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Shooters News for the MN area - Sept 14th

The Week Ahead for MN area Shooters -  Sept 14. 2011 
Distinguished Rifleman's Badge
Service Rifle shooters, this is your big weekend coming up!  The
MN State Service Rifle championship will be held Sept 17th, and 18 at NorthStar Rifle Club near Red Wing, MN  (Map).  The individual match starts Sat. morning with first shots down range at 0900Hrs.  Shooters will fire from the Offhand position, and the prone position in slow fire matches, and will fire from the sitting position, and the prone position in Rapid fire matches.  Following the 600 yd prone match, the mid-range part of the the Team match will be fired,with the short course part of the Team match being fired on Sunday morning.  The big match of the weekend, of course is the EIC Leg match which will start somewhere around 1100 hrs Sunday morning after the team match is completed.  This 50 shot OTC match will award much coveted "Leg" points as the big prize.  I wonder who is close to earning their last points toward the Distinguished Rifleman's Badge?
                      Click Here for Service Rifle Championship match Program

  From: Capt. Bob
ttached is your program for the 2011 Minn. service rifle championship & EIC match at North Star.  NOTE that we are shooting 2 person teams this year. We want to promote club vs. club competition but if you can't find a team mate from your club let me know & I'll try to pair up some pick up teams under MRRA or some other state Ass'n.
If you wish to camp on Fri. let me know and I'll get the top secret gate code to you. Advance entries are preferred and keep in mind the entry orifice closes at 0830 SHARP so if you are just showing up be there before 0830!

HOLDHARD,   Bob  dilligas@means.net

Larry Sawyer is hosting a Rifle Coaching Training Session -- Postponed till Jan 2012
Click Here for program

Small Bore
shooters have one more chance to practice and show off their skills in prone competition this weekend at Elk River Sportsmen's club on sunday Sept. 18.  Chris Hazelton will be match director at this once a year oppertunity to shoot at the Elk River small  Bore range.  This facility is really under used and I enjoy the chance to shoot there.  Click Here for a match program and a map to the range.
                       Click Here for a few pictures of this excellent range and a slide show of last years match.
 Highpower shooters should note that these prone SB matches are the absolute best way to practice for Mid and Long Range prone matches.  Two of the top 3 shooters at this past weekend's Mid Range State Championships regularly participate in Small Bore prone matches.  That should tell you something.  These matches are shot 20 shots per target, and because you can see the hole in the target through your spotting scope, you get instant feed back on position, trigger control, and wind reading.  The targets are shot at 50 yds, 50 m and 100 yds, with both Iron sights and Any sights being used during the day.  Seniors can shoot scope all day and Fclass is welcome.

Last Weekend
The 9/11 memorial Mid Range State Championship matches were held this past weekend at
Northwestern Gun Club. The weather held to forecast and was arguably  the best conditions these matches have seen in many years.  With pleasant temperatures and little wind to confound the shooters, plenty of great scores were shot. 

Stacey, Eric, Steve, and Rick

  From Stacey Tamulinas:
"Hi Jim: 

I knew the 911 Match was going to have a good turn-out when I arrived and there wasn't any room to park at the 200 yd line. This is the first time I've ever seen 4 relays at a MN match. There were 6 or 7 firing points for sling shooters and the rest were F-Class. Saturday had perfect wind conditions but as usual the targets were very dark and did not get sun on the faces until about 12:30. Wind was about 0 - 5 mph and mostly 0. 
Shot my Palma rifles all weekend but should have left the scope off for the Sunday Match.  The MR-63 target at 300 yds has muted rings and X that made finding a point to aim at (at least for me) difficult.  Things went extremely well on Saturday (800-57x).  Steve Knutson was in 2nd place with 791-42x.  He was using Hornady V-Max in a 240 I think.  At least 4 of his points were lost when one of his bullets took a detour to the 6 ring, going through sideways!  Personally, I never trusted those funny plastic tips.
Steve Knutson - Champ

Scope day, the wind picked up to 5-15 mph but seemed to have a very limited effect (maybe 1/2 min) for most people.  Bryan Murnak continued to shoot his 6.5x284 with irons to good effect  Steve K. was shooting very well.  My three 9s were off call but probably due to operator error.   Bryan ended the second day only dropping 1 point and Steve K. dropped 2 points.
  There was very close battle between Phil Klanderude and Mark Rhomann with Mark taking 1st Master by 1 pt.
  Rick Sievers won the F-Class State Championship with a 1594 - 93x. That is hard holding on that little target.

  Eric Hazelton was 1st SS/Expert with a High Master score and a possible National Junior Record score for 500 yd any sight.  Fair warning to the upper classes, his Master Card will be arriving soon.
   I checked the NRA National Records and Eric Hazelton missed the Junior 20 shot 500 yds, Any Sight record by 2x's.  Still very impressive for a SS Junior and he's not even close to exiting the junior class. 
   However, there were two National Geezer Records Set.  Omer Hamer set a new 500 yd any sight,
grand senior record with a 200 - 14x and I set a new 500 yd metallic sight senior record with a 200 - 15x.
Rick Sievers - F class  Champ
   Thanks to Elliot Zunich.  He ran a great match although his Serbian good nature was tested. If you weren't there you missed a good one.   Attached are the photos.  I can barely make out the Sunday scores.  If there is a way to increase the contrast, it might help.
Best regards,  Stacey
   slide show - click here                  Results ---click here
Stacey Tamulinas


GRRC Palma Match Sept 3rd
 From Kurt Borlaug:
Last Saturday, Sept. 3rd, GRRC hosted a Palma match and the turnout was less than stellar, but we had a ball anyway. Brett Kratt and Bob Woods came down from Duluth and with myself we made a party of it. The wind was dead calm for 800 and 900, picking up a bit at 1k just to tickle the bullets a bit.  Brett Kratt ,shooting an M1-A fired a 410-4x.  Bob Woods' first ever Palma match fired a 421-9
Kurt Borlaug, Palma rifle fired a 435-14x
Thanks, Kurt


Full Bore Match
coming up!  (Oct. 9th)
From Capt Bob:  

Greetings prone shooters:    Attached is a program for a first ever full bore match to be held at the Gopher Club on Oct 9thnear Harris, MN. I believe full bore rules require a 308 Winchester; however there may be some latitude in this since this is a first time event for Gopher.  Contact Kurt for specifics.  Watch the weather closely.  It can be dandy or nasty this time of the year in Minn. 
Capt. Bob                   Click Here for "Full Bore" match program.  

     From me--- This should be a fun match.  Full Bore matches are usually shot "Two to a Mound".  This means that the two shooters on the line alternate firing.  Both are in firing position,.  One shooter fires and the other records the shot on the shooters score card. As soon as the the score is announced, the scorer then has only 45 sec to fire his shot while the first shooter becomes the scorer.  They alternate shooting then scoring after every shot.  The "game" here is that you can't wait for the wind to be in your "shooting window".  You must fire your shot within the 45 sec allowed.   You must correct for the wind that is present and cannot wait out a bad condition.  Go over the 45sec time limit twice and you can lose the value of that shot.  This makes for a good learning situation.  "Two to a mound" is a fun way to shoot a match.  See Full Bore Match Rules -- pg 11-12

GRRC's Service Rifle clinic scheduled for Oct  is for Nat Guard troops only.

Two Weeks Out

Sept 25         EIC Leg Match (Service Rifle) at GRRC -  Click Here for Program
Sept 24-25    Mid Range and OTC at Eau Claire -  Click Here for program

That's All Folks !

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