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Shooters News for the MN Area -- May 2, 2011

The Week Ahead   

The main action moves to NorthStar Rifle Club this coming weekend.  Just North of Red Wing, Mn on Hwy #61,  NorthStar will be opening their match season with two days of  "Over the Course" rifle competition.  Both Saturday, May 5th, and Sunday, May 6th,  will feature  an 80 shot OTC match and give everyone a good chance to practice their Offhand, Rapid fire, and prone shooting.  NorthStar has a great camp ground for those who would like to stay right at the range for the weekend.
       Match Program and Entry --  Click Here
       Weather forecast for RW  ---  Click Here

Meanwhile at GRRC
While there will be great competition at NorthStar,  Service Rifle shooters will have the opportunity to participate in the CMP Games - Military rifle Matches that will be held at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club on Saturday, May 5th.  The day's shooting at Gopher will consist of 2 separate 30 shot matches and a "Vintage Sniper Rifle" match.  Each of the 30 shot matches will have 10 shots Standing slow fire, 10 shots Rapid fire prone, and 10 shots Slow fire Prone --- this is basicaly the same as the "President's Match"  held at the National Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio. All matches to be shot from the 200 yd line on the forgiving SR target.  These matches are a great opportunity for the beginning or experienced shooter to get out that old M1 (or other) older service rifle and have some fun. 
       CMP Games (GRRC)  --  Match Program and Entry  --  Click Here 

Last Weekend
No Report came in from the Weekend's Matches at Eau Claire, so we hope that the wet weather didn't dampen the competition.

Scott Olson caught up to me with a Rpt on the Elk River Sportsmens Club's spring Wind Clinic, and Mid Range match that was held last Sat and Sun.  It sounds like having the opportunity to learn some wind reading skills from top coaches like Steve, and Rick, has made this annual event a "Go To" event for this shooting area.

From Scott Olson:
"Hi Jim,
ERSC had a great turnout for the Wind Clinic.  Steve Knutson and Rick Hunt did an awesome job of helping over 40 experienced and new shooters with wind skills.  Shooters from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota attended the clinic and Sunday's match.  The weather proved to be a challenge for the team match on Saturday afternoon, so time was spent on position training and dry firing in the club house.  Late in the day Saturday, the rain subsided and shooting at 600 yards took place.  There was a great demonstration by Rick and Steve on how coaching occurs during a Palma or F-class match. 
Sunday morning saw the return of the historic April 4Gun- 600 Yard match at Elk River Sportsman's Club.  27 shooters competed in the 80 shot match.  In the MRP discipline, Elliot Zunich from Duluth was on fire.  Elliot is a new Grand Senior but you couldn't tell from his scores!  Morgan Dietrich tied Elliot in score, but fell 10 X's short of Elliot's 793-46X. Junior, Eric Hazelton came in third with 784-30X.  Wow, Eric is good.  F-Open saw the return of 2010 State Champion, Ben Winget, in his usual form.  Despite shooting his fireforming load, Ben shot a 796-47X.  F-TR had some new faces including Mike Lehmeier from up Sartell way who knocked out a 765-24X for his first match and his first win. 
Thanks for your efforts,"
Scott Olson

Kurt's note below got me thinking-----As the shooting season gets going this spring, lets all keep this in mind:   all competitive shooters need to constantly remember that we can't just show up at matches, have some fun, and then go home till the next match.  It's the responsibility of every competitive shooter to do some of the work that makes these shooting matches happen, and to keep up the range facilities where we spend our time shooting. Someone has to make up all the targets, and keep them in good repair. Someone has to mow the range and clean up the pits.  Someone has to clean out the target shed occasionally and grease the target carriers.   Someone has to run the matches and not just show up to shoot. The thing to do is to plan on doing a little work each time when going to the range, even if its just sweeping out the target shed. Let's all do our fair share
From Kurt Borlaug:
  "Gents, HP practice sessions (at GRRC) start tomorrow at 5 pm. Just a reminder that if the weather looks bad, it will be hard to shoot so use the electronics at your disposal to assess what the outlook is. Don't call me, use your best judgement.
  At practice tomorrow we will need to do some prep work for the CMP Games/ Vintage Sniper match this weekend. Tom has a lot of chatter online about these events and we want to put on a good show so cooperation is essential. Pit boxes need tending, faces need work (200, 300 and 600) all the usual items to do.
  Lastly, as our HP headcount is ever-shrinking at GRRC please be advised that you will be asked to help out before, during and after these events. This isn't a time to hide. If you want to shoot a match, someone has to put some effort into getting it going.
Hope to see you tomorrow, Kurt

Two Weeks Out  
 May 12th- 13th -- Mid Range Prone at Lacrosse Rifle Club -- no program available
 May 13th           --  300 m Int at Mpls. Rifle Club 
 May 20th (Sun.)  -- First Outdoor Prone Sm Match at MRC -  Program Click Here  

That's all folks !

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