biked 10 or 12 times and gotten the winter cobwebs out of my legs.  This year just feels weird.  However, the shooting continues.   
    The July Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 meter match will be held THIS Sunday, July 14h with two relays scheduled; the first goes off at 10 AM and the second at noon. 
   Register yourself at http://edfpages.com/mgfc/match.php.  Read the instructions.  Pay attention as you fill in the boxes and make selections from the drop down lists.  There is room for only 14 shooters per relay.  The box at the top of the list shows the number of shooters for each relay............
Brian Shiffman   shiff004@umn.edu  

 Last Week

CMP matches at GRRC
15 shooters arrived at GRRC Saturday morning looking to have a good time, and by the time we all left in the afternoon we had done just that.  This was a match for the old guns - the M1s, M14s, the Springfields, the Enfields, there was even a Swiss K-31 on the line. 
  The mornings match was easy -- CMP course A
The whole match was shot at 200 yds on the fairly easy SR target.  Each shooter on the 3 relays started with 5 sighters from the prone position, and then fired 10 more prone slow fire shots for score.  The next part of the match was a ten shot string of "sustained" or "rapid" fire in a generous time limit of 80 seconds.   The final 10 shots of the match were fired from the "offhand" position and so altogether 30 shots were fired for record and a total possible score was 300.  We were done about 1230 and  Tom Torberg gave out the CMP pins for those who shot a min qualifing score. The next event of the day was the "sniper" match. Six teams of two shooters took the field with older sniper rifle.

   Each team was given a 5 minute sight in period on the 300 yd line, and then one shooter from each team made ready to fire one shot each time the target was exposed in the pits for 20 seconds.  While one shoorter from each team was firing, the other shooter acted as wind coach and spotter.  After each team had fired from the 300 yd line, we moved back to the 600 yd line and shot the same course of fire.  It was obvious that the older guns were really shooting well, but limited by the optics of the old sniper scopes.  No mater --  it was a fun match and we all had a good days fun.  It was a beautiful day -- a great day to be pulling some triggers with the old service rifles.   I was thouraly amazed though, at the fact that there being 350 members of GRRC (and probably half of them own one of these fine old service rifles) that yet there only a couple of club members out to shoot this fine match.  Where are the John Hoffers, the Shade brothers, the Don Johnsons, the Secords, the Dave Grosses and others of today's GRRC.  These CMP "Club" matches used to draw many, many club members out to get to know each other.   The next time Tom Torberg puts on one of these matches, get that old service rifle out of the safe and come out to participate. 

Regional OTC matches at Northwester Gun Club
   No match reports forwarded

Firecraker 4800 Championships
Two of Minnesota's top prone shooters (Morgan Dietrich and Eric Hazelton) traveled to Raton, N. Mexico last week to compete in the Firecraker 4800 Championships, put on every year by Olympian Lones Wigger.  The Firecracker is 4 days of intense prone shooting competition.   Here are the final results forwarded from Rick Curtis.
  From Rick Curtis
The 2013 Firecracker 4800 in Raton New Mexico is now in the history books. Having fired this match in the past I can tell you, and I'm sure this years participants will agree, this is one of the best matches run in America today. You just can't go wrong when no less a figure than the greatest Olympic, 300 Meter and American smallbore shooter this country ever produced, Mr. Lones Wigger, makes this match his personal business. If you have never competed at the NRA's showcase range, the Whittington Center, you owe it to yourself to make it a priority to do so.
     From the very start of this years match Katie Bridges made her intentions to prevail very clear as she was obviously here to win. Her brilliant final day score of 1200-88X's, though not the days highest score, was enough to earn her the title of Champion with a total score of 4795-375X; congratulations Kate! Hot on her heels over the four days of shooting was Minnesota's own Morgen Dietrich who also had winning on his mind as evidenced by a fantastic final day score of 1200-99X netting him a second overall placing with 4794-363X's. Just to illustrate how intense the competition was former National Champion Mike Anti was also right there with a solid 4793-369X to take third overall honors. 
      The various class battles that were fought in this years tournament showcased a lot of up and coming talent indeed. The Master Class saw Peter Reul regain his form to claim the class victory with a strong 4787-333X score over Rachel Martins 4781-326X effort. The Expert Class once again showcased a Minnesotan's skills and abilities as Eric Hazelton went wire to wire finishing with 4780-324X to beat out Arizona's all around good guy Oliver Milanovic who gamely posted an admirable score of 4774-297X to claim second in a very talented Expert class. It's interesting to note that just last year Oliver began shooting smallbore as a way to train for high power prone shooting. All I can say is he has made a great start to a smallbore shooting career that I'm sure will stand on it's own one day. 
   Moving into the Sharpshooter and Marksman Class contests the water is a bit murky here. The final score sheet that I have attached was incomplete but it would appear that Minden Miles most likely won the Sharpshooter Class over James Piotrowski and Scott Casey prevailed over Corey Miller to Win the Marksman Class. Should I hear or see anything otherwise I will gladly post an update.      Congratulations to all the winners and I know I have this match on my calendar for next year so I hope  to see many of you there!  See you on the line,
    Rick Curtis  NRA High Power Rifle Director Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association" 

  Final results


Congratulations to Morgan and Eric.  You guys made Minnesota look good!

  From Lones Wigger:
This was the largest Firecracker Match to date with 43 shooters and two relays.  Even with two relays we were finished each day before 2:00 pm and avoided the late day winds and storms that are prevalent in Raton in the summer.  Conditions were tricky later in the day on most days, but the last day was definitely 1600 weather even though we shoot only 1200.  I want to grow this match to at least 60 shooters and have even a bigger and better prize table even though everyone got a prize and the table had about $8000 worth of prizes from 40 sponsors.
$8000 worth of prizes !!!!

Two Weeks Out
July 20, 21 -     Mid Range Prone (Pig Match Sat.), and OTC (Sun) - click here for Match Bulletin
July 27, 28 -     F-class Champs At Elk River (w/barbeque) - Click Here for match Bulletin

That's All Folks'

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