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Shooters News for the Minn Area - June 6, 2012

D-day June 6 1944  Lest we forget!
The Week Ahead for Minn area shooters 
It's Long Range time!  Dig out your long range match rifle and head north a few miles to Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club for the Long Range High Power Regional Championship.   This weekend, June 9th and 10th, both Sling Class and F-Class shooters, will be vieing for honors at GRRC. Each day, Sat and Sun, they will be firing 3 matches of 20 shots with unlimited sighters from the 1000yd line in the individual matches, and then split up into teams for the final 20 shot match of the day.  Coaching is allowed in the Team matches and this is a great opportunity for newer shooters to learn from the top shooters that will be there.
  Saturday's match for the Sling shooters, will be all "Iron sights", but on Sunday all matches will be fired with "Any sights" allowed.  F-class shooters are allowed to use scopes and rests in all matches. 
                            Click Here for Match program and entry info
Note:    Remember  f-class is part of this match.

This coming Sunday, June 10, it is also time for the Mpls. Rifle Club to hold their monthly 300 Meter match.
  From Brian Shiffman: 
"Pre-registration is now open for the MRC 300 meter match to be held next Sunday, June 10.  First relay starts at 10am and a second relay at noon.
    Send email to me with your desired relay.  I will confirm receipt of your email with your assignment as I receive them. 
    Standard rules for 300 meter shooting apply: match bullets, only.  Entry fee is $15 which includes state tax."
Brian D. Shiffman

Last Weekend  
    It was encouraging to hear that Post 435 had more than 20 beginning shooters sign up for their Service Rifle Clinic last Saturday.  Clinic director, Mark Havlik, was scrambling around on Fri., trying to line up a few more coaches to help out with this large number.   I'm sure that Mark put on a good event for the new folks in our sport.  These clinics are important, as we all know that most Highpower shooters start as Service Rifle shooters.
NWGC 200 yd line
   Fair weather greeted those who shot the two days of OTC Matches at NWGC. The 'Atkinson-Leubke" memorial matches were dominated by Kevin Bangen, who fired a 779-32x on Saturday, and followed it up with a 784-29x on Sunday to win both days contests.   Kevin didn't have it all his own way, however.  He may have started out the weekend by wining the first match of the day, but then Omer Hamar, Grand Senior, came right back and fired two clean targets to take the Sitting Rapid match with a 200-12x, and  Dale Wickstrom won the Prone Rapid fire match, dropping only 1pt, for a 199-8x. And though Larry Miller was top shooter at the 500 yd line with a 198-10x, Kevin did post close scores in all those matches and ended up Saturday's winner. In the Master Class, Erik Rhode fought it out all day with Dick VanValkenburg, but though his solid 766-25x had the high X count, Dick wins that class with a 768-16x.  Experts, Tim Thole, and Garold Jones both fired good Master scores, with Tim's 765-23x wining the class.
Results -- Both days at NWGC
  Sunday's shooters again enjoyed the beautiful spring weather at NWGC"s Hunter Lake rifle range. Omer Hamer started out posting the best Standing Score, beating Kevin by a point.  Kevin came back in the Sitting Rapid match to win by a couple Xs over Omer, but no one could top Erick Hartley's clean 200-10x in the Prone Rapid match. Going into the last match of the day-- the 500 yd prone match, Omer is just one pt down from Kevin for the day. Eirk R. trails Dick V. by three points in the Master class. The day would be won or lost at the 500 yd line.  Kevin and Erik both fired clean scores of 200, and win their class, while Omer and Dick each drop 4 points and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  
   Congratulations to Kevin Bangin -- Winner  1563-61x

A worthy cause: 
From Kurt Borlaug:
" Boys, As you may have heard (or not) GRRC is hosting an M1 For Vets Match on 14 July, 2012.....that's THIS JULY 14th. This is becoming HUGE and we are calling in favors from the Mn. State SR Team. Our club Fathers have been extolling this match and the attendance could be seriously LARGE. So I am asking any team members to show your support by attending this match as helpers. We are having two 30 shot matches as well as a Sniper Match. I cannot guarantee any of us will be able to participate in these matches but come prepared. If you know any other HP shooter who could lend a hand, let them know too.
  As you know the M1 For Vets program helps returning soldiers who are disabled compete at CMP events, as well as fund their program. With that said we are expecting a big turnout of new shooters so that means pit help, line help and lots of extra scorecards!
  GRRC will be furnishing food and a great time will be had by all.
Please reply and adjust your schedules accordingly......after all, the people this is for have much more adjusting to do than any of us will ever have to do!
 Thanks, Kurt Borlaug"

From George Minerich, MRRA Pres.
"Hi Jim:
 Please find attached the result bulletin from the May 20 Prone Smallbore match.  I’ll be sending it to the rest of the shooters tonight.  I figured that you may need some filler for your next email blast.
Thanks for all the support!
                             Click Here for George's match report and complete results

Two Weeks out  
June 15,16 and 17th  --  3 day OTC at NWGC  --  match program click here
June 16th (Sun) -- CMP games service rifle match and Sniper match --
                     CMP match program  Click Here  
                     Sniper match program  Click Here 

That's All Folks !

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