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Shooters News for the Minn Area -- July 24, 2013

  First off -- Good shooting to all the Service Rifle shooters off to Camp Perry for next week's National championships.   "Hold tight -- favor center"  - Larry Weidell

The Week Ahead

    Finally it's time for the Big F-class match at
Elk River Sportsman's Club.  Yup!  This Saturday and Sunday, July 27-28, F-class shooters from around the state, and farther afield, will be on the firing line competing for the Minn State F-class Mid range Individual, and Team Championships.  This is a stand alone event for the F-class this year, as participation in F-class shooting as grown to the point where Fclass shooters may well fill the entire firing line 3 relays deep at ERSC's beautiful rifle range. All matches will be fired from the 600 yd line on the MR-1F target.

    On Saturday, July 27th shooters will fire as 4 man Teams with the benefit of coaching. Shooters will shoot for their own rifle club as Club vs Club teams are encouraged, and "all star teams" are discouraged. Rifle clubs may have multiple teams.   Pickup teams will be organized for those who are not already on a club or assoc. team. Each team member will fire three 20 shot matches.  After the Team match, shooters can relax and enjoy the Barbeque that the ERSC Iron Chef will have waiting for them. I am told that this will be a 5 star barbeque.
    The Individual Championship matches will be fired on Sunday, July 28. Each of the three matches will be 2 sighters shots and 20 shots for record in a time limit of 22 minutes. 
       Click Here for Match program and Entry Information. Camping is available at the range but must be reserved--(see match program). 
Last Week
Actually two weeks ago--
Minnesota St. Long Range Championships

And the Winners are:

Left to Right
Pat Scully --  F-Open St. Champ
M. Lehmeier (I think) -- F-TR and Senior Champion
Bill Lair             --  Senior St. Champion
Morgan Dietrich -- Sling Class State Champion 

Not pictured are    Elliot Zunich and John Andres - Grand Senior Champs,, T. Brabec, and Eric Hazleton--Junior champs     

Pat Scully won the F-open class but that doesn't say that he had it easy.  Ron Sievers was just 2 points back at the end of the weekend, and Ben Winget back just one.  That's pretty tough competition!  We know that these three guys will be fighting it out again this weekend at the State Mid Range champs and we also know that there will be other good shooters who are ready to knock them off the top of the leader board.   Some times staying on the top of your class is harder than getting to the top. There's always a new guy ready to win and this may be the weekend.  

Complete Results:  click to expand - then use zoom tool to enlarge

Sling class

Pig Roast Matches at Eau Claire

It looks like Erik Rhode can't be stopped. His current winning streak now includes taking 1st place in last weeks OTC matches at the Eau Claire's Rifle Club's annual Pig Roast. Shooting a 775-25X, Erik simply devoured the competition.  Omer Hamer came close with a great effort and a 768 score, but not good enough to stop Erik from dominating another highpower match.  Kevin Bangen took the Offhand match with two pts in hand over Erik, then lost one point of that lead to Bob Peasley, firing a solid 197 in the Sitting Rapid Match.  Erik only lost that match to Bob by just one X.  The Prone Rapid fire match went to Elliot Zunich who surged back with a fine 199-11X score topping Dick Van Valkenberg's valiant effort and his 195-4x.  The 600 yd line proved to be the place that would separate the winners from the also rans.  Only Mark Rohmann came close to stopping the Erik Rhode freight train this day. His awesome 199-6x was great but 5 Xs short of the score that Erik put on the board to seal the deal.  Erik Rhode is one hot shooter these days.  He is peaking just at the right time, with the Nationals coming up at Camp Perry in just a short time.  He'll represent this state well.  Good Luck Erik! 
   There were also some great scores in the EX class with Dean Gillette narrowly fending off an increasingly competitive Tom Toberg, 757 to 753 with the X count going to Tom Toberg.  We know that Dean is always a threat to win the EX class, but now he and others will be watching out as Tom gains the skill to make that class more competitive than ever before.  Will Leg points be in the future for Tom Torberg -- I think so.    

Morgan Dietrich must be doing well at Camp Perry Nat. Champ Sm Bore matches
From Morgan   "National Champ Any Sight team- thanks to my teammates, Bridges, O'conner, Anti, yours truly.....and coach Beard"    
  Well Done!

Two Weeks Out

August 10,11 - F-class Mid Range Regional at Elk River Sportsman's Club -- Click Here for Match bulletin and Entry info
August 17,18 -  OTC matches at MRC      Click here for match bulletin
August 17,18 -  Sm Bore matches at MRC

That's All Folks'

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