Sunday, August 1, 2010

Minn Service Rifle Team off to Perry Nationals

From Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug
 "The Mn. Service Rifle Team departs for Ohio on Friday, July 30th. We assemble a caravan of sorts with some riding alone and others piling into one car. We will all be on the grounds of Camp Perry by Sunday for the squadded practice. This year it will be 5 minutes of firing at 300 and ten minutes at 600. The new match director, Dennis DeMille is trying something new with this and we always welcome new.
 Jade Caponi from the Mn. Guard and SSGT Al Schneider and Chief Roger Sorben will also attend. Jade will be attending SAFS for the first time and will be eligible for a 4 point EIC Leg at SAFS. He is using a borrowed rifle and will put his new skills to use with the rest of us for the President's Match on Monday and the NTI Leg on Tuesday (Aug 2 and 3). Many of our shooters are seeking EIC Leg points for the Distinguished Rifleman Badge and this is the biggest Leg Match in America. Good Luck Boys!
  August 4 will be the Hearst Two- Man team match. This is a President's COF with pair firing at 200 OH and 600 slow fire prone. The 300 yard stage allows each shooter to coach the other for rapid-fire prone. The top 20 teams get a special award medal. Some of our shooters elect to take this day off to rest for Thursday's NTT six-man team match. Each team must supply two people to pull targets as well as a scorekeeper for an adjacent target. The six shooters will be finalized after Tuesday's NTI match.
  Our biggest asset this year is Bob Peasley as coach. Bob decided to join us this year and we will be all ears for his wind wisdom. He can not only read the wind, but understands what tio do. Thanks from all of us Bob!
 Friday will be our best shot at making an advance in annual standings with the NTIT "Rattle Battle". This rapid-fire match starts at 600 yards and advances to 500, 300 and finally 200. Each team is allowed 384 rounds divided among six shooters. Eight targets are engaged with 50 second exposures at each line. Better teams get rid of all ammo by 500 yards, but we plan on our safety valve here in case we miss the wind. Hits are worth 4 points at 600 yards, 3 at 500 and 2 at 300. Firing the match is relatively simple; Break as many good shots as you can in 50 seconds. The tough part is the coach's wind call. Too much or not enough and we get missed targets. Again Bob will be an enormous help here. Coaches may only use binoculars (10x50 max) to spot traces in this match. As we advance we eventually get to the pits to pull targets for the team behind us.
  There are some sideshow matches during the week also that some will participate in. The Vintage Military Bolt/ Springfield is Friday and the M1 Garand is Saturday. Most of us will stay for the Saturday match and some will shoot the Vintage/Sprf match too.
 Attending from Mn. are Tim Boyle, Jeremy Harrison, Terry MacDonald, Kurt Moline, Erik Rhode, Mark Schoess, Tom Torborg, Larry Weidell, Kurt Borlaug and Bob Peasley.
   You can track our progress on the CMP website under National Trophy Rifle Matches."
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Good Shooting, Good Luck, and have a good time Guys


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