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The Week Ahead for Shooters - MN Area - Aug 10

We Have a winner!    
  Ross Ewert, MN Sm Bore shooter, fired an almost perfect 400-34x in the Any Sight Dewar match, at The Camp Perry Nationals and won the Match.  This was not just a class win for Ross, an Expert Class competitor, but an overall win in that Match.  Congratulations to Ross Ewert!   

The Week Ahead
Isn't it Great?  This weekend, once again we have choices to make about which rifle matches to attend. Life is good.
The Highpower only shooters will be heading up to Northwestern Gun Club for the weekend  (Aug 14-15)of "Poor Man's Camp Perry".  There will be an 80 shot OTC match on Saturday, then on Sunday there will be a gentlemanly, and relaxed 500 yd prone Mid Range match.        Match program click here
Note: Going to Duluth Sat for the NWGC OTC Match?  Call me if you want to ride share, 651-653-2206

Multi-faceted shooters may choose only the Sat OTC match at NWGC and then make their way, on Sunday, to the Mpls. Rifle Club for a hotly contested prone 1600 Sm Bore match.  So, as you can see there is a little something for everybody -- I hope to see you all at one match or the other.    Click for SB match program

300m Highpower
 I am awaiting a Rpt on this past Sunday's 300 meter match at MRC. I will post this on the blog when it comes in.

Highpower and Service Rifle

Mn Service Rifle team 2010
Top row L-R,  MarkSchoess, Kurt Borlaug, Phil Klanderud,Terry McDonnel, Bob Pesley, Tim Boyle.   Bottom Row:  L-R  Larry Weidell, Erick Rhode, Jeremy Harrison, Turk Torberg, Kurt Moline  

Team Capt. Kurt Borlaug's MN Service Rifle team acquitted itself well at the Camp Perry Nationals last week, shooting to a 20 place finish among the Civilian teams in the National Team Trophy match, and a respectful 16th place Civ. team in the Infantry Trophy Match (Rattle Battle).  They had one of the Best 500 yd scores in the ITT, but something must have happened at the 600 yd line as that score was way below their average.   All in all--  Good shooting Guys!  You all represented us well. 

Small Bore
From:  Renae Fry
"The Gopher Rifle and Revolver club sent a team to the Junior Olympics in Anniston Alabama in early July and two of its team members went to Camp Perry later that month and participated in the national junior matches.  Carmen Fry took 1st place overall for marksman sub-junior 3P match metallic sites.  She took 1st in standing, 3rd in prone and 4th in kneeling for the individual events (marksman sub junior metallic sites).  Her team mate Curtis Haglin came in 17th overall for the 3P match in the marksman intermediate junior class."   --Renae Fry

Thanks to Renae for sending us that news.  I would like to get more reports in from folks attending matches that I don't. I think that we all like to hear news about the Juniors. I seldom get much news about Larry Sawyer's Center Shots junior team (?) Oh Well.-   

Prone Metric Championship - MRC Aug 8-9
I was totally unprepared ( in mind, body, and equipment)  for the sweltering heat at last weekend's SB Metric prone Championships at MRC. I knew I was in trouble when my glasses were fogged over at the first shot of the Match. It didn't get better.  I had to wipe off the lens in my specs before every shot--this is not conducive to good shooting.  And then there was that drop of sweat that was constantly dripping off my nose and making a puddle on the shooting mat---arrrg!  The 3 towels I brought were quickly damp and just smeared things around.  I dropped 21 pts on the first card (50m UIT target) and knew I was toast for the day. Ross Ewert, just back from his win at Perry, and Steve Knutson, did not let the conditions bother them a bit and went up 10 pts on the field in that first match.   In the next match, the Metric Dewar (50 &100m), Steve fired a 395 going 5 more up on Ross, and putting the rest of us far behind with Alex Geisar and myself fighting if out for a distant 3rd place. The last 40 shots were on the insanely hard 50m UIT target  (10 ring = 5/16 in), and Steve continued to cool the frazzled competition, ending up the day 30 pts ahead of Ross with Alex and I committed to the archives some 50 pts back in the 1490s.  That inch wide 10 ring at 100 yds is a Hard Target!
 Steve Knutson wins the Iron Sight SB metric Champ. with a 1542-45x  ( !) 
Sunday's matches offered a little easier shooting as it was Any Sight (scope) Matches all the way.  All you have to do is read the wind and hold hard -- right?  Ok, Its not quite that easy, but if you shoot a scope, you do eliminate having sight alignment problems and that reduces stress of holding quite a bit.  Chad Danielson, a dedicated Iron sight shooter, would be shooting a scope for the first time in today's match to try it out. Scope or no scope, the weather was just as hot and humid Sunday-- too hot for me (age?) I came to the match at 172 lbs and was 164 when I got home.  That's 8 lbs of sweat not including the sandwich, and two bottles of water I had at the match!
Ross Ewert started the day with a win in the 1st 50m match and the Dewar match.  After those tiny UIT targets, the first card of the Dewar was a snap as we were using reg. 50 yd NRA target---easy in comparison,.  I shot a 200 with 12 Xs but that was hardly high score,  Ross shot an incredible 200-17x only to be spanked by Steve Knutson who fired a perfect card --  200-20x.  That's some shooting!
Steve followed that up by winning the 100 yd match (300m Targets reduced to 100 yds) But Ross took his 3rd match of the day with a win in the 2nd 50m match and so it was Ross Ewert winning the days aggregate with a fine 1558 score for the Any Sight portion of this Metric Champ weekend. 
Steve Knutson topped the two day aggregate, got the Gold Medal, and is the MN Sm Bore Metric Prone Champion.
   Congratulations to Steve. It was a great performance under very trying conditions. Next was Ross Ewert in 2nd place and Alex Giesar shot some great cards for a well deserved 4th over all. Chad Danielson said he would try a scope again some time.  The Juniors all shot pretty good. Bruce Blahut ran a very good match, Chris Hazelton, and Mr. Huseby did the yeoman duty of taking care of all scoring--thanks guys!
 Complete Results: Click here     Slide Show of Match pictures:   Click here 

New Developments:  There has been discussion about opening up the prone SB matches to F-Class shooters, as is done in many other parts of the US.  F-class is a integral part of NRA shooting now, and Many older SB shooters, not wanting to Sling up and wear a hot shooting jacket, are returning to prone SB matches and having fun shooting scope with a rest at the regular targets. I think it would be great if an F-class (.22) shooter would show up at this next Sunday's Prone 1600 at MRC, and we can all see how it that works.  Seeing a few more shooters and some old friends, at these matches, would be great!  Give it a try.
  "Senior" class is another attempt to bring retired shooters back the firing line.  If you are a retired shooter, that just can't see Iron Sights well anymore, this class allows Seniors to use Any sights (scope)  all the time in a separate class. These new ideas are in the spirit of being "inclusive" as opposed to "Exclusive".  Adding in these shooters is in no-way disruptive to the reg flow of the match.   With low match turnouts, these days,  I can not imaging that shooters that want to participate and have some fun should be turned away.  With this in mind, maybe we'll see someone at the MRC match on Sunday that we haven't seen lately.
Note: Cathy Hagen of the Elk River Sportsman's Club visited the match with her husband and passed along news that Elk River HP range has completed realigning their backstops to the firing lines and is now up to NRA safety guidelines Down range. Good Work guys and gals.  

F-class Small Bore rig at Western Wild Cat Matches.
Next Matches
Sat -- Aug 14 -- 80 OTC at NWGC  Program click here
Sun -- Aug 15 - 500 yd prone MR at NWGC 
Sun -- Aug 15 - Sm Bore Prone 1600 - MRC  Program click here
Two weeks out
Sat - Aug 21 - 80 OTC "fun" match - NorthStar  Program click here 
Sub -  Aug 22 - Service Rifle Leg Match -- NorthStar   Program 
 That's All Folks!

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