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The Week Ahead for Shooters -- Mn Area Aug. 25

This Weekend
This next weekend may be a welcomed time off for many rifle shooters in the Twin City's area as there are no local matches. However, that does not mean that there are no matches to shoot if you are willing to drive a few hrs. North or South. 
Small bore shooters will be heading up to Hibbing, MN to participate in the "Conventional Prone MN State Championship"  Aug 28-29. See Program -- Click Here  (page 5)
Highpower shooters can make their way to Lacrosse , Wisc. for Mid Range Prone matches both Sat and Sunday. Sorry, no program avalilable, but here is a map to the Lacrosse Rifle Club range.  Click Here 

Last Week's Service Rifle Leg Match at NorthStar
From: Mark Havlik
Mark Havlik
Here's a report from today's Leg match at Northstar.
I wasn't at the fun match Saturday but the couple folks I talked to said it was the most fun they'd had shooting a match in a long while.  Sunday morning, the fog was so thick  when I arrived at the range I  couldn't see that Jerry had left the number-boards up from
Saturday's  fun match until I was past the 200 yard firing line.  Our scheduled squadded practice was canceled due to the fog and
lack  of interest. The fog burned off long before our first shot of the match with steamy conditions and just enough of a breeze to keep things interesting at 600 yards. Everything ran smoothly with the exception of a pit alibi on first relay. 
    Attendance was somewhat disappointing with only 8 non-distinguished and 1 distinguished shooters. Steve Saturn decided, despite my coxing and reassurance, that he'd help in the pits as we had 3 even lines. Scores were a bit low with the heat, humidity and North Star's notoriously shifty winds taking their toll The results:
Mark Havlik - Gold Metal and Bronze Leg.
Shawn Breuklander (Dis) - Silver Medal.
Tom Torborg - Bronze Medal and First Leather.
Results Buletin -   Click Here           Pictures -  Click here   Mark Havlik   Match Director (Pro Tem)  North Star Rifle Club
Congratulations Mark on winning that Bronze Leg! 

 The MN Mid Range Prone Regional Championship is almost upon us. It's time to start planing your trip to NWGC  (Duluth) for these "9/11" matches (Sept 11 &12th) which have been very popular in past years.  Why so popular---Well, it's usually great weather, the range is one of the best in the state, and the guys always put on a great event.  These matches are for both Sling shooters and F-class and there are medals up for grabs for both classes. 
From: Capt. Bob
    F class shooters note:
 Last year I convinced the NRA HP committee that they should provide medals for F class shooters at these prone regional's. As is reasonable they told me they would if there were at least 10 F class entries.  There will not be for both F class divisions, just "F class".  So, make sure you drag your buds up to Duluth.
 And you sling guys, come on up also!
 HOLDHARD,---Bob"    Match Program : Click here
Shooters--Don't forget that the Mid Range Team Championship follows the Regional at Duluth by only one week (Sept 18)--So start working on getting your team together.  This Match (MR Team champ) was, without a doubt, the past year's best match.  This is a true "Club Team" match.  All star teams are discouraged as we want to promote  "Club vs Club"  competition and the comradery that goes with it.  We are hoping that NWGC, and Eau Claire can get a team together to compete for regional bragging rights this year.  We missed their participation last year and they can't win if they arn't there.
Team Match Program  Click Here

From Capt Bob
"MRP shooters:-----I may have sent this already but a follow up never hurts!  Attached is your program for the 2010 Minn. MRP & F class team championship.  Be aware that any place you see the term "iron sights" it applies to ONLY sling shooters.  The F class guys will shoot the same course but of course with scopes all the way. If you have a team planned PUH-leese let me know ( fclass or sling) so we can have proper targets ready. We had 8 teams and outstanding weather last year.  I'm hoping for 10 teams & outstanding weather this year. I don't necessarily need all the names, just the number of teams.  Also, if you would like to try this game but don't have a team let me know & I'll start a list of names for pick up teams both F class & sling.  You can always shoot under the State Association banner or just call your team the PICK UP POND SLIME or something.
 Note that the course has been reduced to a 60 shot aggregate all with iron sights (except for F class shooters).  I think we all agree that a full 80 shot was way to long of a day.

Back in Harness
Our old friend, Gordy Kordoski, Highpower shooter and past Marksmanship coordinator for the MN Nat Guard, has been coming out to shoot Sm Bore on Tues. mornings with the retired guys at GRRC after a 12 year absence from the shooting game.
 This Tues morn. Gordy showed us that he hasn't lost a bit of skill during that layoff.  Shooting his M14, Gordy pounded the 10 ring in Prone Rapid just like he had never left the sport.  See Gordy in action:   Click here 
Gordy--It's good to have you back! 

International Offhand 
From Mike Marzitelli
 Gentlemen.  Here are results from the 8/21/2010 International Rifle Offhand matches held at MRC. 
There were two matches. 
 The first is the Schuetzen match which consists of 50 shots smallbore offhand at 100 yards at a Wyoming Schuetzen Union 25 ring German Target.  The 25 ring is 1.5 inches in diameter.  All competitors were in the open class which has no restrictions as to equipment save the rifles be smallbore.  In this class, all the competitors used jackets.  The range of equipment was Anschutz, Schultz & Larsen and a smallbore converted AR 15.    One used a 16x scope as well, and two used full Olympic grade iron sights.  The match is shot under the any sight provision.  All of the contenders are regular 300 meter competitors.  There were unlimited sighters on a sighting target and two 25 shot targets for record.  If we have competitors who choose to shoot traditional equipment, we will have a separate class if so desired.   
 Shooter                                    Series                                    Sum 
Erhard Bruderer             573                  562                            1134  Anschutz 
Robert Y. Young             527                  528              1055  Schultz & Larsen Model 88 
Robert W. Smith            482                  486                              968  AR 15  smallbore
 The second match shot was 60 shots offhand with unlimited sighters at the ISSF 50 yard target, the A 51 which is the 50 meter target reduced for 50 yards.  15 shots were fired per record bull.  Equipment used were an Anschutz 1810 by one and a Suhl 150 Standard by the other.  
 Shooter                    Series                                          Sum 
Ali Reda                 102     92     79     76                      349
Mike Marzitelli          57     44     46     42                      189
 Ali established a good starting point for his season in shooting.  Mike's efforts were marked by a certain insanity as he evidently expected different outcomes following the same repeated behavior, he evidently not knowing that the knobs on the rear sight are there for adjusting groups to the scoring rings.  Instead he used magical thinking wishing the group would gravitate to the center of the bull as long as his sight picture was good during a smooth release.  It didn't happen that way.   

Run and Gun
This past weekend GRRC  hosted what is becoming a very popular rifle sport -- 3 Gun matches. These matches consist of a number of stages where the shooters engage multiple targets at varying distances and are scored on the basis of elapsed Time and number of hits. 
Steve Shimek (match director) sent us this Rpt:
"This years match had 14 shooters. 5 COF's, 3 MOR precision rifle stages, and 2 carbine courses. The first precision rifle stage consisted of a long range (800 yd) 3 silhouettes, cold bore engagement. 1st shot per target was given a 100% value, second shot 50%, 3rd shot zero. Scoring was based on the 10 thru 6 scoring rings. In addition to emphasis on 1st shot hits the COF (Course of Fire) was timed. To give feed back to the shooter the target was dropped when hit by the pit crew. As much as I strongly encouraged bolt guns I did allow gas guns and a JP LRP rifle shot by a Gopher member, Tim Ploog, took second place with a time of 25.73 seconds. The winner, Gopher Member, Kurt Nelson, won using a 40X Remington action in a JP bolt gun chassis with a time of 24.82 seconds.
       The second precision rifle COF was a "Command Engagement" stage where at 300 yds shooters were engaging one of six numbered circles in a fixed "par time" of 4 seconds. At the ready, the shooters were given the "Standby Command and a number 1-6". They than indexed on that circle and made the shot within the 4 second fixed time. Late shots were given a "miss".
        The final precision rifle stage was a moving target COF with three sequentially appearing IPSC targets at 200 yds. The targets were presented at the #8 target board location and disappeared at the #15 target board. One at a time. Again the COF was timed and scored with two A hits adding zero to the time, B hits 1 sec, C hits 2 sec,  D hits 3 seconds, two Mikes, 10 seconds. Eric Rhode, non member, took first place with a time of 55.01 seconds and all "A" hits. Tim Ploog with his gas JP LRP, not surprisingly, took second on that stage with a time of 60.73 seconds and three "C" hits.
          As for the two carbine, "run & gun" courses. The first COF consisted of six flash targets at ranges out to 200m engaged from three different positions: two simulated window frames and one inclined bench. This stage was won by member, John Gangl, from JP Enterprises with a time of 66.08 seconds.
           The second carbine stage was a "Field Course" consisting of three 8" plates fired off hand at a little over 100yds followed by a number of mini IPSC and full size IPSC targets totalling 25 rounds. This stage was won again by John Gangl with a time of 55.78 seconds. "
Thanks Steve, I'll have to come up the watch next time you do this. Sounds like fun.     

  Air Rifle  -- By PAUL LEVY, Star Tribune
"She's almost always right on target"   
Kyndell Harkness, Star Tribune photo
"Jonell Sawyer, 52, is a national rifle champion, and until June she held the national record for senior women for air rifle marksmanship.
(she) .. manages the folks who do tax calculation for Anoka County. She's also the county's top gun when it comes to marksmanship.
Jonell... no longer holds the national record. She's not even the top gun in her own home. But the 5-foot-tall Sawyer is, indeed, very much a big shot.
Sawyer, 52, Anoka County's director of property assessment and taxation, is also the county's Annie Oakley."
 Read the rest of the article:    http://www.startribune.com/local/north/101208189.html?page=1&c=y     

 Next matches:
Sat and Sunday - Aug 28-29 --  Mn Outdoor conventional Prone State Champ -- Hibbing,  Program click here
Sat and Sunday - Aug 28-29     MR prone at Lacrosse  --     program    Click Here
Sat and Sunday -  Sept 4-5 --  OTC and MR prone at Eau Claire    Program Click hereSat and Sunday -  Sept 4-5 --  3 pos Sm Bore at MRC  Program Click here 

 That's all Folks 

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