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The Week Ahead for Shooters -- MN Area - Aug 3

The Week Ahead for Mn Area Shooters 
This coming weekend is another great chance for Prone shooters to try their skills. Small Bore shooters have matches at MRC both Saturday,and Sunday (Aug 7 & 8) as the Small Bore range there will the site of the Metric Prone Regional. Saturdays match is an Iron Sight 1600, and Sunday is the Any sight 1600.   Match program Click Here 
Note:  Map to MRC is linked on the Blog.  

 Prone Highpower shooters will head to Mpls. Rifle Club This Sunday, May 8th, for a 300 meter match. Shooters can participate in the 3 position 60 shot match or the 60 shot prone match (or Both).  Remember this is nice prone shooting on electronic 300m targets. If you haven't tried one of these matches, now is the time.  The instant feed back you get from these Computer operated targets makes these matches the best practice you can get at 300 meters.   

Camp Perry -- latest news I have
 MSgt Matt Griffin of Mn Air Guard shot a 288-6x to make the President's 100 list.  Phill Klanderud came close in the Leg match with a 467, but I think the cut will be about 470-4x.  Kurt Borlaug, and Jeremy Harrison both shot above the cut but are already Distinguished shooters.    You can track the CMP match results  click Here
Long Range
MN Long Range St. Championship -- last weekend at GRRC's Long Range Shooting Facility
I understand that there were 28 shooters at the 1000 yd match --making this the best attended LR match of any recent years. I was not there but this rpt in from:

From: Stacey Tamulinas
"Attendance was way up for this MN State Long Range Championship. Twelve F-Class and sixteen sling shooters. Several WI shooters found their way to the range after a long absence. Saturday's winds were very mild but it would give you a 9 or worse if you were not paying attention. Sunday was over cast with scattered showers with mild winds from the south. A few of the relays got a little wet but not enough to stop the match. I got the 1000 yd match win and Bryan M. from WI won the Long Range 2 day Agg. Morgen Dietrich. is the MN State Palma and Long Range Champ.
Hope the attached pictures are clear enough." -- Stacey  

And in From Cliff Secord:
"....In the F-class competition: Saturday's Agg. was won by Bob Sebold with a score of 577-18x out of a possible 600 points. Sunday's competition was won by Earl Liebetran with a score of 440-18x out of a possible 450 points. The total Aggregate was won by Earl Liebetran with a score of 1017-29x out of a possible 1050 points."
Submitted by match director Cliff Secord.
I believe that Stacey Tamulinas will be leaving next week for Toronto, and Canada's Full Bore Championship Matches. It will be more International competition experience for some of the Palma team who are attending.  I hope that someone brings us back a report and a couple pictures.  Good Shooting!  

Small Bore
GRRC's  Tuesday Small Bore League has really benefited this year from the hard work of the Black Powder group, who I think is responsible for the construction of new firing line and new Overhead shelter on the Black Powder and SB range.  See Slide show of this new facility:  Click Here 
There are presently 9 useable Sm bore firing positions, and certainly room for more if the need arises. The new firing line is flat and level with room for 1 or 2 shooters in each bay depending on the final realignment of the Sm bore target lay out. The Monday night and the Tuesday morning shooters are just about finishing up their three 1600 matches for the season.  I know that Tuesday morning shooters will continue to meet and shoot either Sm Bore or Hp for a few more weeks.  Continued up grading of the GRRC facilities is making this range a very high class place to shoot.  We are all lucky to have members who are willing to put in the work to see this happen.   

Next Matches
Saturday  Aug 7th -- Small Bore Metric Prone Retional (Iron Sights)  at MRC    Program click here
Sunday    Aug 8th -- Small Bore Metric Prone Retional (Any Sights)  at MRC 
Sunday    Aug 8th  -  300 Meter Prone and 3P at MRC  1000hrs  

Two Weeks Out
Sat  -  Aug 14th  Poor Man's Perry at NWGC  80 OTC
Sunday -- Aug 15  Poor Man's Perry at NWGC  Mid Range Prone  Program (both)  Click Here 
Sunday -- Aug 15  Smallbore  prone 1600 at MRC   Program click here   

I''ll See you prone shooters, that are not at Perry, this weekend at MRC for the meter matches.  See you there
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