Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shooter's News for the Mn Area - Sept 28, 2011

The Week ahead
Traditionalists will be heading south to Bucksnort, Mo.this coming weekend for the last Mid Range match on the calendar.  Too far to travel for a match? Then a weekend of reloading will be in order for the "really" last match of the year to be held on Oct 9th at
GRRC. I'm sure that there is one more beautiful fall day on the schedule,  so plan on this match as the season's last chance to pull some triggers.   Click Here for ''Full Bore" match program.

Last Weekend  

 It was the last Service Rifle Leg match of the year, and the weather was perfect -- light wind, sunshine and comfortable temperatures.
The GRRC range was in great shape and the match was well run. 

From: Mark Havilk
 There were 29 shooters, 26 non-distinguished. Bob Harper won with a 472-?x followed by Kurt Borlaug with a ?.    Matt Cwach took the second leg and bronze medal with a 469-?x. Al Schneider, Dean Gillette and myself all shot a 464. Dean beat me by 2 x's and I think Al beat dean by 3 x's.


Mark's excellent slide show of this Leg Match -- Click Here  
    click "full screen" and turn up the volume!

MRRA Board Meeting rescheduled to October 9 - Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club, Harris MN. (after the match)

Two weeks out
Oct 9th  Full Bore match at GRRC -  Click here for Program

That's all Folks

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