Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shooters News for the Minn Area - Oct 5, 2011

The Week Ahead


This weekend it is Full Speed ahead to Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club  (map) for the last Highpower match of the season in this area.  This will be a "Full Bore" type match to be shot at 300 , 600, 800, and 1000 yds.  Shooters will be firing 15 record shots with 2 sighters at each distance for a total of 60 shots for record.  So, get out that "NRA Match Rifle, Palma Rifle or Service Rifle, or International Standard or Free Rifle. .223 Rem/5.56 Nato or .308 Win/7.62 Nato cartridges ...  Metallic sights only...." for one more match this season. The weather is going to be great, so come out and launch a few down range. Click Here for "Full Bore" match bulletin.
    I just talked to Match Director, Kurt Borlaug. He has received a large amt. of interest in this match.
    From Kurt: "The GRRC Fullbore match  schedule is as follows; 8:30 regs open, 9:30 close, pits seal at 9:45 and firing will begin at 10am."
    I think the chance to shoot "two to a mound" Full Bore style, will make this match a popular choice for the weekend. 

300-Meter Match

The monthly 300 meter match series will continue Sunday, Oct 9th at Mpls Rifle Club. Shooters will fire on 300 meter electronic target, and may shoot either 60 or 120 shots or record.  They may fire 3 position or all prone and may also choose to shoot F-class (scopes and rests) or even scope all day as in the Senior Scope class. With so many ways to participate, there is no good reason to stay home.  Think about it! -- you can stay home all winter. 


Young shooters
Do you have a youngster that you are looking for a Junior shooting program that will get them started off on the right track.  There are many opportunities locally for that young person to be a part of excellent junior programs. Juniors are shooting and competiting, in Air Rifle, Small Bore, and Highpower shooting, and many local junior shooters are making a name for themselves at the collegiate and National level.  You just have to get them going.  Click Here for info  

Cheap Brass?
From Jim Soderstrom:
"Cabelas has all Lapua brass on sale at a good discount.  The .308 brass(non-Palma) is $55.99/100.  Best I've seen in a long while.  Brunos is $65.00 - $68.00/100 depending on quantity.
Jim S."
      Tks, Jim for the heads up!

Sad Day
After many, many years of operation, the 3M rifle and pistol club is shutting down.  Many thanks to Sharon and John Ruffing for (probably) 20 years of running that club.  We are diminished.

Two Weeks Out
Nov 13 - 300 meter match at MRC
Dec 11 - 300 meter match at MRC
That's all Folks

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