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Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 28, 2015

* CMP games scheduled for GRRC in Aug have been cancelled due to lack of entrys

Next weekend  
Take a break next weekend.  There are no local matches on the schedule

Last weekend 
Poor mans Camp Perry matches at Northstar   
  From Capt Bob: 
Attached is a spread sheet from Poor Man's Perry at North Star.  We had 13 shooters for the 2 day OTC match.  Very warm & high humidity both days but never more than 2 clicks of wind either day. Omer Hamer started off with a commanding lead off hand on Saturday leading me by 9 points.  I then shot my first 200 sitting in about 15 years followed by 195 at 300 yd. This brought me within 1 of Omer. My 195 at 600 was good enough to give me the win Sat.  But just 1 point and 5X ahead of Omer who continues to shoot his Floyd R. Turbo wildcat very well. We tied at 181X1 on day 2 off hand. I thought it would be close.....NOPE! I then choked and let him get ahead by 4-5 points each of the next 3 matches.  Omer takes the 2 day agg with 1538X35 to my 1525X35. Also note worthy is that we had 2 or 3 shooters from each of the 5 classes and 2 first time shooters new to North Star. Two weeks out North Star is hosting the Minn. F class championship.  As of July 28 we have about 25 entries from as far away as Rapid City and Cedar Rapids.

Good shooting Bob. Good shooting Omer!  It looks like you had a pretty good turnout despite so many shooters being at the Nationals.  

Mid West F-class Championship last weekend
   No news

From Two weeks ago 
Mid range and OTC at Eau Claire
From: James Melville
Hello everyone,

Here is the results from our July match. I hope everyone had a good time. I hope next year I can join you all. (see attachments)  Click here for Mid range match results     Click Here for OTC match results 
See you at our next match September 5th, 6th, and 7th. It will be a great weekend with Mid-Range, Over the course, and Vintage M1 and M1A. Hope you can all join us.
James  --    ECNRC Match Director 

 Lets all take a minute to say a prayer for a complete and swift recovery for Stacey Tamulinas's wife Charmille, who was severely injured in a fall at their home last week.  Charmille is currently in intensive care and progressing slowly. Both Stacey and Charmille need our good thoughts and prayers during these difficult times. This reminds us that we all should go home and hug our loved ones today. 

From Scott Olson, ERSC 
"Hi Jim, 
    Here is a short video (see below) of Minnesota's only National Champion High Power rifle shooter. Sorry about the quality, but I was trying to be discrete. Dr. Ken Erickson, a WWII veteran, won the national high power match at Camp Perry in 1960, shooting a 30-06. Ken still shoots F-Class at the Elk River Sportsman's Club nearly every Monday night. Ken is still a phenomenal shooter and posts some excellent scores. Ken states he is nearly 91 years young! Ken is a gracious gentleman, always courteous and polite. He always has a joke or story to share with others on the line. 

    I asked Ken about his 6mmBR rifle and his eyes lit up. It is a Panda action with a Bartlein barrel, Jewell trigger, and a Alex Stitman stock smithed by Ken himself. Ken stated the rifle is his pride and joy, so much so that the rifles sleeps between Ken and his wife! 
     On this 55th anniversary of Ken's victory at Camp Perry, I think it would be great if members dropped Ken a note congratulating him not only on his victory but also on the fact that he is still shooting!  ..................."          Scott 


From: George Minerich 
Hi Jim:
Another MN junior shooter with a shot at the Olympics (see attachments).  Maybe you can do something in your blog. (see Below)

 Thanks!     George 
Maybe some of us could help Patrick reach the goal of Olympic competition. 

Patrick Sunderman: ”Road to the Olympics”
Patrick Sunderman’s goal since high school has been to “be an Olympian for the USA shooting team in hopes of bringing home the Gold.” To him it would be an honor to serve his country and also be able to represent the United States on an international level, and bring home a gold medal. Patrick Sunderman needs your financial support for him to achieve his Olympic shooting goals.
   While currently serving in the West Virginia National Guard as an artillery crewmember on a M109 A6 Paladin, Patrick is also attending West Virginia University where he is majoring in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and minoring in business management.  
   Patrick has accomplished a great deal during his tenure at WVU.  His accomplishments include being named a NRA, CRCA, and GARC All American, an Academic All-Big 12 At-Large Team member, as well as a CRCA All- Academic Team member.  Most recently, Patrick achieved the distinction of being named to the Big 12 Conference Commissioners honor roll and the WVU Dean’s list.  Currently, Patrick is a fourth year member of the WVU Rifle Team, and one of the top shooters in the country in 3 Position Small bore and 10M Air gun. 

Recently, Patrick had the privilege to compete at the USA Shooting National Championships. Not only did Patrick’s participation in this event serve as his trial for the USA National Team for the ISSF World Cup of 2015 in Azerbaijan, but it also began his journey on his road to the Olympics.
Based on Patrick’s performance at the Championship, he was extended an offer to compete for an MQS (Minimum Qualifying Score) at the 2015 ISSF World Cup in Gabala, Azerbaijan. Patrick’s successful participation in the 2015 ISSF World Cup is necessary in order for Patrick to be eligible for the 2016 USA Olympic Team Trials. If Patrick does not attend the 2015 ISSF World Cup, he will not be eligible for the final USA Team Olympic Trials beginning later this year, making him unable to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games.
While WVU generously supports Patrick’s participation in all WVU rifle matches, WVU does not
have the budget for the World Cup and Olympic Trial matches.  Patrick’s 2015 - 2016 Competition expenses will exceed $10,000 (travel, room/board, match fees/shooting supplies).  Patrick is scheduled to compete at the following matches:
    (Completed) June 2015 – USA Shooting National Championships, and trials for World Cup, Azerbaijan, (Cost of $2700 to participate).......................
  *Read the rest of the Story -- click here 

Two Weeks Out 
Aug 8,9 -  MN F-class championship at North Star - Click Here for match bulletin 
Aug 8  - Small bore 3P and Prone at MRC - Click Here for matcjh program
Aug 9 - Small Bore Prone1600 at MRC -  Click here for match bulletin 

That's all Folks!

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