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Shooters News for the MN area - Oct 25, 2011

Shooters News for the Minn Area  -  Oct 25, 2011

The Week Ahead.  
Believe it or not, there is a rifle match this week.  The Air Rifle league has started its season with matches on Wednesday evenings at Bills Gun Shop in Robinsdale.    

  From Mike Marzitelli:
"We will be beginning the air rifle season at Bill's in Robbinsdale on Wednesday evenings beginning October 5th. We will be shooting every Wednesday from then to the end of March. The Olympic course will be fired at 10 meters on regulation targets. 60 shots for record per match. First relay will begin shooting at 4:00 and Second relay at 5:30. Range fees are $6. A contribution once during the
season is requested as well. Contact me for further information.
Mike Marzitelli at mmarzitelli@hotmail.com or call 651-489-9164."
    Click Here for Match program

300 meter
The only other match coming up for centerfire rifles will be Sunday, Nov, 13th at the Mpls. Rifle Club.  This will be a 300 m International style match using those nifty electronic targets. 

   Results - Oct 9th 300m match
from Brian Shiffman:
"For the third month in a row we were blessed with excellent conditions for a match.  Light breezes and very comfortable temperatures made for a good opportunity for scoring well. 
There were two new match shooters for F-Class who both did quite well.  Deb Hughes is an IPSC shooter competing in rifle for the first time (if I recall correctly) and came in one point behind Johan Boden for 4th place.  She did was using a rifle from Garold Jones (who also spotted for Deb).
All in all it was a very good shoot with all targets working properly. 
The full results can be seen at http://www.edfpages.com/mgfc/results.php?match=10
PC090023.JPG  MRC 300 m match -- The early years

Here is something interesting for you to do: while viewing results of a particular match if you click on a name the year average for that shooter in the particular class of that match will be shown.  For example, while viewing the October results if you click on my name the software will show that I have shot 8 matches in F-Class (since that is the class I shot in October) and show the average for each of the three series and the average of all series.  The averages will include all matches shot for the year in that class.
 Click on tom Loberg and the system will show that he has shot 8 matches in F-Class with an average total score of 589.9; Johan Boden has shot 6 matches in F-Class for an average of 590.0.  That just about sums it up for the way the competition has gone between these two.
The next match is Sunday, November 13.  I cannot guarantee that the weather will be a cooperative as we have had for the past 3 months but it will be comfortable inside the shoot house.
 See you at the range.
Brian     shiff004@umn.edu

Winter Highpower league
George Minerich (MRRA Pres) will once again be running a Winter Highpower League starting on Dec 3rd and continuing approximately every other Saturday through March 2012.

 From George Minerich:  --  Minneapolis Rifle Club Winter High Power League
The Minneapolis Rifle Club (MRC) will be hosting a winter High Power club league starting in December. Shooting will take place in the MRC heated facility on electronic targets. You must shoot match bullets or full metal jacket bullets (no A-Max or expanding bullets).The league will shoot every other Saturday December 2011 thru March 2012. Shooting will start at promptly 11:00 AM. We will shoot 50 shots for record with sighters between strings. The National Match Course will be shot. Prone and F-Class shooters are welcome and will shoot 50 shots for record slow fire. Time will be accommodated forprone & F-Class shooters. The Season fee (9 Saturdays) $75.00. The daily fee is $10.00.To get the discount you must pay the first Saturday.For more information contact George Minerich: (320) 968-6898 or george.minerich@q.com 
   Click Here  for match program

Report on the GRRC Full bore match.
 From Kurt Borlaug
   " October 9th saw the area's first ever Fullbore Prone rifle match. The weather was spectacular for the 14 sling, and 4 F-Class competitors. Firing started at a rather leisurely time of 10am and the match ran well under the able management of Mark Rohmann. Mark is a new GRRC member and has stepped up to help when asked. Mark studied the Fullbore rulebook thoroughly and all questions were anticipated and answered confidently.
  The format was pair-firing, with 15 record shots per competitor at 300, 600, 800 and 1,000 yards, for a possible score of 600 points. Adding to the pair-firing, shooters are required to break their shots within 45 seconds of the target coming out of the pit. This means you cannot wait out wind conditions. This forces shooters to quickly judge wind conditions and make BOLD corrections at times.

  Brian Mrnak from Ashland Wi. started off only dropping one point at 300 yards.  Klanderud, Peasley, Borlaug and Junior Eric Hazelton hung tight all at 148 points.
  Mrnak had the only clean of the day at any yardline with a 150-7x. Peasley was close behind with a 148-6x. After 600, Mrnak had the lead at 299-16x, with Peasley close behind at 296-12x. Hazelton and Klanderud tied for third at 295-12. Did I mention Hazelton is a junior.....?

  At 800 yards, the GRRC famous fishtailing conditions began to frustrate the competitors. Mrnak, unfazed, again was on top with a spectacular 149-12 x. Klanderud and Borlaug tied at 147-5x, with Phil's higher value on the last shot putting him in second for the stage. The format at the long-range portion was evidently challenging all comers, as a lot of shooters fair pretty well at the 800 line when they can wait out conditions.

  The 1,000 yardline was the biggest points dropper for all shooters. As the day wore on and the conditions continued to challenge, Mrnak finished again on top at 142-3x. Peasley and Borlaug tied at 139-3x, with Peasley Creedmoring Borlaug on the last shot.
 At the end of the day Brian Mrnak walked away the winner with 590-31x.
Three shooters had scores of 578 with close x-counts. Borlaug and Klanderud tied at 18-x, Peasley at 17-x. Borlaug's higher score at 1k put him in second place overall and first in the master class. Eric Hazelton came away first in Expert class and fifth overall with 575-20x.
  The positive response of this match has spurred the club to add this format again in 2012. There has been calls to revive the National Long-Range Course also. Thanks to all competitors for trying something new, and a BIG THANKS to Mark Rohmann for giving up a day of shooting to run the line."

Thanks Kurt for that match report.  I'm sure that this "Two to a mound shooting" might become a very popular match format.

Junior Shooters  
Would someone please keep us informed on Junior shooting activities over this winter season?

 Long time competitor Gordy Kordowsky has some once fired LC Match .308 brass for sale.
  Contact Gordy at gskordosky@aol.com

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