Friday, July 5, 2013

Firecraker 4800 Match results

Extra ! Extra !   Minnesota Junior Shooter Eric Hazleton leads Ex class at Raton Championship matches

On the Fireing Line Report  
From: Rick Curtis
 Yesterday, on the anniversary of the birth of this nation, the Firecracker 4800 kicked of in fine form in Raton New Mexico. Under sunny skies and cool temps the 40+ competitors were met with an unlikely condition; Flies and a million of them! One competitor told me that in addition to the flags and mirage you could read the wind by the drifting clouds of flies. But in this contest, as is usually the case, someone will rise above the challenges and make there mark in the pages of the rich history of this fantastic event. With names like Anti, Wigger, Farmer, Goff and Tompkins on the line you would surely wager one of them came away with the day one victory but friends, that would be a bet you would lose as young shooting phenom Katie Bridges seized the moment and came away the day one winner, with a perfect 1200-103X's! Joining Katie in the day 1 "clean club" were Tom Csenge, Mike Anti and Peter Raul. 
      In the class battles Csenge was top dog in the High Masters and Raul galloped away with the Master Class W. In the Expert Class Eric Hazelton (Mn) and Arizona's own Oliver Milanovic slugged it out all day with Hazelton coming out on top with an 1195-77X effort over Olivers 1193-60X score. Keep an eye on Mike Anti's son Will as he and Doan Trevor battled to an draw at 1191 with only six X's separating them. In the Sharpshooter class James Piotrowski, grandson of legendary scholar and noted historian Ron Piotrowski, dominated the class with a great 1183-57X score!
      For the complete day one scores please see the attached photo. Because of the image size it is best to save it to your pictures so you can zoom in for better viewing.  
     That's it for now, I will be posting day two scores as soon as I see them!

Rick Curtis     NRA High Power Rifle Director, 
Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association"   
Note:  Minnesotan Morgan Dietrich fired an  1197-94  and lies in 7th place among this steller field.

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