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The Week Ahead for Shooters -- Aug 17

The Week Ahead for Minn shooters -- Aug 17
The Nationals at Camp Perry are over for the year. The Poor Man's Camp Perry matches at Northwestern Gun Club Duluth are over and things will be settling back down to normal.  So, What is normal?  Lots of rifle matches to choose from--that's the normalcy that I like.  This coming weekend we again have choices-- lots of them : 

Highpower -- The weekend starts off with a "fun"  80 OTC match at NorthStar Rifle Club (Redwing) on Saturday 8/21.  Remember-- "Fun" means cheap entry fee ($5), and low Key. This will be a good practice for the Service Rifle Leg match NorthStar is having on Sunday 8/22.  I'm sure all those service rifle shooters just back from Perry and all practiced, up will be there.  Leg points are on the line!  Who is going to earn that "Distinguished Rifleman" badge this weekend?  Leg Match Program    CMP Affidavit form
  Traveling shooters can make their way to Lodi for a 4-gun 600yd Mid Range Prone match.   Match Program 

Small Bore -- Have you ever heard of long range Small Bore?  Well, you can give it a try if you go to Elk River Sportsman's Club on Sat 8/21.  That club is hosting a Sm Bore Mini Palma match to sharpen your wind reading skills.  After warming up at 100yds with a 20 shot prone match, you will then fire a another, only this time at  200yds. There are classes for Juniors, Adults, Iron sights, Scopes, and F Class.  Match Program   

Olympic Small Bore Offhand --  From Mike Marzitille
  "In an effort to expand International Shooting Activity, and to bring the use of the smallbore range more into line as a complementary program to that which occurs on the 300 meter range.  Minneapolis Rifle Club will be hosting two offhand smallbore rifle matches on the third Saturday of each month starting at 1PM. One match will be shot at 50 meters at the A-50 target. The other will be shot at 100 yards using the offhand Schuetzen target. Participants will have to select one match or the other to shoot. Each match will be 60 shots for record with sighters allowed over a two hour period."   Match Program
This 2nd match in the series of one per month is also (unfortunately) to be shot on Saturday aug 21 at MRC so choose wisely  

Last Weekend 
 A full weekend of Highpower shooting took place at Northwestern Gun Club this past weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it. After allowing myself to become dehydrated, and suffering from heat exhaustion at last weekends Sm Bore Meter matches, I was quite sick all week and was not up to making the drive. Lesson--don't be stupid, drink water!    No results have been sent in to me for posting.   

300 meter match Aug 8 rpt.
From Brian Shiffman:
Sunday, August 8 was a good day to be shooting from inside an air conditioned location.  In case you forgot, this past weekend and the first few days of the week have been typical Dog Days of Summer.  Hot and humid with scarcely a breeze.  It was too hot to fish; that's bad.  But from our climate controlled facility there were six of us that managed to survive...................."
     Read the rest of Brians Report--Click here

 Small Bore
 A smaller contingent of shooters made it back to MRC for the Prone 1600 on Sunday.  I think that most people were still fryed after last weeks ordeal, but those that did make it fought a hard battle in the gusting winds that topped 18mph more often than not.  Lance Peters got the tempo of the wind shifts in the first match (50 yds) firing an amazing 399-27 and went 10 points up on everyone but Junior Alex Giesar who would not let the wind defeat him and posted a 395. Lance also won the Dewar with a 396 and posted the last 200 of the day as the wind started blowing bullets into the 8 ring on shifts that were quicker that you could move from the spotting scope to the sights and get the shot off.  More than a few sounds of aggravation were heard up and down the line.  In the 100 yd match, Alex, showed his potential as a future top rank small bore shooter, by patiently waiting out the shifts on every shot (taking the full 20 min allowed), and won that match-- beating the rest of us whose best efforts could only post scores of no higher than a 384.  Lance came back (you knew he would) in the 50 meter match, nailing the lid shut on this competition with a 397-22x.  Alex tied Lance on the 2nd target with a 199 but having dropped 9pts on the first card would have no chance to go ahead in the aggregate score. 
  So Lance Peters wins the day with a 1576-87x, but the real story of the day was the performance of Junior Alex Giesar showing us all that he  will be a force to be reckoned with in days to come.  Congrats to Lance, he is still the best. Jim Biles came down from Duluth to take 3rd place.  It was nice to see George and Matt Minerich out to compete, and  I saw that Sub junior, Zack Lawson, fired a few pretty good groups and didn't let the conditions phase him one bit.  Complete Results       Pictures here  

This in from Larry Sawyer coach of the Center Shots Jr. Rifle Team 
"Hawkeye, I read your blog emails religiously as you know. Love it, as we all do!  (Aw, Gee) Saw the comment about not hearing much about my Minnesota Centershots juniors; there is an explanation for that. Very few shoot smallbore! (at this time).
    This is a good opportunity for me to offer a detailed profile of my club and where we are with our curriculum. 
    In the winter, as we compete in Air rifle and some junior SB events (all of which are indoor) events, we have routine news of our wins, including junior SB championships. We also have shot very well in the spring matches like junior Sectionals. But you are still in AZ, or just returning from AZ, while all that is happening, so no blog reporting option for us at that time. 
    Because the Centershots is a small, Jr.-only club based mostly on air rifle, we have no .22 range of our own. We are forging an agreement with MRC/MGFC and we do have use of their .22 range in summer. But, in winter we have had no way of training .22, and we are young enough to not own much of any .22 gear, so the only kids who shoot SB matches come summer are the few who have bought their own SB rifles. That number is growing...but still only stands at two kids right now, who own a .22 of their own. (Three graduated out.)   (I wonder how many good sm Bore rifles sit in poeple's closets never being used? - Hawkeye)
    I have one club gun as well which is shared. Sorry, make that three kids who have their own .22. Allie Taschuk, a young lady who shoots for us, just took possession of an Anschutz 1813 barrelled action in a 10.9 brand prototype aluminum stock. She will be testing it this fall as my company, 10.9 LLC, ramps up production of our American-made aluminum smallbore free rifle stocks. (That last note was courtesy of the shameless commerce division of 10.9, my new smallbore and air rifle equipment supply company. On the web at There-- plug complete. Back to the kids...)
    Emily Quiner shot .22 for years and is closing out a fantastic junior career. Alex Giesar, who is closing out his junior career, has competed in SB as well and shot some very nice matches. Keely Stankey and Evan Fenner are now in college out of state. Scott Chester, who transferred to our club from Gopher, and Patrick Sunderman, who came from Post 435, both just attended the Advanced Smallbore Jr. Camp in Vermont. With the addition of Allie and Luke Taschuk, and two other juniors who plan to add smallbore to their repertoire, I see good things ahead for the Centershots. 
    As far as reporting goes, I could have reported my 10th place finish in Men's Prone at the U.S. World Championship Team selection match (595-593-592); or the International Dewar Team event at Perry this year on which I was part of the 20-man team, and shot the 2nd-highest score (394-22x metric with irons at Perry!, evidence attached.) but who wants to hear about the old coach guy. ;-) This match is shot amongst the Commonwealth countries of Great Britain, USA, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. Our team score was the best in years and we will know in a few weeks, when the other countries turn in their scores, if we were able to take the trophy back from Great Britain. 
    So, while Coach Larry is out there competing with the big dogs and trying to maintain some semblance of street cred, we (the Centershots) have been meeting a few times this summer and keeping the kids' feet wet with some .22 shooting as well. You have not seen them competing in SB matches this season because the vast majority are brand new to .22 shooting, having had nothing more than an introduction, but I am confident that we can get them up to speed quickly with the right training starting this fall and ready for the match season. We are building a new team with new kids but don't be surprised if you see us on the podium. 
   See you at the range, and keep up the blog,"
Larry Sawyer
Thank you Larry. We are always glad to hear about the Juniors -- Congraulations on your Team's successes. I hope to see those young juniors out next summer.  You are doing a great job.   

More on Junior Small Bore from Ross Ewert
"Post 435 Junior Rifle Team wins 3rd Place at National 3P Air Rifle Junior Olympics.
By winning the sporter class at the State 3P Junior Olympic Competition in  March, the American Legion Post 435 Junior Rifle Team of Richfield qualified to represented the state of MN in the National 3P Air Rifle Junior Olympics held in Anniston, AL in mid July. Teams qualifying to compete in this match must either win their state level competition or qualify with a minimum qualifying score. The team consisting of Connor Dupey, Elizabeth Ewert, Sam Ewert and Nick Skrogstad and coached by Tim Cagney trained hard leading into the competition. It paid off as all team members shot near or above their personal bests. After two days of competition against other state qualifiers, the team finished 3rd place sporter club team and each team member and the coach received a national championship bronze medal. In addition to a fine team effort, Elizabeth Ewert (age 11) finished in 2nd place sub-junior (age 14 and under) to win an individual national championship silver medal. Congratulations to Coach Tim Cagney and his team!"

Extra treat for you all-----Fastest gun in the World  
Next Matches
Saturday -- Aug 21 - Fun shoot 80 OTC -- NorthStar Rifle club Redwing      Program
Saturday -- Aug 21 - Sm Bore Mini Palma -  Elk River Sportsman's Club     Program
Saturday -- Aug 21 -  Olympic Sm Bore  -  MRC   Program
Sunday   -- Aug 22  -  Service Rifle Leg Match --  NorthStar rifle Club - Redwing  Program

Sunday   -- Aug 22  - 4 gun 600yd prone -  Lodi    Program 
If you can't find a rifle match to shoot this weekend--- you are just not looking
See you all out there -- I hope

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