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Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 16, 2013

          Breaking News !   See Below--"On the Firing Line Video"
Morgan Dietrich wins it all at the Minnesota State Long Range Championships !

The Week Ahead  

Pig Roast Matches at Eau Claire Rifle Club --July 20, 21
Head on over to ERC this coming weekend for great Mid Range match on Saturday, July 20 and stay over till Sunday, July 21 and shoot an 80 shot OTC match.  Oh, did I forget to say that the Saturday Mid Range match will be followed in the Aft by the famous annual "Piggy roast". If you havent been to one of Eau Claire's Pig Matches, It's time to join the crowd who know this to be one of the best run and fun matches around the area. 
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The F-class State Championships will be held NEXT weekend, July 27-28th at the Elk River Sportsman's Club range in Elk River, MN just a few miles NW of the Twin Cities.  Saturday the 27th, the action centers around a four man team match which will have each team shooter firing 3 matches of 20 shots, from the 600 yd line.  Shooters not having a team to shoot with, will be formed into pickup teams such that everyone can participate. Team shooting is a great way to advance your skills, as you don't have to make any wind calls (coach does that) and shooters can concentrate on just delivering a good shot.
   Sunday, July 28th, the shooters will be firing the individual matches to determine the top shooter and State Champion for mid-range F-class for 2013.  Participating shooters will can fire in either of two classes -- F-Open, or F- Tactical Rifle. From the numbers of F-class shooters that fired this past weekends Long Range matches, I think this will be a this championship weekend will be well attended.
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Last Weekend    
  Minnesota State Long Range State Championships

Morgan Dietrich wins it all at the Minnesota State Long Range Championships ! 

   Preliminary results have Morgan Dietrich winning both the Individual Championship and the Palma Championships in the Sling Class at the weekends long range matches at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club. Morgan is just back from a Silver medal performance at the Raton, NM Firecracker 4800 Prone matches and this week backed that up with the Minn State LR Championships.  Way to go, Morgan !

Complete Results incl. F-class not available at this time.

"On the Firing Line" Video from the Long Range Championships
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Expand to full screen and pump up the volume!   It's 1080 HD   

300 Meter International
From Brian Shiffman:

   If you didn’t mind sticky or muggy then it was a nice day for a match.  It was overcast until about noon and then the heat and humidity went up quite noticeably.  The wind was not a real factor as it was very light with only a few breezes after the second relay started.  Probably the biggest factor was mirage.  You would shoot well if you could figure out which of the floating targets to shoot. 
 The first relay had 6 out of 7 shooters in F-TR class.  I was watching the computer as shots were fired and the scores showed on the screen.  I thought there would be a close battle between Jeremy Jenniges and his daughter, Courtney.  They matched each other for the first 10 shots of the first string of fire with both scoring 100’s.  Jeremy had 4x’s while Courtney had 6.  But by the time the first string was over, Jeremy pulled ahead.  He shot a 200 with 10x’s while Courtney shot a 198 with 10x/s!  She never did catch up during the match.  He was shooting a bolt .308 while Courtney used a “short Barrel” (18” or so) AR-15; both were shooting factory match ammo.  Terry Stern took the F-TR class with a 594.  His first string of fire was a 198 with 14x’s.  He knew which mirage to shoot at.  This was Janeth Winkler’s first match.  She had done a little shooting of her AR-15 but not in competition.  For a first time competitive rifle shooter she was very consistent with 186, 186 and 187 scores.  I would call that a fine start.  Ed Facundo was here coach.
    The second relay had four 3 Position shooters and the only two F-Open shooters of the day.  Of the contortionist shooters, Kurt Kisch was way ahead of the crowd with a 530.
    Full results can be found at  Remember, if you click on the name of a shooter while viewing the results page you will see that shooters average in that position for the year to date.
    The next match will be Sunday, August 11.  An announcement will be sent when registration is open.  
Brian Shiffman 

MRC Prone SB Matches -- July 14th
And the Winner is:  

M-52D Winchester (1964)


  It was a battle of the ages:  The old against the new, the aged against the young, newest modern technology against the almost prehistoric 60 year old equipment. In the end the best of the best from the long gone golden age of Small Bore shooting would show that it still had the stuff to go head to head with the best that today's techno-wizards have to offer (at least at a club match).
  They came from around the state to MRC on Sunday to shoot the 1200 prone match.  The group was small but elite.  Jim Biles was there from Duluth and was just coming off two medal winning performances in the NRA State and Regional Highpower Championships.  Also there was Emily Quinar, former NCAA shooter and multiple time State Championship.  Elmer Miller, former Bench Rest champ, turned prone shooter from Souix Falls, SD was there along with rising star Junior Eric Hazleton just back from a head turning performance at the Raton, NM  Firecraker 4800 prone matches where Eric whipped the Expert class like a rented mule.  Rounding out the field was Sm bore Master, and Palma team wind coach, Steve Knutson, a threat to win any prone match. 
   They brought the best equipment and the best ammo.  The line was full of the latest high tech Anchutz, and Walther super rifles.    I brought the old Win. Model 52D.
     It's 60 some years old. It has the original barrel that probably has a million rds through it, as it was at one time a training rifle for the junior team and the ROTC cadets at the ROTC indoor range on the Uof M campus.  I got it when it was sold through GRRC at auction in about 1990. I used this rifle, #3, Saturday mornings at the ROTC range many years ago and I knew it was a good shooter.  The original stock doesn't fit me (way too long) so I sent it Randy Gregory to be restocked with something I could adjust to fit.  He questioned me about spending so much on an old rifle but went ahead and piller bedded it into a McGee prone stock. Its sweet to shoot now.  The next thing I did was to work on the original Winchester Micro-Motion trigger assembly until it didn't hardly work at all any more. Arrrgh!!   Allen Elliot suggested that I send it to Karl Kenyon in Elco, NV and let him massage it.  Karl is the legendary master and Ghuru of trigger assembly's.  Allen said to hurry because Karl was getting pretty old, but was still working on triggers. I talked to Karl, he rebuilt the trigger assy. and had it back to me in a week.  So now I had a beautiful M-52 D with a Kenyon trigger, and the only thing left to do was to top it off with a scope.  The only "proper" scope for an M52 is a Unertl scope so I searched around purchased a 2" Unertl "Programmer" in pristine condition from Mike Tiess. This scope looks like it was never used.  The rifle was ready to do battle with all comers-- Bring it on! 

Shooters enjoy Barbeque after SB at MRC

  This was a 1200 match, which means 120 shots prone for record outdoors. There would be 3 matches of 40 shots, each match being 20 shots on 2 targets.  The first match (Dewar Match) went to Youth---Junior Eric Hazleton. Three of us cleaned the first target, 2 seniors and a junior, but after 2 targets Erik's 399-29x left us in the also-ran column. The M-52 was down 2 pts as the "nut behind the bolt" flinched one out into the nine ring on the 100 yd target and lost a pt to wind as a light zepher of air movement moved across the range.  The next match would be the always tough "100 yd match"-- two targets of 20 shots. It was an "Any" sight match so I attached the nearly 2 ft long Unertl scope with its double set of cross hairs ( one horziontal line for 50 yds and one lower line for 100 yds)  The M52 cleaned the first target and only due to opperator error dropped 1pt on the 2nd target. The resulting 399-17x showed the youngsters -- the Anchutzs, and Walthers how it is done.   The final match of the day is always the hardest--- The Meter match, shot at 50 meters on insidiously hard targets. Clean the meter match and you always go home happy.  With old age and (must be) palsy kicking in, I and the M52 dropped 4 pts on the first target and dropped out of solid lead in the agg.  Emily Quinar, who was shooting Iron sights, fired the only 200 on this target and now whole field was within a point going into the last target-- Steve Knutson leading with his monsterous X count.  Emily (13x) and Steve (15x) each drop 2 pts in the final 20 shots losing their share of the lead.  Jim Biles comes back hard in this match firing a great 199-11x, but it's not good enough.  The M-52D drilled the middle out of the targets, scoring a 200-13x and wins the days aggregate going away on the last shot! ( one point)    OBTW, I was using cheap SK yellow box ammo. 
    I do love this old gun. It's not really getting older, it's just getting better !

MRC results from July 14
Two Weeks Out  (or more)
Aug 10,11    -- Mid Range F-Class Chams at Elk River Sports Mans Club
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Aug 11th
      -- 300 meter International match at MRC

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