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Shooters News for the Minn area - Sept. 21, 2011

from Capt Bob:

Hello Minn. HP shooters:
Today, Sept. 20 is Dr. Ken Erickson's 87th birthday.  Ken was NRA national champion in about 1962 and a serious Minn  HP shooter until his late 70's.  He then became one of the first F class shooters in Minn. and in fact the F class trophy is named for Ken. He is also one of the founders of the North Star club in Red Wing.  Please join me in sending Ken a HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting. Let's load up his in box for all day reading!
Ken Erickson  --

The Week Ahead

The days are getting shorter and it sure feels like fall has arrived.  Unfortunately, that means the rifle match season is drawing to a close in the upper mid west. This coming weekend there are still two good choices for the discriminating shooter looking for just one more match before putting the equipment away for the season. 
  Service Rifle shooters will be heading up to GRRC on Sunday, Sept, 25th (map)  for the last local Leg Match of the year.  This "Excellence in Competition" match will award some "all important" Leg points to the top scorers and is the only path toward the life time achievement award of a Distinguished Rifleman's badge.  Other than winning the National Championship, earning a Distinguished Rifleman's Badge is usually the crowning achievement for most competitive shooters.  Service rifle shooters motto:  "If it isn't a Leg Match, its just practice"
   Click Here for program and Schedule for this leg match.  Leg Match weather report.--  Click Here   Note: This weather rpt. seems to update every 5 sec. 

If you are not "gunning" for Leg Points" (why wouldn't you be?), this will be a good fun 50 shot match to close out the season with.  So, dig out the service rifle and head up to GRRC and watch the big dogs sweat it out, while you just shoot for fun.

Traveling shooters, might head over to Eau Claire for the last weekend of  shooting at the Eau Claire Rifle Club
  The standard format will be in order.  Saturday is a Mid Range prone 80 shot match to be shot at 600 yds, and on Sunday the shooters will be contesting for the win in an 80 shot Over the Course match.    Click Here for match program and Schedule.  

Last Weekend
Phill Klanderud ignored the cold rain at NorthStar Rifle Club in Red Wing, MN and won the Mn State Service Rile Championship. Phill has been a long time member of the  MN St. Service Rifle team and a top competitor for many years.
  Complete Results of Sat's Service Rifle championship -- Click Here
     The Service Rifle Team Championship was won by the team of Larry Weidell and James Pennington.

                                                                                                Pictures by Mark Havlik 

Sunday's Leg match at NorthStar Rifle Club in Red Wing, Mn might have been wet and chilly, but the action was hot for Scott Brabec who won his Bronze Leg  on the way to his Distinguished Rifleman's badge.  Congratulations to Scott.
Larry Weidell wins the Gold medal, Scott Brabec wins the Silver, and Sgt. Al Shneider wins the Bronze. 
    Complete Leg Match results:   Click here
    Don't miss Mark Havlik's Slide show (with music) of this Leg Match -- Click Here  

300 Meter International     

 From: Brian Shiffman:   
 "This past Sunday, the 11th turned out to be an ideal day for a match.  There was very little wind, except for a puff now and then, bright and sunny with a mirage to contend with.  I could see two targets nearly superimposed as they drifted in and out of focus while shifting a bit.  Since the wind was so low, the mirage was basically a vertical change of point of impact.  Some just waited a while until the mirage passed (and read the wind which caused it to pass) or did as I did and just pick one target and shoot.  It served me pretty well.
We had four shooters new to our matches who did pretty well, indeed.  Clearly these folks had handled rifles before.  One, unfortunately, was not able to complete the match due to technical issues but I hope he returns to shoot with us.  Ed Toensing came out to the match.  It has been about 18 (or was it 30?)  months or so since he shot with us.  Too many honey do’s and a broken bone kept him away.  For not having shot in so long he did pretty well.
The battle between Johan Boden and Tom Loberg that has been going on for the past few months saw Tom come out on top by 2 points over Johan. 
Robert Smith came with his A game and took top honors with a 596, 3 points better than the two who tied for second followed by two who tied for 4th.  Complete results can be found at
The next match is scheduled for October 9th."
 Brian D. Shiffman 

Small Bore

from Chad Danielson:

Hey Jim,    The below is the current top ten standings of the Smallbore Prone Aggregate Season points as it stands after the August 27th and 28th State Prone 3200 Championship that was shot in Hibbing. The final prone match of the season is a one day 1600 coming up this Sunday September 18th in Elk River
1         1.  Eric Hazelton (Jr.)        15,202 – 660

      2. Jim Biles                       12,663 - 696

      3. Emily Quiner (Jr.)          11,073 - 700

      4. Steve Knutson               10,944 - 564

      5. Chad Danielson             10,882 - 479

      6. Nick Learn (Jr.)              10,789 - 413

      7. Jim Evenson                  10,669 - 501

      8. Stacey Tamulinas           9,449 - 571

      9. Lori Huseby (Jr.)             9,360 - 368

    10. Julie Huseby                   9,316 – 354

From Capt. Bob: 

"I thought you guys might find this interesting --- Click Here  for Accurate Shooter article on "X-Ray Spectrometry of Cartridge BrassX-Ray -- Spectrometers Reveal Metal Content of Major Cartridge Brass Brands"
I've recently had a batch of S&B in 45 ACP that between 15 to 20% of the cases SPLIT on the bullet seating area (lip or front end).  S&B gave me one box of 50 for my inconvenience." 
Two Weeks out (or longer)

Oct. 9th  -  Full Bore match at GRRC -- Click Here for Program
Oct  9th -   300m match at MRC   (map)
Nov 13th -
300m match at MRC
Dec 11th -
300m match at MRC  

That's all Folks

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