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Shooters News for the Minn Area - May 23, 2012

The Week Ahead
Prone shooters are going to have to make hard choices this weekend.  There are 4 prone matches scheduled for this coming Sat and Sunday.  Both, the Mpls Rifle Club and NorthStar Rifle Club have a full schedule for those who want to get in some competitive trigger pulling.
   Mpls Rifle Club will be hosting the Regional Prone Outdoor Sm Bore Championship, which will feature a 160 shot prone match on both Sat., May 26th, and Sun.May 27th,    Sat. will be an "Iron" sight match, and on Sunday May 27, shooters may use "Any" sights.  Targets will be shot at 50 yds, 50 m, and 100 yds.   (Seniors: [Rule 2.2.1] may fire with scope sights on Ironsights day with no awards and no Aggregate).
               Click here for match program
    NorthStar Rifle Club will be offering two days of Mid Range prone shooting for those who want to shoot some longer range matches.   The Saturday match will see shooters firing 20 shots, plus sighters, at 300 yds, 500yds, and 600 yds. with Iron sights, and then an additional 20 shot match at 600 yds with "Any sights" -- total 80 shots + sighters.  On Sunday, the match format will change from 20 shot matches to 15 shot matches -- total 60 shots for record. 
               Click Here for match program (incl. map to range)   
Last Weekend
GRRC had a good turnout for it's annual "Bob Hall" OTC match last Saturday, and I'm sure that it would have been better had the weather not been so blustery.
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This in from Mark Havlik: 
"Jim, here's a picture of the results board from the Bob Hall match last Saturday.  As you can see by the scores conditions were sporting with the wind howling from 6:00. The sun was shining bright all day until, that is, we moved back fo600. With out a wisp of mirage, I was using the Dragon flys to judge wind shifts. Kevin Bangen won (of course) with Kurt Borlaug taking second Here is the results photo."

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The Weekends competitions at GRRC also included a Palma Match on Sunday.  Palma Matches are shot at 800, 900, and 1000 yds -- 15 shots at each distance.
This in from Kurt Borlaug
  GRRC saw 17 competitors brave severe winds on Saturday, May 19th for the Bob Hall Memorial. The weather was great despite the wind and there were some new shooters testing their skill at the full distance. Stacey Tamulinas did a masterful job as Line Officer, freeing up some OTC shooters to get into the fray for a change. Thanks Stacey!
  The 200 yard line was won for both events by Kurt Borlaug shooting his trusty AR15 service rifle. The offhand score was a 185-3x and the sitting rapid stage was a 198-9x. First master in offhand was Dick Van Valkenburg at 182-2x and first expert was Jon Peters at 173-2x. First in HM sitting was Kevin (Thor's Hammer) Bangen at 197-10x. First in Master Mark Havlik at 198-6x and first Expert was Don Mastro at 193-4x.
  The 300 line witnessed fairly little left to right windage, but the velocity was increasing, coming straight from 6 o'clock. Kevn slammed out a tidy 199-9x for the match win with Havlik again on top in Master Class at 194-4x. The Expert Class went to Don Mastro with a 198-7x. Don, Please, please come to Perry this year! I know you miss it.
  As always the 600 yard line saw age and finess, well at least a lot of age, win out with Dale Wickstrom on top with 195-5x. First Master went to Dick Van Valkenburg at 195-4x. He must be listening when Dale speaks on those long trips from Dullyouth. Dick was firing a space gun in 240 Turbo.
  Overall match winner and Bob Hall trophy caretaker was Kevin Bangen at 775-25X and second place was Kurt Borlaug at 762-19x. Erik Rhode took second in Master aggregate and Don Mastro was high in expert at 734-16x. Thanks to all for a great early season contest.

  Sunday saw the Rudy Wadekamper match contested under a drizzle driven by some tough wind. The Waddy Trophy goes to the high shooter firing a .308 with bullets less than 156 grains. Due to the increasing rain, the match director made the call to stop the match after completion of the 900 yard phase. There were 21 shooters posting scores including 10 F-Class competitors. Wadekamper macth rules now allow a non-resident to be eligible for the win and Brian Mrnak from Wisconsin took it home with a 299-15x. His only point drop occurred at 800 yards for a 149-7x and a clean with 8x at 900 yards. An X-count of 50% is pretty impressive when you've got rain in your front sight! Stacey Tamulinas was 2nd overall at 293-9x.
  The Master class went to Elliot Zunich at 290-6x and Paul Cross was 2nd in Master at 287-7x. The Father- Son duo of Chris and Eric Hazelton battled it out with Jr. Eric beating Dad at 282-4x to 280-4x. Looks like Dad will be reloading again! Chris took home the unlimited bullet trophy firing a 6.5/284.
  In F-Class, the match winner was Eric Johnson with a 296-13x. Eric cleaned at 800 with 7-x. Second overall and first in Master Class was Carl Kaster at 294-10x.  GRRC Member John Rykhas was first in combined class with a 290-7x. Despite the weather all of the competitors were glad they stuck it out as they will have tale to tell for the ages.
    Thanks Kurt, and Mark for the match reports !

300 Meter International   
 Results of the May 13th 300 meter match
From Brian Shiffman:    
 "I was unable to make the match but George Minerich saved my bacon by running the match; many thanks to him. 
In looking over the scores I see there were multiple shooters in all our recognized classes.  The scores looked good in general and with a tie for first place in F-Class. 
The next match is scheduled for Sunday, June 10.  Email will be sent later to begin the pre registration process."
 Brian D. Shiffman  

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From Capt. Bob: 
"Highpower shooters--You may find the attached article about one of NorthStar Rifle Club's founders of interest  
Capt. Bob has also sent us the summary and conclusion to his 3 part series of articles on Rear Sight diopters.
After a 3 week delay for other “duties” and a few shootin’ contests here is part 3 of my lens testing.
 The last testing to be done was with the .5 front lens in SUPER PICKLE, my #1 MRP rifle chambered in 240 NMC. After the first tests at 600 yards I repeated a few checks at 100 yards on my home range. The results were essentially the same so I accomplished test 3 at 100 yards.........................
    click here to read the rest of the article: "Lens testing part 3"

Two Weeks out
June 2, Saturday -- Service Rifle Clinic at Post 435 gun club - click here for program 
June 2-3 Sat & Sun -- Atkinson/Luebke Memorial OTC at NorthWestern Gun Club
                                    click here for match program  

That's All Folks !

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