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Shooters News for the Minn Area - May 15th, 2012

 The (my) long spring migration from Arizona is over, and my Mn computer is up and running. For me, the Minn shooting season starts this coming weekend So, let's see what is happening.

The Week Ahead   
There are 3 good rifle matches to choose from this coming weekend. The choices include a little something for everyone ---  Small Bore, Long Range, and Over the Course matches all happening this weekend.
    Saturday, May 19th, Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club (GRRC) is challenging all shooters to come and contest their rifle shooting skills in the "Bob Hall", 80 shot "over the course" match. This is a traditional, beginning of the season, Fun Match, so no matter if you are a marksman or highmaster shooter, this match will be a good time.   
                        Click Here for match program 
   Sunday May 20th,  Long Range shooting at GRRC. This will be a 45 shots for record "Palma" match, with 15 shots each at 800, 900, and 1000yds.  
 Match program for the "Rudy Wadekamper" Palma match --  Click Here
    Sunday May 20th, (Sm. Bore)  Mpls Rifle Club hosts the first of the "Outdoor Prone 1600" series of summer matches. Shooters fire 4 prone matches starting at 50 yds, then 100 yds, and finally 50 meters with .22 cal target rifles. This is excellent practice for Mid Range and Long range matches.  Click Here for match program
300 meter Int.   (results of Apr. 15 match)  
 From Brian Shiffman
 "It turned out to be a fine day for shooting with light winds.  Four F-Class shooters scored 590 or above and one just missed at a 589.  The three junior shooters accounted for themselves quite well with Kamilla Kisch picking up 2 points from the March match and Konrad Kisch picking up 7 points from March.  But, Kamilla still scored higher than the other juniors.
   Tom O’Donnell and Ed Facundo were the only 3-Position shooters, but Tom had the pin holding the extractor to the bolt of his rifle break and he was not able to finish the match.
   Erhardt Bruderer was the only shooter in Offhand (standing) for the match and did quite well.
     Robert Smith was the only Prone shooter and he handily won that class with a personal best of 570.
    Quite a few of the F-Class shooters were very consistent, varying by just a point or three over the three series of fire.  I think consistency is very important, even if the scores are not stellar because it shows the shooter is doing the same thing over and over.  Scores should improve by more trigger time, tweaking of body position, breathing, wind reading, and sight alignment.  Sometimes it means a tweak in the ammunition.  Or, like me, the shooter is just having a bad day.  (Yes, I know, the dog ate my homework.)
 The full results can be found at http://www.edfpages.com/mgfc/results.php?match=4
 Two items for immediate attention:
     1.  This Saturday, May 5, is work day at the range and we can use a lot of help.  We start at 9am.
2.     There is a membership meeting on Tuesday, May 8 at the Anoka American Legion Club on Main Street.
The next MRC 300 meter match is scheduled for Sunday, May 13.  Remember to bring chamber flags." 
Brian D. Shiffman   shiff004@umn.edu

Small Bore  
   This in from Chad Danielson:  
"Jim, Junior information below from the National Junior Olympic Rifle Championships for your website.
Five Juniors Represent Minnesota at 2012 National Junior Olympic Rifle Championships.
In April five Minnesota juniors competed at the National Junior Olympic Rifle Championships in Smallbore and Air Rifle at the US. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs , Colorado.  Allie Taschuk and Samantha Peterson represented Minnesota in both Women's disciplines of Smallbore and Air Rifle, while Elizabeth Ewert competed in the Air Rifle competition. In the Women's 3X20 Smallbore competition, shooters shoot 20 shots in each of the positions Prone , Standing , and Kneeling, which is shot two times for a possible 1200. In the first day of the women’s smallbore competition Samantha Peterson shot a 537/600 while Allie Taschuk was only 3 points behind Peterson with 534. On the second day of shooting Peterson put up an extremely impressive 559, while Allie Taschuk also put up an improved second day score of 551. Those scores secured Samantha Peterson a 1096 total and a 45th overall finish ,but a Silver Medal in the J3 age category. Allie Taschuk finish the competition with 1085 finishing her 52nd  overall out of the 68 competitors in Women’s Smallbore.
   In the Women's Air Rifle portion female shooters shoot 8 standing targets over the course of two days for a possible 800 points. Samantha Peterson in Air shot a 757, and finishing 47th overall within the 100 women competitors. Allie Taschuk shot a 756 just a point behind Peterson for a 49th overall finish. Elizabeth Ewert also in the J3 category in Air Rifle shot a 752 placing her 64th  overall and 6th in the J3 age category.  Allie Taschuk will be attending and shooting for the 2012 NCAA National Champions Texas Christian University (TCU) in the fall.  
          For the Men's competitions juniors, Patrick Sunderman, and Scott Chester represented the State in Men’s Air Rifle, where competitors shoot 12 Air Rifle standing targets over the course of two days for a possible 1200. Patrick Sunderman posted an 1174 for 3rd and securing him a spot in the final which the top 8 competitors advance to. While Scott Chester put up an 1127 for 42nd overall. In advancing to the final Patrick Sunderman shot a score of 98.9 for a total of 1272.9 and finishing him 4th overall after the final. Men¹s Air Rifle saw 101 competitors compete in the event. 
         In the Men's Smallbore competition Patrick Sunderman was the only Minnesota men's qualifier for the event, which consists of 60 shots in Prone, and 40 shots in both Standing and Kneeling for one day of competition, and repeated for a second day of competition, for a possible 1200 in the Men's Prone competition, and a possible 2400 in the Men's 3X40 position portion of the competition. Patrick overcame unexpected adversity in the course of competing at the Championships as after he arrived he found the bolt of his Feinwerkbau .22 rifle had been broken during the flight to Colorado and in turn rendering his rifle useless for the competition. Patrick had to have a bolt overnight next day shipped to him from another local junior shooter who happened to shoot the same model rifle and was willing to send Patrick his bolt to be used for the competition.  Patrick posted in the Prone competition a total score of 1176 out of 1200 giving him a 12th J1 category finish , and a 15th overall of the 61 total competitors. In the Men's 3X40 position competition Patrick posted a 2305, placing him 5th in his J1 age category, and 5th overall again securing a spot in the final of the top 8 competitors. In the Smallbore 3 Position final Patrick put up a 91.6 for a total of 2396.6 holding his 5th place overall for the competition.  Complete results of all the matches can be found on the USA Shooting website
          All junior competitors had to qualify through previous competition shooting a minimum qualification score to receive an invitation to compete out at this championship. All five above Minnesota shooters showed exceptional skill, and tremendous dedication in the accomplishment of even qualifying for the competition, as it is only each years top juniors shooters in the country who receive invites. Please be sure to congratulate these five shooters if you happen to have the opportunity to see one of them on a range during this upcoming summer shooting season."
Thanks, Chad for that report.  

1. This Wednesday continues Highpower, and Service Rifle practice at GRRC.  Shooting starts at 5pm and the course of fire rotates from 200 yd Offhand to 600 yd prone each week. This week is 600 yd Prone. 
2. If you want to read more about the "March Madness" spring series of Sm bore prone matches held in Phoenix, Click Here and scroll down to Pg 4 to read Mick Walkers report on all 5 weeks of sm bore competition.   
3. Capt. Bob is almost done with Pt. 3 of his series of articles on Rear Sight Diopters. Stay tuned. 
4. Leo Huhta informs me that Elk River Sportsmans club has Tuesday night organized High Power practice -- 6 pm start.  Any questions please give Leo a call on his cell phone at 612-804-7813    Leo.huhta@remmele.com

Two Weeks out 
May 26 and 27 will see prone shooters headed down to NorthStar Rifle Club for a two day Mid Range belly match.   Click Here for match program.
from Capt. Bob: 
 "Hello belly shooters:   Attached is your program for the 2 day MRP/F class at North Star May 26-27.  I'm thinking about taking the camper down about noon on Fri.  If there is enough interest I think I could arrange for a $2.00 organized practice about 2 or 3 Fri. afternoon.  Maybe shoot 15 ea at 3 & 500 or some such. Let me know if you would be interested.  Holdhard-   Bob"  

   May 26, 27 -- Mid Range Prone at NorthStar -- program click here  
   May 26, 27 -- Sm. Bore Prone Regional Championships at MRC -  program click here

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