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Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 7th

Extra ! Extra !    Firecracker 4800 Results Day 2 and Day 3

   Minnesotan's own Morgan Dietrich and Jr. Eric Hazelton make waves at Raton Championship matches !!
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From: Rick Curtis
 Due to a glitch in the results program, Fridays scores went up very late yesterday so my onsite crew couldn't get them to me until today. So without any further ado lets get to the results. In the High Master Class Nancy Tompkins fired one of only two clean scores yesterday, Her 1200-104X's took the day and beat out fellow classman Joe Farmer, who like an old bear awakened from the stupor his dismal day one score had induced, hammered out a 1199-100X score to claim a class second placing. In the Master Class Katie Bridges kept the hammer down as her 1198-102X score was class high but only by a little as veteran shooter Cal "Hammertime" Cooper also put up and 1198 but with 12 fewer X's.
Folks, as you all know, every shooter who progresses up the classification tree has defining moments in the journey. In Fridays match hotshot Minnesota shooter Eric Hazelton had his as he decimated his fellow Experts with that other 1200 I mentioned earlier! 1200-92X's to be exact; Wow, defining moment indeed!

Lapua's rep Kevin Thomas was game as his 1196-78X's proved but Hazelton now has a commanding class lead after two days of intense competition. The Sharpshooters witnessed a heavyweight battle break out between Minden Miles and James Piotrowski as they seesawed back and forth all day. When the dust settled Miles had squeaked by the day one leader to take the class win with a 1189-73X total over James's 1187-63X score. Last but certainly not least the Casey's in the Marksman Class opened the proverbial can of whoop-ass and stomped a mudhole in the rest of there brethren with an epic battle. Sydney Casey came out on top with a sizzling 1195-77X total beating out Scott Casey's 1192-84X score. 
For all the Day two scores please see the attachment so labeled.
Moving into todays shooting the competitors were met with something that had stayed pretty dormant so far in the championship and that something was wind! Just enough it seems that no one would walk away from todays event unscathed. However Minnesota's own Morgen Dietrich negotiated the condition the best to not only claim the High Master Class win he also carried the day with a fine 1st place 1199-84X total. Close by was West Points own Rifle Team head coach Ron Wigger who managed the second highest overall score of the day with a well executed 1197-88X score. The Master Class would once again see Katie Bridges rise to the top as she rolled onto another class victory but today it was much closer as her 1197-86 barely got by a very promising young junior named Rachel Martin who also finished with an 1197 but with four fewer X's!
The battle in the Expert Class between Hazelton and Will Anti remained in full swing today but Eric maintains the upper hand as he delivered another class winning score today. His 1191-73X total was four points and ten X's batter than Anti's finish. Barring a total meltdown Hazelton should grab the class high podium finish come bling day tomorrow! The Sharpshooters are seeing there own herculean struggle as Miles and Piotrowski continued to test each other today but like yesterday Miles prevailed with a solid 1187-65X finish four points and seven X's better than Piotrowski! The Marksman Class saw a new name rise to the top for the class win today as Corey Miller dominated with a great 1185-70X performance that left his fellow classmen in the dust. Scott Casey was the only one close with a game 1175-52X but it was Miller all the way today. Please see the attached day three scores for all the rest of the action.
 I will publish the day four results as well as the grand aggregate scores as soon as I get them!
 Hope to see some of you local shooters out for smallbore at PRGC tomorrow!
   Rick Curtis
NRA High Power Rifle Director, Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association 

Thanks Rick for the Firecraker 4800 news.  Keep it coming

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