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Shooters News for the Minn Area - May 30, 2012

The Week Ahead
NorthWestern Gun Club will be the center of action this coming weekend.  Traveling shooters will be heading North to participate in two day "Atkinson-Leubke" Invitational Matches. That would be two days (June 2&3) of 80 shot - Over the Course matches . NWGC is nestled in the woods just NW of Duluth on Hunter Lake, and is just a 2 1/2 hr drive from Mpls.  It is one of the nicest and best maintained rifle ranges anywhere.
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Service Rifle shooters can attend a service rifle clinic put on by CMP Coach, Mark Havlik, at the Post 435 Gun club range just South of Mpls. and just off Hwy 35.  I'm sure that this clinic and 50 rd match, will be a great time for the beginning service rifle shooter and any one that wants a fun match and to pull some triggers.
          Mark Havlik  651-455-4853 -   "Open to anyone who want's to learn how to shoot a Service Rifle and have A fun, safe time."
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Last Weekend    
Mid Range shooters gathered at NorthStar Gun Club, both Saturday and Sunday for two days of Mid Range shooting (300 yds -- 600 yds).  I have the results, but not a match report.  I'm sure that the conditions were tough with the rain and wind that came through Saturday and into Sunday. In the Sling shooters class, Elliot Zunich took the win on Iron sight day, a couple pts ahead of Steve Erickson.    Jerry Rietfort and Garold Jones were winners in their classes.  On Sunday," Any sights" day, Elliot gave a few too many pts at the 600 yd line, and Bill Lair's great score, for the conditions (590-21x), earned him the match win for the day.  Elliot did stay close enough to lead the overall aggreate for the weekend with the high score of 978-26x. Erick Rhode takes the Master Class with a 963-27x and Garold Jones tops the Experts with a 945-22x.
    Click Here for  complete Sling Class Results 
On the F-Class side of the firing line, Pat Scully pretty much dominated the two days of competition.  Pat finished up with a fantastic two day score of 992-64x on that really tough F-class target.  Bob Mead takes 2nd place, close behind with 986-57x,
    Click Here for complete F-Class results.

Minn. Sm Bore Outdoor Prone Regional Championship 
 While the Center Fire shooters were down at Red Wing, punching holes in the Mid Range targets, the "Big" match of the weekend was being held by the Mpls Rifle Club at the opposite end of town.
Greg Quiner
A full line of prone shooters fired 16 targets of 20 shots ea. over two days to decide this Minn Prone Sm Bore Regional Championship. Each day, Targets were shot at 50 yds, 100yds, and 50m.
Iron Sight day dawned with the promise of 100% chance of Rain but at the start of the match it was just a little cold and damp.  The 50yd match started things out, with 5 shooters firing clean 400 scores. Junior shooter, Eric Hazelton and Steve Knutson were tops by shooting 28 Xs each.  Next up was the Dewar Match-- 20 shots each at 50 yds, and 100 yds.  After dropping 1pt in the previous match, Stacey Tamulinas cleaned both targets to remain with in one pt of Steve K., who fired the only other 400 in this match. The 100 yd match signaled the start of the rain storm, but after a 1 1/2 hr delay, the competition got going again, but the wait was not good for Steve as he dropped 5pts and slipped behind the competition going into the last match of the day.  Erik, Wayne Anderson, and Stacey, were holding hard and reading the reversals well enough to get through this match tied for 1st, only 3pts down for the day.  The 50 yd Match, normally the toughest match, with the toughest target, was made even harder by the constantly reversing wind that switched from 1 o'clock to 9 o'clock every few seconds.  No one fired a clean target, but Stacy, and Wayne came out on top, dropping only 2 and 3 pts respectively.   At days end it was Stacy Tamulinas on top with a 1595-106x, and Wayne A. just back with a 1594-115x score.   Junior shooter, Erick Hazleton and Steve K. tied for 3rd with 1591.  Samantha P. was 2nd high Junior-1576-75x
Any Sight day brought the promise of Sun, but the wind was forecast to be gusting in the mid teens (mph).  The 50yd match started off with light wind but constantly changing shifts. Wayne A scored the only 400, but most of the competition just a pt. or 3 back.  The DeWar match saw Wayne take his 2nd match of the day, beating yours truly by 5Xs. Wayne takes a 3 pt lead for the day over Erick, Stacey, and myself. The 100 yd Match- was won by Junior Erik Hazelton who fired a 398-21x, topping Stacey by 3 Xs and pulling even with Stacey in today's match.  The last match, again the 50m match, was fired under blue Sky's and 70 deg. temps, but still the wind switched faster than you could get the shot off.  Top score for this match was again fired by Wayne Anderson - 399-26x, but it wasn't enough to reel in Stacey, who's 1591-109x aggregate takes the  Any Sight match win. 
   Stacey's combined scores for the two days earned him the Championship, and the Gold Medal.  Congratulations to the other Medal winners:  Wayne Anderson- Silver,  Steve Knutson--Bronze,  Erik Hazleton-- High Jr. and 4th overall,  Lori H.- Jr. Marksman, Samantha P.-- Jr Sharpshooter. 
  This was a great tournament, and well run by Bruce Blahut, Match Director. Tks also to George Minerich (MRRA Pres) who puts in many hrs. making sure that this range is well maintained.

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from Kurt Borlaug:  -- Upcoming Long Range Regional match at GRRC - June 9 & 10 
 "Apparently I forgot to mention that F-Class shooters are welcome at the LR Regional. Could you please spread the word throughout your vast network of this ommision and insert the following:
  Shooters, The Long-Range Regional at GRRC June 9 and 10 DOES include F-Class shooters as participants. I missed this on the program template and am heartily sorry for the ommission. If anyone asks about it, I am to fault and please spread the word that the match WILL ALLOW F-Class participation!"
Thanks, Kurt Borlaug. GRRC HP Chair."

 Two Weeks Out
June 9 & 10 --  Long Range Regional at GRRC  -- Program Click Here
June 10       --  300 Meter match at MRC

That's All Folks  

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