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Shooters News for the Minn Area - July 14, 2015

*It's off to Eau Claire this Saturday for Mid Range and more
    Next weekend  
 I'll be heading east to the Eau Claire Rifle Club this weekend with all the other local shooters who are not heading off to, or already at  Camp Perry, Ohio for the National Matches.
Eau Claire National Rifle Club
After a short drive over on Saturday, July 18 (on the road at 0600hrs), I'll be enjoying a nice 80 shot mid-range match all shot at the 600 yd line. This is always a nice range to shoot at, so unlimber your prone gun, come on over and join us.  For Sling shooters, the first two 20 shot matches are Any sight matches and for the last two matches we get to use Iron sights.   Those competitors heading for ECNRC for the Sunday (July19) matches will be firing an 80 shot National Match Course OTC competition. Three firing positions will be used. Shooters will shoot a Standing match, a sitting rapid fire match and both a rapid fire and a slow fire match from the  prone position.        Click here for Match bulletin

Last Weekend  
 Full Bore St. Championship
Well, that was fun!   I hadn't shot a 'long range' match in (many) years, but since my prone shooting was better these days, I thought I'd give it one more try, and the "Full Bore" format of the match is more fun way to shoot a match (I think). In a Full bore match, you "pair fire", alternating shots with another shooter on your firing point.
This makes you pay more attention to the wind, and It's a more 'social' way to shoot - more camaraderie among the shooters, as it were.  I don't shoot 1000yd matches anymore as I can't see the target very well. I did well at the 600 yd line (197) but dropped a few too many at the 900.  I was a little apprehensive when we got back to the 1000 yd line but I put my zeros on and got in position.  Through the sights I could hardly see the target let alone see the bullseye.  Well ok,  line up what you can see and fire the shot--- 1st sighter X (amazing!). 2nd sighter ---X, ( really amazing!).  I then almost forgot to 'convert' those sighters as I was having a hard time believing that I was actually hitting the middle of the target from 1000yds. away.  The rest went well and even after flinching an 8 out the left and then correcting windage off that 'bad' shot for another 8 out the right, I posted a 193 when a 197 won the yd line. It was a fun match.  I got through the 1000 yd line ok, so I think I might go back to some long range matches in the future.
   While I was lerking a few pts back in every match, the top shooters of this area were battling it out, shot for shot, at each yd line.  Both Stacey Tamulinas and Brian Mrnak cleaned the 600 yd line in the Sling division, while Mike Lehmeier, and E.  Johnson did the same in the FTR and FO Divisions.  At the 900yd line it was only Stacy that managed to keep it together and fire a clean 200 score. He was three pts ahead of the pack now.  On the F side, Adam Shidla and Andrew Jewison won their Classes, going into the lead at this point.  At the 1000 yd line it was Jay Johnson that shot the highest 'sling' and Iron sight score with his rock solid 197-6x.

Sacey T, didn't win the 1k line but he did shoot good enough to hang on and to post the match winning score for the day with his 594-24x. The High Minn resident, and therefore the Minn Full Bore Champion was Erik Rhode whose consistently good shooting and wind reading all day won the aggregate.  
 In the FTR class Mike Lehmeier won the 1000yd line and is the FTR State champion, while in the F-open class Adam Shidla padded his score with a win on the 1000 yd line and cemented a State Championship in that Class.  

Minn 1000 yd State Championship
Saturday dawned a bright, clear day with a little SW wind to test the competitors ability in the 3 scheduled 1000 yd matches that would determine who, of all the gathered long shooters, would be the Minn Long Range State Champion.
No one cleaned the first match of the day, but Dan Marquart came close with a 199-7x, leading Stacey T. into the 2nd match by only one point.  Jay Johnson was right behind and Jim Fernandez, out of the Expert class, showed he was here to compete with the top dogs by laying down a awesome 195-6x in the match.  
  In the 2nd match, Steve Clark from Wisconson, started putting on his move and posted a 200-7x to win the match over Jay Johnson, and Bill Lair who dropped 3 and 4 pts respectively.  In the final 20 shot match, the two leaders shot it out one shot at a time and both posted the same 197 score, as did Erik Rhode. Steve Clark had gone into this final match leading by one point, so the tie in the final match did not help Jay, and the Match win goes to Steve Clark of Wisconsin.  Jay Johnson wins the High resident 1000 yd state Championship
The F-class Open battle was mostly between 4 hot shooters. Adam Shidla took the first match with a solid 199 score on those really tough F-class targets.  Ben Winget posted his own 199 score on the 2nd match to claim his spot among the leaders and win that match.  M. Jones placed in both of these matches and is still in contention for a days win. Never say die, Pat Scully beat all comers in the 3rd match by enough pts to secure the top spot on the scoreboard In the day's aggregate.  The MN 1000 yd F-open Champ is Pat Scully.  Mike Lehmeier won a narrow victory over A. Jewison and claim the FTR State Championship.  Great shooting guys!!!
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 Minn State Palma Championship
Again, beautiful weather was the order of the day for the State Palma Championship on Sunday.  All shooters would fire three 15 shot matches this days competition starting at the 800 yd line and the last match would be shot from the 1000 yd line.  While a number of good shooters fired a clean 200 score at the 800 yd line on those relatively easy targets (Brian Mrnak, Jay Johnson, Stacey Tamulinas, and Erik Rhode all shot clean),  only Steve Clark could manage to clean the target at the 900 yd line, and so Steve goes into a 3-way tie for the lead with Erik Rhode and Jay Johnson at this point with one 15 shot match left to decide the day.  Both Erik, and Jay hold on to fire a great 147 score in this last match, but it's not good enough!. Steve Clark only drops two pts at this 1K distance and tops the leader board at the end of the Plama match.  Congratulations to the Palma Match and Long Range match winner, Steve Clark who found time to come over here to Minn and show us how to put them into the middle at long range.  
  The Top Resident shooter in this championship weekend was a well deserved Jay Johnson, who represented our state very well and was only 2 pts down to Steve Clark. after 2 full days of tough competition.  Congratulations to Jay Johnson, Minn Long Range and Palma champion.  
  In the F-open Class it was Rick Sievers who shined the most in the Palma match.  Rick cleaned the 800yd line and the proceeded to drop only one pt each at the 900 and 1000 yd line for a 448-28x. Rick can add the Palma Match Championship to his list of creditsScott Brabec shot the same great score for the day, but lost only on tie breaking X shots.  Good shooting Scott!     

  The FTR Palma champ is A. Jewison who nipped a win over the always competitive Mike Lehmeier for the day, and gets the win for the whole weekend. 
While not getting the win in the Plama Match, Pat Scully had enough of lead from Saturdays 1000yd match to hold on and out point the other F-open shooters in the weekends two match aggregate.  M. Jones and Rick Sievers ended up just a  couple points off Pats awesome weekend scores.  Congratulations to Pat Scully -- Minn F-open Long Range Champion.  

 Service rifle match at Oak Dale Gun Club
  No results received from last Saturdays match 

I looks like we will have a few new Juniors shooting Service Rifle at Camp Perry this year 
From: Mark Schoess 
Great news! We have three junior shooters accompanying us to Camp Perry.  Sam and Jack are returning this year.  In addition, Jack's twin brother Nick (like Sam, a highly accomplished shooter on the St Thomas Academy rifle team) is also coming along. We are looking for some loaner equipment. We are leaving as early as Wednesday evening so time is short! ........... Mark  markschoess@yahoo.com
Here is an update: 
  •  Kurt has a spare scope, stand and mat and will bring them to Perry.
  • Tom has a stand and a mat and a possible (straight) scope but no compatible stand
  • I picked up the two carts that Tom owns and that Kurt was holding and will give them to the juniors tomorrow (on Tuesday). 
  • Larry offered his stool w/strap but they can use my stool/strap if a third cart doesn't surface.

So, where are we at?

  • Sam needed a scope stand. [If Sam uses Tom's stand, he's covered since Sam has his own scope.]
  • Jack and Nick needed a scope and a stand.  [One of them can use Kurt's set up, we are still short one scope/stand short]
  • Nick needed a pad.  Sam has one and Jack can use my old one. [Nick can use Kurt's, Tom, no need to bring your spare]
  • We have two loaner carts  [We still need one cart.]

Thanks to all who responded.  I forgot to include Steve N. on my first message so he's been included here.  All three juniors will be at practice tomorrow to get used to their rifles and get some good 600yd zeros. If you have equipment for them to borrow, they could get it there.

Thanks again,  Mark

Good Luck, Mark.  I'm sure it will be fun having some Juniors along this year. 
Two Weeks Out  
July 25,26 - MidWest Mid range F-Class Championship - Click here for Match Bulletin  
July 25,26 - "Poor Man's" Camp Perry at NorthStar, RedWing - Click Here for Match Bulletin  
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