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Shooters News for the MN Area - Sept 8, 2011

The Week Ahead
This weekend we observe the 10th anniversary of the attacks against America. This weekend will also be the 10th anniversary of the 9/11
Highpower Matches held by Northwestern Gun Club   (map) to memorialize that tragic event.  This year the 9/11 matches, as before, will be prone Mid Range matches, and will be the State Mid Range Championship.  Each day, shooters will compete in four 20 shot prone slow fire matches to be fired from 300 yds to 500 yds. These matches are always seem to be shot on beautiful early fall days with a little pine sent in the air.  Head on up to NWGC on Saturday for the Iron sight matches, and stay over through Sunday for the Any sight matches.  There is Camping at the range and more than one club house to set up a cot indoors for the night.  There are two good places to eat on the Lake within just a few miles.       Contact person is Bob Woods  - 
       9/11 Mid Range Championships  -  Click Here for Program
       Accurate, Weather Info for NWGC - Click Here -- updated by the minute from Airport (near the range) This weather site will be posted on the Blog throughout the weekend.

Sunday, 9/11 there will also be a 300 meter match at Minneapolis Rifle Club. (Map)  Brian Shiffman, match director, invites all to these matches, which are shot on electronic 300 m targets.  That means you just fire the shot and then ck the shot place on the computer screen next to each firing position.  Neat stuff!    F-class and Senior scope shooters are encouraged to come and compete.
Brian Shiffman:

 "The Minneapolis Rifle Club (MRC) 300 meter match for September will be held this Sunday, September 11.  Shooting starts at 10AM so get there early to set up and ensure that we have enough targets ready for shooting as well as for administrative and chatting purposes."
Brian D. Shiffman

Last Weekend
Highpower matches were shot at Eau Claire all weekend.  Mark Schoess sent in pictures of the score board from Saturday's OTC match, and you can notice that Minn shooters were numerous and well placed in the final standings. Kurt Borlaug continues his mastery of the Service Rifle by shooting an excellent 775 which was good for 4th over all.  Kevin Bangen took 2nd place with a awesome 781, and Dean Gillette, topped the large expert class, by shooting a Master score of 759.
Complete Results -- Click Here  and  Click Here   Tks to Mark Schoess for sending in the score board pictures.

Small bore
The 3 Position Small bore Regional Championships were held at Mpls Rifle Club, and once again Emily Quiner came out on top, and took home the Gold medal for her winning efforts.  These matches saw the return of Bruce Blahut as a competitor.  Due to injury, its been many years since we have seen Bruce on the firing line.  Welcome back !

DSC02124.jpg  Emily Quiner -  3P Gold medal
DSC02128.jpgAlex Giesar - Silver medal and 2nd place
   Complete Regional 3P Champ Results-- Click Here  

Small Bore Prone Outdoor Championships
  From Ross Ewert:
"Jim, I am not sure if anyone sent you the State prone results from Hibbing a week ago, if not, here it is. Emily shot an outstanding 3196 to become our latest MN state smallbore prone champion.  Click Here for Complete Results

300meter International 
From Brian Shiffman:  

"What a great day for a match.  Fine weather, sunny skies slight breeze and not many excuses.
   For the second month in a row, Tom Loberg and Johan Boden had a real battle that was not settled until the last shot was fired.  For the second month, Johan bested Tom by one point, 590 to a 589.  Tom was ahead after the second series but dropped 4 points to Johan’s one in the third series.
  Prone class was decided by two points with Garold Jones ahead of Russ Siakel.
 Two shooters new to our matches were John Swenson and Bryan Peterson (Ya, for sure) who behaved themselves well while posting good scores for newcomers to 300 meters.  John was a model of consistency, shooting 188, 187 and 187.
  Russ Siakel was cruising in Prone until the third series then things just fell apart for him.  As for me, I gave up really early, like just after sighting in!  My eye was playing tricks on me as I tried shooting Prone.  I would have switched to F-Class but did not bring scope or rests.  So I enjoyed myself watching others shoot."
 Brian D. Shiffman

Olympic Free Pistol  (and Air Rifle, and Shuetzen rifle)
  from Mike Marzitelli
Gentlemen and Ladies.  We are winding down the 2011 Free Pistol season with the State Championship coming up October 15th at the Minneapolis Rifle Club/Minnetonka Game & Fish Club facility.  We have one more match before the Championship the third Saturday in September at MRC/MG&FC.  

Starting October, we are beginning the Air Pistol matches at Bill's in Robbinsdale on Tuesday evenings.   Again, there will be two relays, the first at 4 in the afternoon with the second beginning about 5:30.   There has been in the past a full house at the first relay but there always has been plenty of room for additional shooters at the second relay.  These are open matches and all are invited to shoot any or all of them.   We will have as optional for those who want to establish National Rankings affiliation with  USA Shooting .   The few dollars extra is elective only for those who wish to register their scores and is not required for participation.  The fees will remain $6.00 for range use along with a contribution for targets when they are required.  We have sufficient targets from last year to last a few months.  
Olympic Air Rifle will also be starting on Wednesdays in October using the same format.  
Olympic Free Pistol Schedule Issues.   
For the last few years, we have been scheduling during the summer two matches a month, one on the first Saturday at Oakdale, and the second at MRC on the third Saturday.  This last summer, the attendance at Oakdale has been light.  During the summer, there are many conflicting activities hence that can be expected. These are things such as marriage, children, vocation, other travel, and other interests such as boating, cabins up north and so on.   These are all good things in and of themselves.   The question I have is given the conflict, is it in our interest as a competitive group to maintain the two match per month schedule from May through September for Free Pistol.  I would like some feedback on that as I have to meet with the other match directors this coming Saturday to work on the 2012 Oakdale schedule.  Feedback please.

Schuetzen Team Formation.   Gerry Barnes has proposed that we should consider forming Schuetzen Teams for national competition. These teams would be in rimfire as well as centerfire Schuetzen.   We would meet once a month shooting together as a team and forward our scores to the governing organization.   In this case it would be the American Single Shot Association.  These scores would them compete against similar teams throughout the United States.   It would be shot from both Offhand and Bench and in Iron Sights and Any Sight categories.   If you are interested in becoming involved, let me know so we can begin the organizational ground work.  In as this is a postal match of sorts, we have scheduling options so we would be able to work around being on call , being elsewhere, being cold,  and other concerns.  The rimfire matches could be shot from the climate controlled facility available to us. The submitted scores would be for a five member team.  Feedback please.

 MRRA fall Board meeting
From George Minerich - MRRA pres.
Hi All: Please find attached the Board meeting agenda for Saturday's meeting. Thanks! George PS: I know you can't make it Matt"  Click Here for agenda

Service Rifle Championships  (Sept 17-18)
From: Capt. Bob     

"Attached is your program for the 2011 Minn. service rifle championship & EIC match at North Star.  NOTE that we are shooting 2 person teams this year. We want to promote club vs. club competition but if you can't find a team mate from your club let me know & I'll try to pair up some pick up teams under MRRA or some other state Ass'n.
If you wish to camp on Fri. let me know & I'll get the top secret gate code to you.
Advance entries are preferred and keep in mind the entry orifice closes at 0830 SHARP so if you are just showing up be there before 0830!

Two Weeks Out
Sept 16-18 NRA Rifle coach training classes by Larry Sawyer -- Click Here for program
Sept 17-18  Service Rifle Championships at NorthStar  - Click Here for Program
Sept 18       Small Bore1600 at ERSC -- Click Here for Match Program
Sept 24       Service Rifle clinic at GRRC
Sept 25       EIC Leg Match (Service Rifle) at GRRC -  Click Here for Program   

That's All Folks  -- Note:  Match programs etc always avalible on Blog

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